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Morocco, here we come! (MCT 1702)

Monday, November 20, 2017 | Ted Goslinga / Pablo Piferrer / Björn Greibig | Africa

Final day - Chefchaouen - Malaga

....and then there was the last day already of this Tour! Wih mixed feelings we started again (yes, again..!) under a clear blue sky downhill from Chefchaouen for a nice half day riding through the Rif mountains towards the border crossing near Ceuta. 

Enjoying the last riding part in Morocco (ok, except then the flat tire of John..) we finally entered the border Morrocco/spain. But luckily for us, this time no very long queues, and the crossing itself went all together pretty smooth. So plerfectly in time to catch the ferry back to Algueciras in Spain.

And after a last two hour highway stretch, we arrived safe and sound back in our starting hotel in Malaga!

A big thank you for this great group of riders for the great atmosphere in the group and the nice days we spent together!

Hope to see you all on anothere Edelweiss tour someday!!

all the best!!

Ted, Pablo and Björn

Day 12 - Fes - Chefchaouen

Our final whole day in Morocco!. Unblievable how fast time passes by when you are having fun!.

Again a beautful day to ride: a short part out of the city of Fes, lead us to a small bumpy mountain road with beautiful views. As soon a s we were over the pass we saw already the excavation site of Volubulis. This famous excavation site has a lot of hidden gems. Beautiful mosaic  floors which seems to be from a couple of years ago, but are really from the 2th century. After we had a nice cup of coffee at the site, we went of in northeren direction towards the blue city of Chefchaouen , where we started the Moroccon adventure!. Through nice and swerving roads over the High Atlas, everybody enjoyed this wonderful day in this colourful country

Concluded with a nice dinner  in our well known restaurant in Chefchaouen, everybody went up for their last night on Moroccon soil

Day 11 - Rest day Fes

Well,  a rest day....? Not really!

Ok, sleep in a litlle bit , but at 09.30 sharp theere was our local tourguide Ahmed again, who took us this time together with two other guides, to downtown Fes. A very interesting day with visits to a tile shop, the famous lether tannery which is also an UNESCO site, the oldest university of Marocco, and all guiding us throuhg the nice medina (old city) of Fes. 

Concluded with a nice lunch in a beautiful authentic restaurant, made the day very interesting.

And after a couple of hours relaxing the majority of the group wfent walking donwtown to the Medina again in the vening to try the famous camel burger in a trendy restaurant , where we also had the enjoyment of a musical jam session

Great evening to finish our stay in one of the nicest king cities in Morocco!

the "Blue Gate"
Ted and Kees having a coffee break!
not a bad place to stay overnight.....!
incredible handcraftsmen at work in a pottery
the Bab Boujloud or "the Blue Gate"
John and Milagro in a very nice and clean coffee shop.....!!
Rick and Marty need a hairdresser??
Ladies nr. 4 and 5 ....
the nice smelling Leather tannery
Reggie & Beat
Lemmy and Martine

Day 10 - Erfoud - Fes

With the great memories in the back of our heads we said goodbye to the beautiful oasis of Erfoud with our fantastic hotel to set off for the longest riding day of our tour : from Erfoud to Fes. Leaving the warm temperatures of the desert area, we now heading back north towards the High Atlas mountains in which we will ride the major part of the day on altitudes between 1500 and 2000 meter.

But first we followed the green ribbon of endless plalmtrees along the Ziz river before we reached the Atlas mountian. An astonishing ride in this motorcycle paradise. 

After a long morning ride we had a coffee stop and gas fill up in Midelt. Strong winds today over the mountain plains but a clear blue sky makes all the difference!

Heading further north we reached a small mountian village where we had a genuine road bbq. Delicious!

Our last riding part through the ski aea of Ifrane and then slowly descending towards our home for the next two nights: Fes!

Safely arrived we enjoyed our dinner with a great evening view over the old town of Fes

Awesome day, great group!

beautiful Ziz valley
Road kill....ehhh road side restaurant!
Our brand new Worldtourers: Richard and Kees
Morning brief in Erfoud

Day 9 - restday Erfoud

What a fantastic 2 nights/restday we had with this great group in the most southeast corner of this tour! Half of the group hopped after yesterday's riding day on their camels to spent the night in the desert in a genuine Berber camp. It took them about two hours of "saddle torture" to go to the camp where the ~Berber camelboys prepared a fantstic meal. A memorable night which no one can forget.

The other half of the group styed in the supernice hotel in Erfoud like it was in a hotel of a lerisan fairytale of 1001 nights. Great atmosphere, very good food and a relaxing environment.

Today the "hotel" group went out for a nice rest day ride and were back in Erfoud around 13 .00 hr  to relax a bit before they went together with the other group to hop this time on some quads to do a desert ride. Everybody enjoyed this very much .

After thisthe whole group was pretty exhausted. So after the nice dinner buffet, we had a short meeting where worldtourer Lemy Gresh and Cees Wijman both received their world tourer polo shirts because they did both already 5 tours with Edelweiss. Good to have you guys!

A memorable day at a memorable Place!!

choices, choices, choices....!!
Fabulous Erg Chubby sand dunes
great late afternoon quad ride! what a blast!!
Max having fun!
Group 1 arrived!
someone gets excited ...!
Group 2 on top of the sand dunes!
...and finally : dinner!
Sunrise in the desert.

Day 8 - Boumalne to Erfoud

Today a hot riidng day ahead. Usually the most hottest part of the tour, and so it was it also this time!

In the morning the first highlight of the day was the beautiful Gorges du Thodra which made a big impression on everyone. After the coffee break we went on in eastern direction where tourguide Ted prepared us again a very nice picnic! Every piece of shade around the support van was used by the entire  group. Again on the bikes to the last part of this tour into eastern direction: Erfoud. And for about half of the group there is aother highlight coming up: the overnight stay in the berber desert camp including the camelride forth and back. But more of that tomorrow!

On the way to the desert night.
Desert picnic near Melaab
Ad Hoc desert garage
Sharon already adapted to the desert
John trying to capture some shade!

Day 7 - Ait ben Haddou - Boumalne

Again a wonderful sunrise in our great hotel. After the morning brief it was time to follow out tour in eastern direction. After a short photostop complete with camels and a stunning view over the valley we followed our way to the first highlight of the day: the Atlas filmstudios. Guided by anlocal Berber tourguide we made our way theough this big film complex with all kinds of mock-ups for films like the Gladiator, Game of Thrones , Jewel of the Nile etc etc

And after a nice ride in the valley of roses tourguide Bjorn had prepared us a nice picnic in the Gorges du Dades. Then it was time to explore the rest of the Gorges dud Dades which has some really nice roads and some beautiful switchbacks

After this nice riding day we arrived at our nice hotel  in Boumalne du Dades 

Old and new horse power ....ehhh camel power!!
The unbeatable morning light in the Moroccon desert area s
View over Ait ben Haddou
Tourguide Pablo...
....and tourguide Ted

Day 6 - Marakesh - Ait ben Haddou

Today wel left the big city towards the high Atlas mountains. Perfect riding weather took us up towards the high mountian pass of Tizi n tichka, at a height of 7414 ft or 2500 meter. The majority of the group members were riding on their own towards the top of the mountain pass. Stunning views and so very good opportunities to take some nice pictures.

At the coffeestop everybody was gathering again and after some nice strong coffee we took off in two groups over a bumpy road towards Telouet where we first had a tour into an old kasba house followed by a delicious lunch in a berber tent restaurant

The last beautiful part through the mountains took us to our beautiful kasar hotel in Ait ben Haddou

All together a fantastic riding day!!

Our fantastic ksar hotel in Ait nen Haddou
Fairytale views
Brian, James and Marty tasting the local wines
....while Julie and Cindy are trying out the local couch
....also Milagro and John!
Nice evening buffet
up to the top of the Tizzi n Tichka pass
coffee stop just below the top of the pass
Villi loves his mint tea!
Julie and Rick warming up with a nice cup of strong mountain coffee!
John and Sharon
Beat and Reggie
Old soldiers never die!
Tour to the Glaui clan Kasbah house
Ruin of Telouet Kashbah Glaoui
Everybody listen to Ali our local tourguide
Reggie & Pablo in the Kashbah
Great lunch in a genuine Berber tent restaurant
Last part of the beautiful route of today towards Ait ben Haddon
"Game of Thrones"

Day 5 - rest day Markakesh

What a gorgeous day for exploring the old city of Marakesh under the guidance of Ahmed, our local tourguide with his outstanding knowledge of all the inns and outs of Morocco and especially his hometown Marakech.

Visiting a palace, the souk with it's endless small streets and numerous craftsmen, an interesting herb shop made this day a very interesting one

After shopping the group had some time off in the afternoon to visit other interesting places or just got back to our very nice hotel to relax a couple of hours

In the evneing most of the group took off to the Djemna-al Fna, the "place of the Beheaded". A very lively , busy and interesting place what is even an Unesco heritage site because of it's incredible variety of storytellers, snakecharmers, vendors, etc etc

And of course we had our dinner in one of the numerous stnad-up restaurants where the cooks and waiters are eager to entertain their guests.

A wonderful evening and a good end of our stay in Marakech

Dinner in the middle of Marrakesch
evening view Marakech

Djemna -el Fna plaza at night. Wonderful place!

Marrakesch is...
Learn something about "traditional" medicine
Bahia Palace
the astonishing interior of our hotel in Marrakech

Day 4 - Rabat - Marakesh

Soon after we left our new hotel in Rabat, we hit the coastal road in southern direction towards Casablanca. It is amazing how much the roads improve every year in Morocco

Another piece of highway, then through rush hour in Casablanca, and then the big minaret of the Hassan II mosk is already appearing on the horizon

Everybody was very impressed by this fantastic building, which is one of a few in the world , which can be visited by non-muslim people

Leaving here around noon, we followed shortly the Moroccon riviera towards a beach club with a great Restaurant where we had a nice and relax lunch

A last coffee and then 250 long stretch towards our next town : Marakech. Again a ride through this time the evening rush hour, and around 6 pm we arrived at this fantastic spot

Before dinner Ahmed our famous local tourguide showed up to introduce himself and inform the group about the city tour the next day

All together a great day in this nice part of the world

Briefing by Ahmed, our local tourguide
Hassan 2 mosk in Casablanca

Day 3 - Chefchaouen - Rabat

On this second day in Morocco it was clear that is would gonna be anotheer nice and sunny day. The first sunrays already shined over the blue city of Chefchaouen. Tourguides Pablo and Bjorn were leading the two groups through the mountain roads west of Chefchaouen in western direction towards our next stop in the capitol of Morocco

Out of the mountain area the two groups merged together to go to the lunchstop at Moulay Bouselham at the Atlantic coast

A last stretch of highway towards Rabat and the second riding day in Morocco was a fact

Almost in the hotel in Rabat
Time for...
real Moroccan breakfast in Chefchaouen

Day 2 - Ceuta - Chefchaouen

We are in Morocco!! Today we went off in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in the early morning with 26 persons on 18 bikes and a support van towards the Moroccon border. Since we were there early the border crossing procedure went very smooth......also thanks to Pablo's great knowledge of the French language!. There is a rumour going on that he will be hired as "helper" by Moroccon customs

After a nice long coffeebreak along the seaside we went on the excellent coastal road towards Oued Laou, where a nice seafood lunch was prepared for us. And after the last free riding part through the wonderfull valley towards Chefchaouen, the riding part of the day was done!

Before our dinner everyone took the opportunity to stroll around in the souk of the Blue City

Great day!

"scrambler Rambler"
very first coffees stop in Morocco
Lunch at Oued Laou

Day 1 - Malaga - Ceuta

What a great day to start this tour! Super nice riding weather. One group started off with Tourguide Pablo to do the ‘Ronda’ route and the second one with Tourguide Ted to Gibraltar. Both groups had a great first riding day. Meeting again at the ferry landing in Algueciras, the Morocco tour had really begun. With the fast ferry to Ceuta at the African continent is always a special moment

Arrived in our hotel in Ceuta after the ferry ride
church of Ceuta by night
f`ull throttle of the jet powered ferry to Africa
Dinner at a veeeerrrrry long table
At the Rock of Gibraltar
Marty tries to impress the monkeys

Arrival day Malaga

And so the tour has started officially! All 23 customers arrived safely in Malaga, Spain. Some of them already one or two days earlier to get rid of their jetlag, and enjoying the beautiful weather at the Costa del Sol in Andalusia.

After the welcome briefing and the bike hand over we had a nice dinner together and after that one by one everybody took off for a nice long rest including one hour time change!

Tomorrow the ride begins!

What a wonderful arriving day!
Brian and Cindy already eager to ride!
All 19 bikes ready to roll!
Simply a piece of art!
Welcome briefing in Malaga
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Angela de Haan
Monday, November 6, 2017 at 10:22

Hi Ted, Pablo, Björn and the whole group!

Nice to see all of you down there in Morocco! I am missing to be down there this autumn! Finalising my touring year without a Morocco tour just isn't complete
Enjoy and have fun in the desert and please say hello to all the Moroccans I know down there

(already on the way back home from Spain)
Jürg Glauner
Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 17:40

Angela, ich kann Deinen Schmerz nachfühlen, zumal meine Freunde mit auf der Tour sind.
Regula & Beat Glauner
Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 17:53

Hallo Jügge
Wir geniessen es auch ein wenig für dich.
Sonnige Grüsse aus Fes.
Ted Goslinga
Monday, November 6, 2017 at 23:34

thanks Angela, all runs well here!
Kirk Jordan
Friday, November 3, 2017 at 03:23

Glad to see your happy face on another blog. We are coming to Spain next April. Since you getting to the south; may be we will see you again.
Kirk and Judy
Björn Greibig
Friday, November 3, 2017 at 19:37

Hoi Judy & Kirk,
nice to hear from you! How are you? Do you have any tour plans for next year?
Kirk Jordan
Saturday, November 4, 2017 at 15:36

We met Ted. Who I see is your group leader, in Tennessee in Oct 2016. He, Ursula, and Buck must make working/touring at Edelweiss fun and exciting.
Kirk Jordan
Saturday, November 4, 2017 at 15:12

Yes, Coming next spring to do Riding Academy and the Southern Spain Extreme. Already planning and looking forward to the trip.
Björn Greibig
Monday, November 6, 2017 at 14:35

Perry Cogburn
Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 16:54

Glad to see to that you are back in the saddle! Travel safe.
Björn Greibig
Friday, November 3, 2017 at 19:34

Hey Perry thanks, hope to see you next year!!!
von Waldburg Gabriele
Monday, October 30, 2017 at 18:20

Hi Milagro and John
Nice to see you on the Blog. Morocco is a great tour!! you will have a great time!
Greetings from Switzerland, rainy and cold
Ted , I hope I will meet you on an other Edelweisstour
Ted Goslinga
Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at 06:31

Thanks Gaby, hope so too!
Claudia Wenhart
Sunday, October 29, 2017 at 18:57

Hello to Morocco,
nice to see you all again on tour Cindy, Brian, Marty, Julie, Rick and Ida
have fun with Ted, Pablo and Björn, enjoy your trip through the dessert and the different cultures and send some sun and nice weather to Munich, here its rainy and stormy
I will follow you on the blog
Kind regards Claudia
Saturday, November 18, 2017 at 13:22

hey Claudia.. had a fabulous time in Morocco. Met some great people. Great to see Pablo again as a real pleasure meeting Ted and Bjorn. Hope all is well with you. We have booked the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland for next year. Anyway take care and thanks for the note. We are back in Arizona for the winter and will be doing some riding here in the desert...take care and all the best.. Brian&Cindy
Ted Goslinga
Monday, October 30, 2017 at 06:48

Hey Claudia, thanks for your nice message. For sure we will send you some sunshine from here!


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