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Ursula Peter


Tours I will be leading: Tour of Tuscany, Royal Edelweiss Dream, High Alpine Tour, Morocco Tour, Rome to Sicily and Alps Extreme

Reason why people enjoy being on tour with me: Try it out and you'll see! But be careful - you might get addicted!

Favorite destination: Tuscany, because of the chaotic, open-hearted, passionate Italians mixed with twisty, windy roads, awesome food and even better wine!

What I like: Gummy bears, get-up-and-go people, the unexpected and good friends

What I dislike: Pedants, holes in socks, wet motorcycle boots, iced windshields and bad food

Hobbies: Cooking and eating with friends, a good glass of wine, languages and all kind of sports

My favorite bike: What a question! The R 1200 GS of course. If you know anything better, please let me know!

Quite a few female tour guides are working for Edelweiss these days, but when Ursula started guiding groups back in 2004 she was the only one. She doesn’t want us to know how old she is, which is ok since she happily gives away plenty of other information: born, raised and still living in south-western Bavaria, in a lovely region known as the Allgäu, pronounced Ull-goy. For Ursula this is the most beautiful spot our planet has to offer, but she still loves to go out and see other places, most notably Italy. She loves to ride big bikes but secretly adores the Vespa 300. She’s a lot of fun to be on tour with, so make sure you give it a try. And if you ask her how she and Edelweiss got together all she’ll tell you is: it was just inevitable ...

Ursula Peter

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