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PYT220A-Tour of the Pyrenees

Sunday, June 5, 2022 | Michaela Achatzi / Maike Effing | Europe

Welcome in Spain

The Pyrenees are rugged, wild, and beautiful and they are sparceley populated. Nervertheless, there is a wide variety of beautiful roads. This is our playground for the upcoming week with our guests from San Salvador.

Welcame to the Hoten in Castelldefels

Everything is well prepared and the tour guides provide the route with the most important information

Our first dinner together and everyone is looking forward to the first riding day..

1. riding day - Castelldefels to Peramola

Highlight of the day is Mountain Montserrat.

View from the Abbay Santa Maria de Montserrat down in the valley

Sightseeingtour to the Black Madonna

Great ride up to the castle of cordona...

...and time for a small lunch stop.

2. riding Day - Restday

Under the best weather and road condition  we ride upto the Coll de Boixels (Mountain Pass roads, 1380 m high) 

Mountais of the Pyrenees

The best ride there is on the best ridingline

Bassella Motorcycle Museum

Good guys

3. Riding day - Peramola to Carcassonne

Here in Andorra you can go shopping, everything your heart desires

Maike's first pickick was very yummy and a great surprise for the boys

4. riding day - Restday

First Stop: View from the Pic Noir
Village Minerve is a very mystial place in the platou of the canyon.
Happy guys after an „espresso doble“
Canal du Midi: connection from the meditarain sea to the atlantik ocean
Carcassonne, Welcome back
A beautiful day is coming to an end

5. riding Day - Carcassonne to Mollò

Daily breefing
Fantastic foto stop at the canyon „Gorges de Galamus“
Border crossing at „col d Ares“ - on the left france on the right spain
Welcome at the Hotel in in Molló

6. riding day - Molló to Casteldefels

Daily breefing
First Stop in the the very small and scenic village „Beget“
Coffee stop in „Sant Feliu de Goixols“ at the meditarain sea

Picture stop at the "GI 682" one of the Most beautiful coastal roades in europe

Back in Castelldefels
Farewell dinner honoring Enzo for his 10th tour he's done with Edeleeiss... and he says it won't be his last.
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Helmut Wonisch
Friday, June 3, 2022 at 07:38

Hallo alle zusammen!
Super Bilder und es schaut nach Vergnügen aus!

Gute Fahrt weiterhin
Lg Helmut


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