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Alps Touring Center (ATC1902)

Tuesday, July 9, 2019 | Marc Adamiak / Harald Pramhofer | Europe

Stelvio pass

Day 6: Final loop

Our morning ride took us east of Innsbruck to the 'Zillertaler Höhenstraße" - a narrow, panoramic and quite curvy "goatpath"
At our first coffee stop...
...we got this view...!
Hard working tourguides...
BMW Garmisch 2019 is coming up soon
The descend was still amazing...
Further north, passing lake "Achensee", this almost forgotten place was our stop for lunch
Hikers leave their worn-out shoes in this tree...
...we continued through a bit of Germany, in a wonderful road through nature and brought back our "horses" to the Headquarter in Austria.

It was a tour full of different impressions and a lot of fun!

Thanks to all, riding with us and we hope to see you again on another Edelweiss tour.

Day 5: A visit to Italy and Switzerland

Daily briefing before start.
Flossy and Ed at the Reschenpass
getting closer to Stelvio
never boring, always laughing
In the old medieval italian town of Glorenza, we had our first coffee stop...
...and then ascended the 48 switchbacks up to the Stelvio pass.
Not just Tim was proud and happy
Bruno's world famous saussage is now also known in Korea
Tourguide meeting at the pass: Mirko, Harald and Marc
Via the Umbrail pass, we descended into Switzerland
At a typical swiss mountain village (Guarda)...
...we Bad a coffee and almost outwaited the rain shower
Back in Austria and back in sunshine
A last quick stop in "Prutz".
Carol, Juan Carlos and Martin enjoy another coffee

Day 4: Fun in Austria

In the morning, we discovered a hidden treasure: the "Lüsner Alm" at the bottom of a (former) glacier.
Old style weather forecast:
If the stone is wet, it rains.
If it's white, there is snow.
If it fell to the ground, there is an earthquake...
Jamila and Jon found, what they were looking for and have a good time.
As we continued on some nice curvy roads over the "Hahntennjoch" pass...
...we found coffee and...
...shelter, when the rain came
Following the twisty route through "Namlostal"...
...everyone was looking forward for a little snack for lunch.
...well...or not so little.
Our korean friends enjoyed it very much!
Our next leg took us... lake "Plansee".
Jon is amazed...
...and so is Paul (or was it because of the icream in the sun...?!?)
Ed was paying attention at the briefing - and met the locals!
That was another beautiful day and now, some of us will jump into the pool.

Day 3: Italian passes (part 1)

Ken copies the tour map for today
At the "Stuibenfall"
From here, we crossed the Oetz Valley and followed wonderfully paved sweepers up... the highest motorcycle museum...
...and onwards to the "Timmelsjoch" pass
On the italian side of the descend, this was just one of the wonderful views.
At the birthplace of a famous tyrolian freedomfighter (back in 19th century)...
Excellent local cuisine ...
...gave us the energy ... climb up the next pass...
Coffee at "Jaufenpass"
Over the old "Brennerpass" road, we crossed back from Italy into Austria. After a great day, we parked our ponies at the hotel.

Day 2: Bavarian lakes & castles loop

Today's route took us north over the border, to Bavaria (Germany)
We stopped at some of the many lakes there, to have a coffee, or later a quick lunch
The church here is the "Wieskirche", which was built in 19th century, after some locals " saw", that a statue of Jesus Christ was crying tears.
Korean-American friendship on Bavarian territory
Every year, millions of visitors from all over the world come, to see King Ludwig's castle: Neuschwanstein
We found a perfect spot, to shoot some nice pictures of it (and of castle "Hohenschwangau", the yellow one on the right)
Coming back to Austria, we crossed our first pass (Fernpass) and had a nice view onto the castle (ruin) up there.

Day 1: Riding school & welcome to Seefeld, Austria

Some of our guests booked a training, before starting the tour.
In a warm and sunny day, we had some theory in the morning and then, we had some exercises, to practice techniques for the ride in the Alps.
In the afternoon, we went for a little loop to Kühtai, where we enjoyed some local food
Carol and Juan Carlos
Later, back in our hotel, the other guests joined for our welcome briefing
We ended the first day with a delicious dinner.
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Edward White
Thursday, August 1, 2019 at 18:59

Great tour, with great leadership from Marc and Harry. Could not have asked for a better pair to lead and better roads to ride. Well maybe that one goat path up the mountain. We had a great time and enjoyed every minute. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks Marc and Harry !


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