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2TU1902 Tuscany by Scooter - ain't no lollygaggin' here

Monday, October 7, 2019 | Angela | Europe

While in northern Europe riders start to prepare their bikes for winter season, here in Tuscany in Italy, you still can get a little more out of the riding season. Even though it is no summer temperatures here either, it is still nice and comfortable for riding. 

And although the Italians are avid motorcyclists themselves, the scooter actually is the preferred means of transport especially in towns, but also to skedaddle along the gently winding roads here in Tuscany.

And that was what we did with Claudia from Germany, and Susan & Roman. They joined in to the Edelweiss scooter tour in Tuscany. Our base hotel was in Florence out of which we did daily loops.

The motto of our first day was "The towers of San Gimignano"
First stop for coffee was in Greve in Chianti. Speaking of Chianti... of course, we couldn't get around to buy a bottle of wine for the evening
The famous butcher's place in Greve. You'll find delicious salami and ham in here. The season right now has a lot of truffle and wild boar on offer.
Tuscan landscape with great vistas everywhere.
San Gimignano is famous for its many towers, that were built to show off the family's wealth. Out of the once 72 there are 14 left today.
You'll get the best view of Florence from the Piazzale Michelangelo
Some rain was promised on our second day. But on a touring center this is not a big deal. We simply swapped the days and went for an indoor activity just about at the right time. We arrived at this beautiful palazzo for the olive oil tasting and the guided tour just before the down pour and left after it stopped.
Before we got to see the modern olive oil production, we were explained how the olives used to be pressed in former times.
They also cultivate wine
On the third day someone in the group was especially happy about our highlight Our visit of the Mugello race track was very exciting since there was some race training taking place.
We got it all! The view from up above the race track....
.... same as from inside. Once we had parked our little fellows in the "parque fermé" we enjoyed the atmosphere around as well as a good race snack
Following our visit to Mugello, the roads through the surrounding mountains were comparatively quiet with as good as no traffic.
Day 4 was the day of the jewellery. Arezzo is said to be the city of the jewellery makers. And, in fact, there are some nice stores in the old town. But to be honest, the beautiful old town itself is the true gem.
Out of the hotel, the road took us up the Passo Consuma.
The beautiful Piazza Grande of Arezzo
A very nice stroll along the ancient Roman road "Via Borgunto" brought us to our lunch place.
The dress code today, obviously was "bring your biggest jewellery"
Susan found the right match
We wanted to start our last riding day properly! So we went to look at some of the Dainese gear in the nearby motorcycle store
Via Castellina in Chianti, where we had a warm-up coffee in the sun, we continued our way to another most interesting and beautiful historical city - Siena
Sadly, we need to say good bye to our scooters for this tour. But how do they say? "After the tour is before the tour"
And Claudia has got the probably most authentic souvenir you can get on a scooter tour in and around Florence Thumbs up!!
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Sunday, October 6, 2019 at 21:41

OMG , Angela, I didn't know Vespa made a GS !
You made me smile on a rainy day in Pittsburgh.

Monday, October 7, 2019 at 15:03

Hey Bob, this was a Piaggio R 1250 Vespa GS, to be precise
Hope you are having a great time, too.


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