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CVE170A The Viking Tour!

Saturday, July 22, 2017 | Anthony Fairweather / Holger Homann | Europe

Arrival Oslo

Mystic light at our arrival in Oslo...
Our welcome briefing with our group from Taiwan
And they designed a tour T-shirt extra for the Viking tour and we got one too
From the front: Wendy and Bill, Tony and Holger (with the new Tour shirts), Disney and Jin, David and Sabina (she speaks German!), Kuo-An and River.
Great group!!

Oslo - Vradal

Just in hotel's reach, the famous Holmenkollen!
...on the way to Vradal beautiful and narrow roads! Great riding starts here!
The spectacular Heddal Stave Church in all its glory.
A wonder of civil engineering, the locks at the Telemark canal!
The roads are empty, let's play!

Vradal to Sola

Our coffee stop on the way to Lysefjord
...and a local on his bike...but he told us later, that he lives in France at the coast and that he is here in his home village for holiday only. . But HERE it is sooo beautiful...)
View from the panorama platform down the road to Lysebotn at Lysefjord
And our "interactive" customers, a super group!!!
Down at Lysebotn, the fjord 500m deep, the vertical walls around another 1.000m tall. Just wow!
Constructing our small stone pile and a pray for good weather
Disney and Sabina on this pic
And with the whole crew!
This poor troll what are these girls doing with him? But since he is smiling, all ok we guess

Rest day Sola

The "Road Less Travelled". Yup, that fits.
Shameless posing by yours truly.
The best pizzeria in Norway in the small town of Flekkefjord.
The famous dry stone bridge at Terland. Part of the official road network until 1977!
Sola beach, just in front of our hotel
Stavanger street art

Sola to Bergen

Today it's all about the waterfalls. The gang at Langfoss Waterfall
Wendy photobombing the Latefossen Waterfalls.

Bergen rest day

Bergen skyline oppposite of our hotel
on the fishmarket in Bergen
what kind of variations...
Fisketorget = fish market

Bergen to Fjaerland

Lots of fun at Tvindefossen...and yes, we drunk the water )
Sabina and David sweet
Bill in action on the Stalheimskleiva road...yiehaa
Sabina and David following
The amazing view platform Segastein
On Aurlandsfjell on 1.300m...and beautiful weather! Lucky group!!
And here our children started to play with the snow...) And of course a small snowball fight followed. So good!
Back to work
And finally a boot beer at our nice wooden hotel in Fjaerland made this day a perfect day!

Fjaerland to Geiranger

The Norwegian Glacier and Climate Museum, a must-see on our visit to Fjaerland.
Playing with Mammoths.
A classic Edelweiss picnic on the shore of a sunny Norwegian fjord. Thank you Holger!
On the road less travelled. We'll have some more of that, please.
3 seconds after this picture was taken, the photographer was hit by a snowball.
Welcome to the top of Norway!

Geiranger to Alesund

In the early morning on Oernesvingen. Down in the Geiranger fjord the cruise liners look like toys
Jordbaer everywhere. And we had the cake accordingly
The crew at Gudbrandsjuvet, a 5m wide gorge cut into the rocks.
The famous Trollstigen. We enjoyed the puzzle from top down: cars, tourbuses, camper vans and motorbikes. When we went down there was at one point for 5 min absolute silence; nobody could move up or down until the "right stone" was pulled...
Disney and Jin
The Trollveggen with its 1.000m vertical rock wall
The view at our lunch stop; a fish farm below
Up on the Aksla viewpoint above Alesund: Our farewell!
Our team leader Disney...
David (our iron man on the motorcycle!), Jin, happy Sabina and Kuo-An
And here the gang once more together with River.
Our farewell dinner
Bill giving a speech about his experiences and learnings about culture in Norway
Our silver members Sabina and David
Time to say good bye - a great tour with great people.
Thank you very much
Holger and Tony
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