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Andalusia Tour (ATS 1502)

Sunday, November 29, 2015 | Ted Goslinga / Angela | Europe

Day 6

Ronda - Malaga

The last day is coming up with more curves through Andalusia's countryside. Some of the places seem to be so lonesome that you think you'll never get out of there - and it's so fantastic that you actually want it to be never ending

Nick on his Multistrada and with one of the perched villages in the background
By the way, Manfred rides like a devil - he used to ice-race! A type of motorcycle race that, unfortunately, you can't find very often anymore these days.
Phew... a breather at the only coffee place around in the middle of nowhere
A group picture at the picnic place. Ted prepared our nice lunch today
Denie enjoying the picnic
Before we returned to our base hotel in Malaga, we stopped by Mijas, the most famous of the typical white washed villages here, for a last café con leche.
What can I say... this time we entered the village from a different, but nonetheless beautiful direction

Day 5

Restday in Ronda

There could not be any better place to spend a rest day than Ronda! Being the cradle of the bullfighting as is still perfomed today, there is much to be seen in this small Andalusian city. 

We are in Andalusia - needless to say that there is also plenty of great riding around Ronda, too

The bullfighting arena in Ronda - it is said to be made of natural rock only.
The city of Ronda is build on two huge pieces of rock and is connected by this amazing bridge.
This absolutely amazing pass road is part of the rest day's ride...
...but also makes for a perfect picnic location.

Day 4

Arcos - Ronda

About today's highlight it didn't seem to be any unclarity between tour members - everybody wanted to see the famous rock of Gibraltar and the famous berber monkeys which call the rock their home.

A little extra was the cave of stalactites you come along on the way up.

Hey guys - where did we wanna go today?
This mosque at the south side of Gibraltar was a present of the Saudi Arabian king Fahd. It is Europe's furthest south-west mosque and it is said to be among the biggest mosques built in a non-muslim country.
Today there are about 240 berber monkeys living on Gibraltar. So it seems that Gibraltar will remain British for quite a while...

Day 3

Antequera - Arcos


On day three of our Andalusia Tour the roads took us from Antequera to Arcos de la Frontera. The morning  ride to the rocks of El Torcal was "a bit" misty to no view at all. That is why we can't show you pictures of the famous "pancake rocks"

But already soon after the skies cleared up again a bit and for the rest of the day we rode around the rain as good as we could ...

Garganta del Chorro and the Camino del Rey
Steve and the beast in their element
Another one of these beasts, ridden by Nick
At the Embalse del Guadalhorce we were having some typical Spanish delicacies - Tortilla, Chorizo and Pimientas :P
Manfred from Germany, Steve, Phil, Rod and Simon from Australia were enjoying, same as ...
...Igor from Ukraine and Shelley & Denie from New Zealand
Kees from Canada was one of the two sweet teeth, though He preferred that tremendously good Spanish pastry stuff
Jejeje... this is really good stuff, isn't it Nick?
We also had a little taste of the best of the best - Spanish Jamon Belotta!
The Embalse del Guadalhorce - a place just to sit and take in...
Setenil - one of those Spanish villages that can easily confuse your sense of orientation
Our today's destination is Arcos de la Frontera one of these wonderful Spanish perched villages.
Steve and Simon entering the balcony of Arcos' sheer cliff
After parking the bikes and getting changed, all of the group used the time until dinner for a little sightseeing walk through Arcos
One of the many handmade trade signs at the side of many Spanish houses. You'll find them either attached to the houses, painted on the walls, or even built in.
Those who enjoyed their aperitif on the hotel's terrace were awarded with picturesque settings

Day 2 

Granada - Antequera

Although it was hard for some to get up early (!) , everybody was ready at 8 o clock in the morning to start with a little walk to the busstop where the mini busses drove us up through the sometimes very narrow streets to the main highlight of the day: the visit to the Alhambra. Because this is a holiday weekend in Spain, it was even more busy than normal. Long queues already for the ticket booths, but for us it was an easy one: our famous Spanish guide Carlos was there already with our tickets and so we could pass the long, long lines to start our visit to this very famous and most visited place in Spain.

After visiting the palaces and the beautiful gardens we took again the smooth ride down to the hotel and after a quick lunch we drove the bikes up to the Sierra Nevada. Unfortunate the weather gods were not cooperating very much today, so the view on the top was pretty much covered in mist, but a little lower from the top it was clear enough to enjoy beautiful views. Rdiding around Grenada we followed our way in western direction through the olive yards to Antequera. 

In the evening we could enjoy a little flavour of Spanish music and dancing in the basement bar of the hotel, OLÉ !!

Group waiting to get in the palace
Guide Carlos explaining ....
King Manfredo the First in the Two Sisters room in the Palace!
Beautiful gardens Generalife at Alhambra
nice line up!
group picture at the Sierra Nevada
Happy hour at the hotel
spanish dancers in the hotel bar
Denie enjoying the Spanish show from his couch

Day 1

Malaga - Granada

In the early morning (even still dark!) the first earlybirds were already saddle up their horses for the first riding day. The beautiful stretch of today took us through the Malaga mountains where we soon had our first coffee and photstops.  Followed by the track back down to the seashore. Along the seashore, accompanied by great riding weather, we had a relaxed lunch at the great lunchstop in Nerja. Almost paradise!

Everybody was very much enjoying this day and tired but full of the first impressions of the good life and surroundings of Andalusia, it was time for a cold beer and good stories and of course: a great diner in our hotel.

Tomorrow morning again early-birding: going straightaway to the first highlight of tomorrow: the Alhambra

Happy couple Dennie and Shelley already in a good mood!
Manfred checking the headlight...
All lined up , ready to take off to the Malaga mountains!

Arrival day

Last week it was a very busy one at the garage of Edelweiss in Mieming, Austria to get all the bikes transported down to Malaga, Spain. Diffferent tours are starting in the same period so it is quite busy at the parking lot of our starting hotel in Malaga. Today tourguides Angela and Ted are preparing the bikes for the wonderful Andalusia Tour which takes of tomorrow. The participants of this tour already slowly arriving one by one so let clean up and get ready to ride

At around 5 pm the handover was done, weather is great, and after the welcome briefing we had an tremendous nice buffet with the group. A great mix of people coming from everywhere with already a lot of good stories: Australians, Germans, Oekranian, New Zealanders and even a Dutchie (although living in Canada for a long time.!)

That promisses a lot of fun for upcoming week!

Malaga Bay
Someday when I grow up I want to ride with Edelweiss...
Welcome diner at (almost) the seaside!
Malaga by night
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