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The Viking Experience - Norway 2019

Sunday, July 7, 2019 | Björn Greibig / Michael Kreuzmeir | Europe

No words needed - Trollstigen

Day 9 - Geiranger to Ålesund

In Norway you get used to the wet quickly. :-P
The last ferry ride of the tour.
The best strawberry cake in Norway and maybe even the best in the world ?!?
On our way to Trollstigen.
The Stelvio of Norway in the background.
Yes we made it!
Unfortunately the summit is in the clouds but the troll wall is still impressive.
We arrived in Ålesund.

Day 8 - Fjærland to Geiranger

That's the way to start the day!
What a lovely little place. Our Hotel in Fjærland.
Unfortunately, John can't ride anymore but he still enjoys the scenery.
The road down to Geiranger is pretty interesting with the van. :-P
Booooot beeeer time!!!

Day 7 - Bergen to Fjærland

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...a masterpiece of road construction and then this view!
Pølse i brød, it's so easy to make everyone happy.
In Norway a picnic must be quick because the rain usually doesn't wait long.
Chef Michael
The view of Stegastein down to the Aurlandsfjord is breathtaking!
Too cold to get off the bike. 3.5°C
The road was closed the day before but we reached the Aurlandvegen summit.
This street deserves its name - Snøvegen
The last ferry of the day through the Sognefjord.
Where is the goblin?
Some afternoon activities.
It was delicious and almost everything local.
And of course the beer.
How a day should end!!!

Day 6 - Restday in Bergen

On the restday in Bergen Björn and Dave took the bikes for a spin to the Fjords.
The Fjell Festning - leftovers of WW2.
Tanja and Nigel in front of a old Bergen house in their favourite colour.
Typical Bergen: 5 minutes of sunshine and 5 minutes of rain.
The world famous Unesco World Heritage site 'Bryggen'.
Old wooden buildings in their 12th century style.
The staircases aren't that straight anymore though.
The famous fish market of Bergen.
Delicious and fresh seafood!

Day 5 - Sola to Bergen

Dave and Nigel enjoying the 5 minutes of sunshine on the ferry.
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After the first coffee stop in the morning the sun came looking for another 5 minutes.
Langfoss - the 5th highest waterfall in Norway.
The look ahead was nice and sunny....
... but where we came from wasn't quite as nice...
The almost brand new Hardangerbridge. Worth a whooping 400 Million USD.
Happy riders, happy tour guide.
Fresh strawberries. Oh so sweet!

Day 4 - Restday in Sola

The colorful Stavanger shines even in the rain!
Trolls are everywhere in Norway.
Hafrsfjord - Sverd i fjell

Day 3 - Vrådal to Sola

Björn telling the group about the awesome riding.
Every stop is a fotostop in Norway.
The famous Lysefjord.
You shouldn't be scared of heights if you want to enjoy the view like David.
What a road! 27 switchbacks and one of them is in a tunnel!

Day 2 - Oslo to Vrådal

Michael tells the first of countless troll stories.
Visiting the Heddal Stave Church.
Before we arrived to the hotel we stopped at the last working rotating bridge of Norway.
It turns 90° to let the Victoria ferry of the Telemark-Canal pass.
And we had the pleasure to be on the bridge while it was rotating.
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A little timelapse video of the rotating bridge.
Beautiful roads in an amazing landscape.

Day 1 - Arrival Day Oslo

Our motorcycles have reached Oslo.
Getting ready for the Welcome Briefing.
Everyone eagerly listens to the Welcome Briefing.
A perfect first evening with perfect weather in Oslo.
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Michael Kreuzmeir
Wednesday, July 3, 2019 at 21:16

What a magnificent blog!


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