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Christian Preining


Tours I will be leading: Anywhere in the world!

Reason why people enjoy being on tour with me: You better like what you have to do anyway and often people loose their free will after the first contact already. That's how it is if you get caught by a drug dealer. My mission is to get you addicted. Warning: Success rate - high!

Favorite destination: New Zealand - Roosting or leaned over all the way through paradise - how much better can it get?

What I like: Curves - round, tight, anytime, anywhere!

What I dislike: Anything that hinders momentum sucks!

Hobbies: Reading, running, moto-X, skiing, snowboarding - things that allow my mind and body to take a flight!

My favorite bike: BMW R 1200 GS - constant fun factor - from the Autobahn of Munich to the dunes of Pismo Beach!

Despite the fact that many people, especially those from English speaking countries, frequently mispronounce his last name, Christian consistently delivers a top tour-guiding performance. He has worked for Edelweiss for many, many, many years, for so long actually that hardly anybody remembers the time before. During these years he travelled to every country you can possibly think of, riding his motorcycle through scorching deserts, across snow-covered mountain passes, through dripping wet rainforests and in and out of heavily congested cities, and he always manages to convince his faithfully following group that this is the best fun they ever had. Christian was born in Austria in 1956 and he still lives there, in the hills outside Linz, in an old farmhouse that he lovingly restored. He used to be a professional motocross racer, then guided trekking- and adventure tours in the US for years before joining the Edelweiss team in 1994. If you asked him why he still loves guiding tours for Edelweiss, this would be his answer: “Where else could I find a job where I constantly get to meet new friends while being sent out to the most exotic locations of the planet in order to attack those wicked, cool, twisting roads on the newest, best-performing motorcycles? And then they force me to have a beer!”

Christian Preining

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