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NTC1902 Norway Touring Center - the continuation

Sunday, July 21, 2019 | Angela | Europe

What do you do, if you did something that you enjoyed very much, and it has come to an end? Correct, you simply start it all over again


So I consulted the Vikings - the masters of the boats and ferrys, I had a meeting with the Norwegian weather trolls, and after I had figured it all out, the cards were re-shuffled for another Touring Center here in Ålesund. This time 5 couples and two solo riders have been joining the 5 day's ride.

Here are Denise and Ray from New Zealand
Sabine and Marco from Switzerland
Brad and Angie from the USA
Shari and Gary from the USA
Pam and Kelly from the USA
as well as Phil from Canada.
We also had Alastair from New Zealand in the team, but he seems to have kept hiding from my camera
Our first day took us out to the "Atlantershavsvegen" - The Atlantic Ocean Road
Passing by the village of Bud where we learned a bit about the German-Norwegian past in the bunkers of Bud
A beautiful and relaxed ride back to Ålesund
Our second riding day lead us to the Fjords in the area south of Ålesund
Pristine lakes perfectly mirror the mountains. Simply breathtakingly beautiful!
A typical Norwegian scenery
On day 3 we scheduled the Geiranger Fjord into our ride. Starting out with the ferry in the morning, we also went up to the Geirangervegen to take in the breathtaking view over the Fjord from high up above the mountains.
The Eagle's Road at Geiranger
On the fourth day, we first thought the weather wouldn't be as nice anymore as it had been the days before. And in fact, it wasn't. But just in a different place. We went out to see the birds at the bird's island of Runde. What a great day! While some of us went for the hike up on the rock, the other part of the group took the ride with the small boat to get to see the wild birds from the sea side. This was truly a great experience!
Sabine, Marco, Phil and Alastair were taking great joy out of the boat ride
Even though day 5 was the last riding day (of course, coming up too soon, as usual ) we had a grandiose day riding in perfect sunshine. The Trollstigen Road was a fascinating experience for everyone in the group.
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Wednesday, July 24, 2019 at 00:49

This is my 8th trip with Edelweiss; this Norway tour is probably the best in terms of natural scenery. With spectacular steep mountains and fjords, the twisty mountain roads are never too far from the water. Norway is perhaps the cleanest country I ever visited, no gravel, no debris, and courteous motorists; great for riding. The idyllic tranquility only is broken up when I open up on the BMW S1000XR to catch up with the group.

If you are planning to do this tour, do plan to spend a couple of extra days in Ålesund. It is a scenic seaside town. The base hotel room offered a good view of the ocean, and the sun doesn't go down until past midnight. Oslo is a pretty cool city also.

Angela, our guide did a great job re-arrange the route to avoid getting wet. She doubled as a mechanic when one of the riders has a gear shift problem, and helped me to park the bike at the end of every day. Overall a great trip.
Tuesday, July 30, 2019 at 11:04

Hi Phil,
Thanks for the praise. I totally agree, Norway is a country with some of the most impressive nature. An absolutely mind-boggling scenery.
It was a great joy to be on tour with you.
Hope to see you again on another tour.
Best wishes, Angela
Daniela Ebner-Edlböck
Monday, July 22, 2019 at 19:48

Hallo Angela, wir sind gerade auf der MS Nordkapp und waren 40 min. In Alesund auf Landgang. Wir genießen die Tage auf See, fahren die letzten km bis zum Nordkap mit unserem Motorrad und von dort ueber die Lofoten retour nach Oslo. Viele Grüße Daniela und Stefan. (Waren mit Dir heuer in Marokko)
Tuesday, July 23, 2019 at 12:47

Hallo Daniela und Stefan,

so ein Zufall! Das Touring Center in Ålesund endete am 21. und ich bin gestern bereits wieder zu Hause angekommen. Selbstverständlich erinnere ich mich an euch. Wäre schön gewesen, euch beide wieder zu sehen.

Vielleicht trefft ihr ja auf eine der beiden Nordkap Touren, die gerade unterwegs sind. Eine tolle Sache, mit den Hurtigruten zu fahren! Sieht sehr schön aus. Ich wünsch euch eine ganz tolle Reise!

Viel Spass und gute Fahrt!
Liebe Grüße, Angela


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