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Pablo Piferrer


Tours I will be leading: Scooter Tours, Tours in France, Alps Extreme, Mediterranean Alps Extreme, Best of Europe

Reason why people enjoy being on tour with me: Because I can tell jokes like nobody can. You know the one with the Australian farmer…?

Favorite destination: There are so many places. I love the Alps right through, seeing the Dolomites gives me goosebumps (the good type) and Morocco is breathtaking.

What I like: Adventure, seeing new things, a challenge.

What I dislike: Monotony and people being fake.

Hobbies: DIY projects, mechanics, cooking, creating stuff in general. I enjoy learning and spending time with the family.

My favorite bike: BMW R1200 GS, Ducati Multistrada and my VanVan (so much fun to ride in busy Parisian traffic)

Pablo was born in Spain, grew up in England, is still crazy in love with his girlfriend from Italy and now lives in France. He is a trained chef and confectioner, worked in the hospitality industry for years, managed a handful of different companies – some with more, some with less success – and lived, worked and travelled all over the place. So you think he must be at least 50 years old, but he only looks 50, he is actually much younger. He speaks five languages, but since German is not one of them his colleagues have been trying to teach him some strong language, and man, he is one fast learner! Pablo joined Edelweiss in 2015 and if you should ever be on one of his tours we have one piece of advice for you: bring a well-trained diaphragm...

Pablo Piferrer

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