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CCC1801: Columbus and Port!

Thursday, April 5, 2018 | Anthony Fairweather / Angela | Europe

Day 9: Cordoba to Malaga 

Our last riding day dawns and with it some of the best roads we have seen so far.  And to top it all off, Angela has prepared an excellent picnic high the mountains of Malaga. 

Our faithful steeds.
A last group picture high in the mountains before we head home.
Thank you Angela for a lovely picnic!
Malaga lies just below.

Day 8: Zafra to Cordoba 

Top ride or not to ride. That's not a question on our tour, since we can do both! While one part of the group takes of into the mountains of the Extramadura, the others take a shorter route to Cordoba to explore the fantastic old town. 

A stunning mix of styles in Cordobas Mezquita.

Day 7: Lisbon to Zafra

Our last day in Portugal and the longest riding day of the tour. Heading out of Lisbon we cross the Vasco da Gama Bridge and head East. After an hour on the slab we take part in some highway relief therapy, visit one Europe's most famous ossuaries and enjoy an excellent lunch in Evora. A few more miles and we cross the border back into Spain and into the Extramadura. We end the day with an excellent meal in an old oil mill.

Motorway fatigue therapy is about to begin.
One of the many stunning churches in the Extramadura.

Day 6: Rest day in Lisbon

It's our second rest day of the tour and what better place to spend it in than Lisbon,  Portugal's capital city. We split into two groups, one to explore the old town on foot and the other to go for a ride to the westernmost point of Europe, Gabo do Rica.

Richard, Mark, Tom and Georg at the end of the world. Next stop, America.
It's mighty windy out there
Surf's up!
The Malfa Palace is always worth a picture.

Day 5: Santiago do Cachem to Lisbon

Day 4: Faro to Santiago do Cachem 

Our first full day in Portugal is a highlight of the tour, with some excellent roads along the coast and in the cork oak forests. Plus a picnic by the seaside. Who can resist? 

Day 3: Sevilla to Faro

A quick blast through the Sierra Morena, a ferry ride across the border to Portugal and an excellent sea food tapas lunch.  Not bad at all!

A wonderful morning was waking us in Sevilla and so we were all pretty soon up and ready to tackle today's ride to Faro in Portugal
Tony informed all riders about the places they would go and the highlights to be seen
Theresia leads the way.
Andreas and Inge riding in style.
The Columbus Monument, gazing out sea.
A ferry ride in the sun tops off the day.
The map tells you that one half of the river belongs to Spain and the other half is already Portugal.
If you're shy of the water the bridge channels you into Portugal as well
Faro is a typical Portugese provincial town and I would say the sundowner on the hotel's roof top it is one of the highlights of the day
Theresia is our birthday celebrity of the evening. Happy Birthday to you!

Day 2: Restday in Sevilla

Another fantastic morning dawns on our tour. As it's our first rest day our group splits into riders and sightseers. While the riders head off into the Sierra Morena for an extra helping of twisties, the sightseers wander off into town to discover some of the many attractions Sevilla has to offer. We finish off the day with traditional Flamenco music and a lovely dinner on the heart of the old town. 

Narrow and twisty roads, yes please!
Tom, Richard, Mark and Georg discussing the finer points of riding through the Spanish countryside.
Sun, shade and caffeine. The trifecta of motorcycle coffee stops.
And here they are - the city tourers at their start into Sevilla in the morning
Our first stop was the bullfighting arena. Who would have thought that it was such an impressive visit.
First a walk through the museum...
... and finally we got to see the arena!
We took the opportunity of a ride with the horse carriage to the Plaza d'Espagña
Melinda, Bette and Kelly at the Plaza d'España
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Temperamental Flamenco!
How to make a Selfie

Day 1: Malaga to Sevilla

It's a beautiful sunny day as we say goodbye to the coast and head into the mountains, where endless sweepers await. We visit spectacular Ronda and the arena, then head back onto the bikes for an afternoon of riding through the Spanish countryside on our way to Sevilla, our stop for the next two nights. 

Good Morning!
Getting to know our rides for the tour.
Time for the morning briefing...
...and off we are! Angela leads the way!
Have a great ride!
Mijas is our first stop, a view of the Mediterranean that is definitely worth taking a picture
Bette loves it!
The sheer view from Ronda's cliff sides are literally breathtaking
In front of the bullfighting arena in Ronda
A delicious lunch with a view of the cliff and bridge
The stunning ride over the Paso de las Palomas leads us into Sevilla
All over Spain there is currently the Semana Santa, the holy week before Easter, going on. It seems that each and every Spaniard is somehow involved in it. And the kids are brought up with this religious custom from a very early age. They even get to play with the toys befitting the happening.
An "organisational walk" through Sevilla led the tour guides Tony and Angela right into the ongoing processions of the Semana Santa around the Cathedral of Sevilla
It took us quite a while to make our way back to the hotel so packed were the streets
Food along the way
Sevilla at night is absolutely stunning!

A walk through Malaga before the Tour

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at 17:46

Angela, that looks like a wonderful break from the winters snow.
Great looking group, have fun.
Angela de Haan
Thursday, March 29, 2018 at 15:45

Hey there Bob

It is wonderful hearing from you.
Yes it is indeed a nice change from the winter snow It feels absolutely great to be on the road again.
Hope you are doing fine and you're prepared for the oncoming riding season yourself?

A big hello from Portugal


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