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ATC1804 Touring Center Alps

Friday, August 24, 2018 | Angela / Jürgen Leitner | Europe

We say a big thank you to all of you, it was great fun travelling through the Alps with you on this touring center. We thoroughly enjoyed the laughter we had together, you are great fun people. And we are looking forward to seeing you again on some of the many other Edelweiss tours. How does the saying go... ? After the tour is before the tour

We wish you always safe rides and great times

Your tour guides Jürgen and Angela

DAY 6: Seefeld- Sightseeing in Innsbruck at Bergisel (Kaisermuseum- Andreas Hofer Monument-Skijump)- Kühtai- Edelweiss Headquarter

meeting with "old" Friends at the Edelweiss HQ
the Gang at the Edelweiss HQ
Burgertime at the Dorfstadl in Kühtai
a part of the Great- roundportrait (360°)
Map of the Austria- Hungarian Monarchy at 1910
view from the top of the Bergisel skijump with Innsbruck at the back
going up with the Elevator while we could see the Skijumpers
Michael, Carol, Janice, James, Tom and Jack in front of the famous Andreas Hofer Monument

DAY 5: Seefeld- Zillertaler Höhenstrasse- Steinberg bei Achensee- !heavy rain!- Seefeld

Bootbeer at the Hotel Central in Seefeld after 2 Hours riding in heavy rain! everybody did great
everybody looks so satisfied after the delicious desert (Kaiserschmarrn and Moosbeerennocken) but Jack looks like he is in heaven!!!
Lunchstop at Steinberg (Waldhäusl)
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Riding the Zillertaler High Alpine Road and the aftereffect it can have
Vaneissa and Shirley enjoying Applestrudle with Vanillesauce!
what a nice view from the Zillertal Highstreet
Joan, Stanley, Vaneissa and Gene are watching the Paragliders
reaching the Top of the Zillertaler Highstreet

DAY 4: Seefeld- Timmelsjoch (Bike- Museum)- Ötziview- Sandwirt (Andreas Hofer)- Jaufenpass- Seefeld

an old Portrait inside the Sandwirt shows the happy faces of the Tyrolian People after they won against the french/bavarian Army in 1809
dinner at the famous Sandwirt (birthplace of Austrians Hero Andreas Hofer!!!)
almost the whole Group (only Linda and Vaneissa are missing)
Sandy, Stanley, Paul and Angela Edelweiss at the bikemuseum
James and Richard are enjoying the overhelming view at the Timmelsjoch- bikemuseum
even Scooters are going up the Mountain
short (butt) stop at Längenfeld before we are going up the beautiful Timmelsjoch

DAY 3: Seefeld- Reschenpass- Glurns- Stelviopass- Umbrailpass- Ofenpass- Seefeld

the whole gang is ready to ride back to Seefeld
view from the Restaurant at Ofenpass
….nice view from the top of the Ofenpass
...while Paul, Jack, Tom and David are relaxing in the shadow
Janice, Carol, Michael and James relaxing at the Cafe in Glurns
Special parking lot of the Cafe (green Tree) in Glurns
Gasstation stop before the italian border
Angela at the dailybriefing in the morning (explaining how to ride Stelvio- switchbacks (x 48)

DAY 2 (Standard Route) Seefeld - Kloster Ettal - Schloß Linderhof - Hahntennjoch - Seefeld

The other half decided for the standard route of the day, which also passes by a church, or better an abbey - beautiful Kloster Ettal
We gained back some power at our lunch in the beer garden before we went to see King Ludwig II. hunting castle Schloss Linderhof.
On top of our first bigger pass on tour - the Hahntennjoch
Joan liked the ride up the Hahntennjoch

DAY 2: (OPT Route) Seefeld- Wieskirche- Neuschwanstein- Fernpass- Seefeld (152 mls)

Hugh, Paul, Carol and Janice enjoying the nice scenery
Hugh with the Zugspitze (germanies highest Mountain, 2912 m) at the back
real Cafestop on top of the Fernpass
Stop in front of Neuschwanstein (Wald Disney Castle)
Dinner at the Weisskirchen Place with Nürnburger Sausages, Sauerkraut and Gulasch!!!
Inside of Weisskirchen (Whitechurch)
First "Cafe"- Stop at the Walchenlake

Seefeld - the first day

Today, we've been starting another one of these great Alps touring centers. Another way to see the Alps just without the need to change the hotels every day. 

Every day we will venture out to explore another part of the routes in the area from Seefeld in Tyrol until Italy as well as to the east and to the west. Today, we will be visiting Germany, or better Bavaria. 

Some of the tour members came a day earlier to do a riding training ahead of tour start.
Gottfried showed them a few tricks
In the meantime, Angela and Jürgen, the tour guides for the upcoming tour, prepared the bikes for the rest of the group
Jürgen and his very nice layout of the tour
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Dave Henricks
Tuesday, August 28, 2018 at 21:00

The Touring Central Alps tour was amazing and much better than I could have imagined. Angela and Jurgen were awesome and the best touring guides ever. They made the tour fun, exciting, challenging, and a learning experience every day. I am looking forward to doing another one soon.
Friday, September 14, 2018 at 09:13

Hi Dave,

thumbs up also from my side and let us know when you will be back. Would be great to see Linda and you again.

Jürgen leitner
Thursday, September 13, 2018 at 21:15

Cheers Dave, Thumbs up!!!
Jürgen Leitner
Saturday, August 25, 2018 at 13:50

A great thanks to all of you! It was a pleasure for me to get to know all of you and i`ve been having a great time with each one of you!!! I wish u the best and hopefully we see us on another Edelweisstour in the future! Thumbs up & hugs, Jürgen;


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