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CUA1904 The Ultimate Alps in late September

Friday, September 27, 2019 | Angela / Ramon Christ | Europe

Some like it hot - and some like it cooler The temperatures in the Alps these days are telling you that the 2019 summer season is about to end. But still there are some nice rides possible on the motorcycle. And so we started the first day of the last Ultimate Alps tour in 2019 with a nice and sunny day.

Day 1 - Mieming to Pontresina

A first picture stop to enjoy at the "sheer drop" in the Kaunertal
Dave from the US, and Giselle & Leo from Costa Rica
Even though it was a Saturday, there was only very little traffic on Stelvio Pass. The reason for it was probably the road closure on the Bormio side of the pass
So we took the way to Livigno through the tunnel
On our way back into Switzerland, we got the pleasure to watch a vintage race over Bernina Pass.

Day 2 - Pontresina to Brunnen

Our „Five-Passes-Riding-Day starts in Fog and Wet. That weather continue at Maloja- Splügen- and San Berhardino Pass!
Having lunch with a excellent Pizza changed it - Lukmanier- and Oberalb Pass riding we could „store“ our layers in the trunk
A short stop by the William Tell Memorial in Altdorf is a must
And - of course - after a good riding day we „earned“ a very good Dinner

Day 3 - Brunnen to Zermatt

Matterhorn as it‘s best
35 Minutes with the Gornergrat cog rail is really great - a mind-boggling Vista opens up in front of you
the Mountain Goat was thursty, not shy
What a great Natur - you Personal feel very small

Day 4 - Zermatt to Lugano

Ferry over the Lago Maggiore, Leo and Dave really enjoy it!
Sitting on a Plaza in Italy and wait for excellent Italian food!
At the same time, Giselle and Angela were taking the trolley-car down to Lugano's lake side, to walk around the town.

Day 6 - Lugano to Mezzana

It is a good feeling, stepping out early in the morning and to know that the weather will be good for such a great riding day.
Having arrived at the ferry well in time
We were crossing over Lake Como from Menaggio
The road over Passo di Vivione is challenging but very rewarding
To Mezzana we drove over the „Passo Tonale“

Day 7 - Mezzana to Klobenstein

Coffeestop Stenico with visiting a nice Church
Angela served us an excellent Pinic - thank you Angela!
San Romedio is a special and quiet place! Hier lived the „Holly Romefdio“ with his Bear!
Then reached the Dolomites, our „Playground“ for the next two Days

Day 8 - Rest Day Dolomites

„Malga Mountain Rolle“ first coffee-stop this Day!
Mormolada „Queen of Dolomites“
Very good „Jause“ for Lunch - delicious!
„Karersee“ - unfortunately in a „destroyed“ area - after the huge Storm last Year
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