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CCG2102 From Croatia to Greece

Friday, October 22, 2021 | Thomas Fellechner / Jan Van der Jagt | Europe

Day 1 Welcome to Dubrovnik (Croatia)

The weather is not the best today but during the next days it will become much better. We Looking forward to a nice Tour
Welcome Briefing

Riding Day 1 from Dubrovnik to Kolasin

Jan is doing the daily briefing
Let's go guys....Yehaaa!!!
The first of many boarder crossings: entering Montenegro
Sailing on a ferry with beautiful weather: what a trip!
And than, at Kotor, after a lovely trip along curvy roads and switchbacks, we had this view!
As this is the 6th tour for Gudrun she is a proud Silver member of Edelweiss

Rest Day Kolasin (Montenegro)

enter the Tara Valley

good riding today

what a beautifull scenery even with having these weather

the weather becomes better. Beautifull view in Durmitor Nationalpark

Riding day 4: From Montenegro to Albania

Thomas does the daily brieving so everybody knows which exiting things they are going to see.
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And there they go!
Entering Albania

stop in Montenegro to put on our raingear

but no problem.... right Gudrun?

thanks for your answer Craig

last coffeestop in Montenegro at the end without coffee but with a new friend 

crossing Boarder into Albania

watch for the oncoming traffic......mmmuuuhhhhh

right behind the boarder to Albania....Motorcycle heaven was waiting for us

Happy Birthday Michael

look for the blind passenger

on the way back down from Therthor Pass

Birthday boy Michael got a very tasty chocolate cake.

Riding day 5: from Shkodra (Albania) to Ohrid (North Macedonia)

Riding into the heard of Albania, we had a coffeeshop where the guys had a gorgeous bowle of goulash
And in the middle of nowhere, after a feisty ride thrue rain and snow, we had lunch in a typical local restaurant. And meeting very friendly villagers.
As a true group of friends we shared our plates of food together.

Riding day 6: From Ohrid to Gjirokastra (Albania)

good riding "Christmas"....isnt it?

coffeestop right behind the boarder back in Albania

construction side in Albania. It`s part of the Adventure

Riding day 7: From Gjirokastra to Meteora (Greece)

Entering Greece, our last border crossing.
The view at Monodendri is assume! The picture doesn't capture the beauty of it. Except Heike and Marco.
And also at Vicos Gorge you can find Edelweiss.
Another picture stop at Misius Bridge.
Marco on the steps of the thousand year old bridge.

Rest day in Meteora

first stop today 3 Monastery lockout

And a very nice coffee stop in the middle of nowhere at Casa di Calo

nice view...isnt`t it Tom?

sooooooooooo romantic

A wonderful view at the monnestry and mountains of Meteroa.
Our waiter Craig is welcoming us in the local restaurant on our rest day.

Riding day 9: from Meteora to Delphi

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Leaving Meteora and heading for Delphi.

coffee stop on a typical creek bakery

Sun comes out

hot springs "thermopylen" where the "300" fight against the "persians"

Craig and Jason find a playground. Find out what`s possible on their BMW GS`es  

Memorial of "Leonidas"

Riding day 10: From Delphi to Olympia

It's astonishing to think that 2500-3000 years ago the tempels of Delphi were made
And they are still beautifull!
Especially when you walk there yourself and feel thousands of years of history surrounding you.
The amfitheater
And of course, the temple of the oracle.
And how nice is it, when you have been riding along the Greek coast that tourguide Thomas has made a lovely lunch!
Sitting in the shade, on the corinthian see, with good food and a beautiful ride ahead.
That puts a smile on everyone's face!
Antirrio bridge
And at the end of a great day, a refreshing dip in the pool and a cold beer.

Riding day 11: From Olympia to Kalamata

look at these guys

real sportsmen

the olympic sportsmen entering the arena of Olympia

Jason F. Winner of the Olympic games in Olympia 2021.

P.S he was the only participate

nice Riding in the mountains

having lunch on this lovely place up here in the mountains

view from the Hotel in Kalamata

What a sunset!

Riding day 12: From Kalamata to Nafplio

Thomas is ready for the ride, sponsored bij Alfa beer.
Photo stop at a beautiful pass thrue the inland of Greece
After a lovely stretch of road we are having dinner, directly on the ocean in a very little fishing village.
Here you have it all: a group of very happy bikers, good food, ocean view and shade of trees.
So, almost at the hotel. A last photo shoot with the ocean in the background. Again a beautiful riding day.
And this is how we end a ride: having a cold beer after a swim in the pool, and again with a view on the ocean. The hotel is surrounded by orange and olive trees.

Riding day 13: From Nafplio to Athens

try to get a gooood picture of the theater in Epidauros

Hello up there

world famous actor Fredi

Museum in Epidauros

Beautifull view on our way to Athens

and this roads!!!

Jan was waiting for us right at the channel of Korinth with a picnic

channel of Korinth

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