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Southern Spain Extreme

Sunday, March 20, 2022 | Michael Göbel | Europe

Arrival day in Malaga 

A very international group coming to tourstart near Malaga. Team Mexico, team Switzerland,  Team USA, Team  Canada and Team Germany. 

After the welcome briefing everybody is excited about tomorrow,  when we start riding.

Riding day 1

Malaga - Vinuela - 280 km

Our first riding day was great, and the weather forecast was wrong. Instead of rain we had sunshine all day long.

Twisty roads in the mountains in the morning, perfect lunch at the beach and a challenging afternoon ride on tiny little backcountry roads. The group was doing great and could not get enough, so we did an extra loop over a spectacular pass in the late afternoon. Smiling faces after the first day. Tomorrow it should rain again, we take it, when it is like today.

Riding day 2  Vinuela - La Calahora  240 km

The weatherforcast for today was really bad. It was hard to leave our great hotel La Vinuela in the rain, but we had to go. We had a late departure and changed the route. The result: only 30 minutes of rain in the morning and later on dry roads and even some sun. We got a tast of extremly curvy roads and great mountain scenery. For a rainy day it was excellent. Pure riding fun!

Riding day 3  La Calahora - Pechina 340 km

Today we had very special weather conditons. A storm from the the Shara Desert was carrying tons of red dust and there was a strange light all day long. 

In the morning we had a closer look at the castle in Calahora and than continued over several higher passes in the Sierra Nevada to Pechina. A good riding day in mystic weather conditions. 

Riding day 4  Pechina -  Aroyo Frio - 250 km

After that extreme day yesterday, we thought it could not get more extreme. We were wrong!

Over night we got some mud rain, the combinarion of Sahara dust and rain. The bikes in the morning  looked like coming straight from an offroad event. And it continued raining. The first stop was at a wild west movie location, where our dirty bikes fit in. Really slippery roads to our next hotel. But the group was doing great!! I am proud of that group.

Riding day  5  - rest day Arroyo Frio - 160 km

Today was our rest day. But of course we did some riding. Some did a shorter ride on their own along the beautiful reservoir,  Iris and Hans went to Ubeda for sightseeing and the rest, John, Alfred and Karl Heinz went for a decent loop on extreme roads with great scenery.

So erverybody had a great day!

Riding day  6 - Aroyo Frio  - Montorro  - 380 km

Our longest riding day, no rain, some very twisty roads, beautiful scenery and a great group, what can be better than that. The hotel, am old olive mill in the middle of the olive plantations is just gorgeous. Boot beer and Champagne when we arrived,  a perfect day!

Riding day  7 - Montorro  - Malaga - 330 km

Not the promised sun,  but also no rain. We enjoyed the last day very much, countless curves, beautiful landscape and a extreme road at the end. Sad to say good bye to a wonderful group. See you soon on the road. 


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