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The Ultimate Alps Tour (CUA1604)

Sunday, September 25, 2016 | Angela / Lukas Schiebe | Europe

Day 5: Lugano to Mezzana

What a view upon leaving Lugano in the early morning!
At the ferry at lake Como
Hopping onto the ferry, crossing Lake Como and into the mountains on the other side - we had great fun riding
Olof from South Africa and Bill from the States are enjoying the ferry ride
Bill came with his friend Bob, they have been riding buddies since 25 years already!!!
First on the list was Passo Culmine S. Pietro.
Probably the best hot chocolate in all of Italy
Hmmm... Am I too small?? Nobody near to help me to put the sticker up the sign

Day 4: Zermatt to Lugano

When we arrived in Zermatt, yesterday, the Matterhorn wasn't very cooperative.... it was all covered in clouds.
This morning, though, we took a walk around Zermatt and enjoyed the view of the most famous Swiss mountain covered in snow
A break on top of Simplonpass
On top of Simplonpass there is a huge monument that is supposed to be a symbol for the Swiss freedom. Here in the coffee place we found the explanation to it.
The first coffe breake we have all together in a beautiful scenerie.
Arrived in Lugano
Happy Birthday, Bob!

Day 3: Beckenried to Zermatt

If in doubt, check the map
Bob and Rob in bikers paradise. Hey guys, how was that with deals gap at the tale of the dragon?
Today was one of our picnic days... yummy, the famous Edelweiss Picnics
I saw them coming, them hungry bikers
Surely, this place here belongs to the most beautiful in the world, I just love it!
My company while I prepared the picnic...
Our delicious pic nic prepared by Angela on the best pic nic spot you can find
Olof and Angela got visited by a friend who was riding with them in Bolivia on another Edelweiss tour
without words...
A little break on the top of Furka pass to enjoy the breathtaking landscape you see on the pictures beyoind
On the road again towards Zermatt. This is the view from Furkapass, with Grimselpass in the distance
We stoped at Rhone glacier to walk in to the ice cave where you are surrounded by tonns of million years old ice
If the Matterhorn not visible for a picture just make a foto of the next best you can see

Day 2: Pontresina to Beckenried

Morning briefing in the hotel in Pontresina, started with a little piano piece from Stuart
First all foggy and chilly in the morning, the weather pretty soon cleared up. Olof from South Africa is busy with last preparations before the start
A beautiful blue sky, not to hot, not to cold, a perfect day in the Alps
Men's shopping... for the evening, of course
Olof, Craig, Stuart, Bob, and Rob riding on the famous curves of Splügenpass
both thumbs up for the alpine roads
View of the Vorderrhein valley
Hey guys, what´s the italian word you learned today? Tornante
Thats Switzerland. Trains come out of tunnels, disappear in valleys and suddenly they are on over 2000 m above see level
Switzerlands world famous hero Wilhelm Tell in Altdorf
As an exception, our today's hotel is on the other side of the "Vierwaldstätter See". Makes for a perfect "ride" into the sunset
The first morning briefing in the very traditional "Bauernstüble" A great day and the Queens of passes is waiting for us
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Stu Beare
Friday, September 23, 2016 at 20:22

Riding Day #3 complete! Getting ready to dine in Zermatt - including a cheese fondue sampler, wine courtesy of Olof and then grappa courtesy of Bill. Awesome riding thus far - super guides and great fellow riders. Epic experiences all around (including 3300 gear changes on our first riding day according to Olofs GPS!)
Viktoria Neuner
Friday, September 23, 2016 at 11:23

Looks very nice Have fun! Vicky


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