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ATC1801 - The Alps endless curves and natural miracles

Sunday, June 10, 2018 | Peter Kuhn | Europe

The view over Zillertal
On the top .... @Timmelsjoch 2500m
glaciers around Passo dello Stelvio
the view from the road
green valleys, beautiful lakes, snow on the peaks and perfect curves thats the Alps

Day 5 - it is hard to say good by but it was a pleasure to have been there

Gloria is looking at the Tyrolian habits
enjoying coffe at the Stammtisch
Our girls over Zillertal
all of us happy on the Zillertaler Highalpineroad
a look around at the Alm
the end of the road waiting for us
Barry and Therese enjoying the lunch stop
with the small chapel
in the last moment a short rain got us...the only one this week
the tour end with a beautiful dinner THX every body

Day 4 - sweepers for breakfast and italian pizza for lunch

the view in the morning after the breakfast sweepers in to Ötztal
Barry is exploring the Austrian habbits
we reached the end of Ötztal at a great viewing place
and visit a motorcycle museum at 2200 m
the northern pass impressed us with giant snow walls
the south side with his steep valleys
a look arround
looks like a great day
for our couples
also for Joh
every body was already looking forward to italian pizza
Gloria and Eugene went for an culinary round trip
Jaufenpass was a perfect desserd
what a road
what a feeling

Day 3 - powerfull riding on three pass roads to three countrys

two shining suns in the morning
the famous sunken church tower of Reschenpass
Gloria und Eugene on the Top of the Alps Passo Stelvio 2700m
were Bruno is waiting for us with his delicious Hotdogs
Jeff on the afternoon ride on Ofenpass
the group arriving after having fun riding up

Day 2 - mallow riding around Innsbruck and a nice night city walk

day 2 wait for us with sunshine again
first stop a short picture at the pretty chirch in Mieming
climbing the Haimingerberg wakes every body up
wuhu what a view
the panorama at Kühtai
with the melt water lakes
second breakfast with delicious stroodel
the cable car brings us on the top of Innsbruck for lunch
Rabih over the Innvalley
Barry and Therese go hiking to the peak
Jeff is happy to be there
and save the table for lunch
John also went up the peak in the age of 82 not bad man
Gloria and Eugene with the panorama of the fantastic limestone peaks
the birds recognzed we got our food
but Barry cared about theme
John enjoys his well deserved sandwitch
After a relaxed afternoon at the pool we went back to Innsbruck for a city walk and our dinner
in an fantastic atmosphere
at Ottos castle

Day1 - The northern end of the Alps and the Kings castle

the last adjustments before we start
on our way to Walchsee we met an traditional marchig band
on an blue bird day
the view at the morning caffe
happy that riding start again
at lunch we took a guided tour through castle Linderhof
and finished the day with the famous and beautiful Hahntenjoch
what made Jeff already very happy
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