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Jens Ruprecht


Tours I will be leading: Best of Europe and Cuba

Reason why people enjoy being on tour with me: Because I take it easy!

Favorite destination: That is difficult to answer because I don't know all destinations. Some of my favorites tours are run in South America, China, Morocco, Cuba and Scotland!

What I like: Travelling on all the different kind of vehicles either with Edelweiss or my own family!

What I dislike: Bus tourists

Hobbies: Travelling, cooking, playing with my little son and fixing my old house!

My favorite bike: A lot of bikes are great so it is hard to make a choice!

Jens, one of the longest-serving tour guides in the team, “retired” to the office in 2012, after twelve years on the road. His young family, especially his son Pablo, turned the restless traveler into a settled man. For many years Jens, born in 1969, lived in Worms, a town on the banks of the Rhine. Throughout his life he loved to travel, he went to Africa, Thailand, Australia and the US, he lived in Madrid and in Corsica and he criss-crossed South America on two wheels, left to right, top to bottom. For him work as a tour guide meant a perfect match of his favorite hobbies and the inevitable need to make a living. After his son was born in 2009 Jens yearned for more time at home. When a position became available in the head office he seized the opportunity and moved to Austria. Now he designs custom tours for groups from every conceivable country, from Israel to Brazil, from Taiwan to Canada. Spanish speaking groups from South and Central America are his favorites; his Spanish, you see, is better than his English. Some people say it’s even better than his German… ;-) Whenever he is not in the office or on tour (he still looks after the Best of Europe), Jens is at home, cooking, fixing his old house or playing with his son. A real family guy! If you’re ever in the area, drop in for a coffee: Jens loves to talk about riding the roads of the great wide world.

Jens Ruprecht

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