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NTC1901 Norway Touring Center - Under the Norwegian sun

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 | Angela | Europe

Good morning to the world out there

We have started our Norway touring center already a couple of days ago and were simply enjoying ourselves in this magnificent part of the world. Lucky us had sunny weather only so far and so all we can do is take in and enjoy.

Here comes a potpourrie of our adventures so far - come and enjoy with us

Day 1 - the loop around the Bird's Island

The warm-up of our tour took us out to "Runde" the famous bird's island. Apparently, the island is home to more birds than inhabitants.
Norway has a lot of really amazing bridges. One of them attracts your attention shortly before you arrive at Runde

Day 2 - the Geirangerfjord

The "before and..."
....after" picture

So far, every day started out with a foggy morning. And just before we all were tempted to get frustrated about having to ride in the fog, the sun was reaching through the clouds and literally presented itself in its best light.
On our way to the Geiranger Fjord we came up to some really nice and empty roads.
Here in Norway there are amazing views as good as guaranteed around every corner.
We even came across some snow - in July !!
Although the Geiranger Fjord is a very popular place to visit, it was still a super spectacular experience on the ferry down the fjord
Waterfalls everywhere
Unbelievable but true! Up until the 1960's there were still people living and farming at the foot of the cliff !!

Day 3 - the Atlantic Ocean Road

At the very small village of Bud, some Norwegian-German history lesson was waiting for us
After we had been riding across the famous Atlantic Ocean Road, we gained back strength by eating a most delicious Norwegian fish stew and fish soup.
However, the most spectacular highlight of the day was the view over the 222 (!) mountain tops over the city of Molde.
Every rider in the group was simply blown away by the view
The town of Ålesund had us back in the evening and we went out for dinner. Currently, there is a festival going on. And some of us found the right place to gear up in "troll style"
Laurie and Christine with their "troll hair"

Day 4 - the loop of the Norwegian Fjords

We took off early this morning to have all the options open for today's ride.
Waiting for the ferry to come
The morning fogs are slowly lifting
Today was another beautiful day in paradise - All day long we were riding around the fjords, absolutely enjoyable rides again

Day 5 - the ride to the Trollstigen

Everyone in the group was looking forward to this last riding day. Not because it was the last day of the tour - no no no... ! It was because, the Trollstigen road ranks among the top ten most beautiful roads in the world !! 

So to get to ride this fantastic road was truly a highlight and a perfect finish for this great tour.

Who says Trolls aren't easy to be spotted ...?? They are everywhere
Steve almost got caught by the police AND the troll
A lady troll rider ???
Of course, we had to bring our own American and New Zealand trolls to this place
And here it is - the most anticipated Trollstigen Road
Taking pictures of the picture taker
Yummy strawberry cake .... the award for the ride
The visit of the unique Rose Church was our last highlight of the day before we returned back to our base hotel in Ålesund
The nice lady was explaining the Rose Church's history to us
Our farewell dinner - hey guys, it has been a great week with you here in Norway !!!
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Chiara Van Doorn
Friday, July 12, 2019 at 07:31

Great pictures and even better weather!!
Have fun!
Angela de Haan
Sunday, July 14, 2019 at 12:14

Thanks Chiara, we truly had an awesome tour and exceptionally sunny weather


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