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Alps and Lakes CAL2204

Saturday, September 3, 2022 | Michaela Achatzi / Armin Hoyer / Felix Gregor Huber | Europe

A group picture with the legendary Helmut from Kaprun 

Welcome in Erding

May the Great Experience Alps & Lakes begin! For our Guests Jade & Ming from Toronto/Canda and Dennis from California/USA all started even one Day earlier, because the three booked the spectacular Guided City Tour to Munich with Tourguide Felix. The eveniing before, Felix welcomed Jade, Ming and Dennis with a delicous Dinner in the garde of Tourstart Hotel Henry.

The other day we headed of to the trainstation in Erding and took the train Munich, Isartor - one of the old gates and the main-entrance into lovely Munich-City-Center.

Via wellknown Viktualen (=groceries) Markt, we reached the Marienplatz, with the richly decorated city-hall. Luckily we had enough time to enter Old St.Peter and climbed up the 299 steps to the towers platform just to watch and hear the famous Carrillon of the city-hall-tower with a unique view over the whole town - an experience one of a kind! 

View from Old St.Peters Tower to the City Hall with its lovely Carillon and the 32 figures, that perform the ancient Schäffler-dance.

Unique moments make hapy, smiling faces! From left to right: Jade, Ming and Dennis.

But Jade was also happy, to be back on solid grounds again ... and the rain started pouring down. So time for ...

.. taking shelter in one aof the famous Breweries, to get a "zünftig's Weisswurst Frühstück" the traditional bavarian snack before noon: Wheatbeer, a pair of special white sausages with sweet mustard and an "Brez'n", the bavarian term for a soft-pretzel. Jade and Ming had another traditional dish: a crusty knuckle of pork with potato dumplings and a rich sauce. Ideal slow food for watching the rain outside))

Directly from the Andechser Brauhaus we reached Munichs landmark Number 1: the Frauenkirche, with the sepcial "onionroofed" twintowers.

Via Operahouse, the great and impressive Munich-Residenz - these are the residence-buildings of the former Dukes, Granddukes and later Kings of Bavaria - Odeonsplatz again into the narrow streets of old Munich, passing the Augustinerbräu and the worlds most famous pub, the Hofbräuhaus our city walk leaded us back to Isartor and our train to Erding.

And during the journey back to Erding, the rain stopped so we could take a dry picture of our arrival at Hotel Henry.

Jade, Ming, Dennis: it was a honour and a great pleasure to have you with me on this fabulous city-tour! Thank you all & have a beautyful and safe Alps&Lakes Tour and greetings to the whole bunch, Felix

Bikes are ready for the tour!

1. Riding Day -Erding to Salzburg

Now it's finally starting, our first day of driving. We start in Erding.  Our first photo stop is over the beautiful old town of Wasserburg am Inn.

We also took the first opportunity to take a group picture

At our highlight of the day, Herrenchiemsee, we switch to 2 horsepower so that we can get to the castle of King Ludwig II.

Herrenchiemsee was imitated by the palace of Versailles but never completed

Coffee stop at the lake Waging. The name of the tour is program 

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Arriving at the hotel in Salzburg.

Arrived in Salzburg, on our walk to dinner we cross the river Salzach

A very special dinner is prepared for our guests.  In the collegiate church of St. Peter we have our candlelight dinner with Mozart

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Jade was very touched that she was included in the production


St. Peter Stiftskulinarium „Peter“ by Night 

And of course we also visited the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

2. Riding Day - Salzburg to Gmunden

Another sunny day with a lot of highlights is awaiting us. In the morning we are leaveing Salzburg in the direction of Berchtesgaden. First we visited Hitler´s Eagle´s Nest, the house at the top of the Kehlstein mountain, which is a memorial of the nazi regime today.

Jade and Ming are enjoying the great scenerie in the bus up to Eagle´s Nest.
In the crowdy elevetor up to Eagle´s Nest.
The Eagle´s Nest in German is called "Kehlsteinhaus".
Jade, Ming, Paul and Pauline from Canada are enjoying the great view at Eagle´s Nest.
Selfie time needs no additional words.

Next highlight was the Rossfels panoramic road. It´s the eastern part of the German Alpine Road with great curves up and down and a breathtaking view from the top.

Short stop at the highest point of the Rossfeld panoramic road.
Tom and Johnny are talking about how to ride the best line at alpine roads.
The whole group is enjoying the photostop.

After riding through the Salzach valley the next pass is awaiting us. We rode up to Postalm, where we enjoyed a traditional Austrian dessert - all of us enjoyed the "Apfelstrudel with vanilla ice cream" - jummy.

Parking at Postalm.
Ragnar with additonal wipped cream at his Apfelstrudel.
Johnny enjoying Cappuino and Apfelstrudel.
Dennis, Paul and Pauline enjoying, of course Apfelstrudel.
After arriving in Gmunden we enjoyed a great dinner with a view - sitting at the terrace in front of lake Traunsee we looked at the famous mountain Traunstein.

3. Riding Day - Gmunden to Kaprun

Unfortunately we have a rainy day today, so there are few pictures.  But we don't let it spoil our mood and just go visit the oldest salt mine in Hallstatt

Starting at the hotel in Gmunden.
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Here we go!

Paulin, Paul and Dennis have fun in the mine. The speziell cloth are important

The illumination ist breathtaking 

The cuddle bench is always very popular with our couples

This time it is reserved for Paulin and Paul

Restday - Kaprun

Picnic time

A really good place for Paulin, Paul and Johnny 

Jade and Ming love the picnic 

After the picnic needs Dennis a Power Nap 

Ragnar and Kistjan from Icland couldn't stop laughing

4. Riding Day - Kaprun to Erding

The last riding day started sunny in Kaprun and had a lot of highlights again. At Pass Gerlos we had a few clouds and fog, but could see the famous Grimmler Waterfalls on the way there. Many switch backs up and down were a great experience again. After the pass and a coffee stop at the beginning of the Zillertal we rode along the great valley souronded by huge mountains at our left and right. Next highlight was the Achensee, a lake with turquoise shining water. After another curvy road we came back to Bavaria and had another great photo stop at dam "Sylvensteinspeichersee". The final stop was at a traditional Bavarian brewery. We enjoyed the beer garden a lot before we continued to Erding.

Having a lot of fun even in the fog.
First coffee stop at a great terrace.
Ming and Jade in front of the lake "Achensee".
Restaurant at lake "Achensee".
"Mr. Cool" Dennis enjoying the terrace in front of lake "Achensee".
Jade is enjoying the sun at the dam.
Short break at the dam of "Sylvensteinspeichersee".
Fun in the beer garden, even we had only soft drinks and coffee.

After that day a great tour had ended. The tour guides Michaela and Armin say thank you for the great tour, good bye and hope to see Jade, Ming, Dennis, Johnny, Tom, Paul, Pauline, Kristjan and Ragnar soon again.

Jade from Canada our tough chicken 

Kristjan from Iceland

Ragnar " Iceman" from Icleand 

Dennis the Gentleman from the  USA

Johnny from  the USA

Pauline and Paul from Canada , where are the tunnels ?

MIng from Canada

Thomas  "the Italy" from the USA 

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Felix G. Huber
Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 09:55

Jade, Ming, Dennis, Gunnar, Kristian, Michaela and Armin, seems to me, that you are really having a gas )) I would love to be with you on tour! Greetings to all of you and the whole CAL-Pack, Felix
Robin Stuckemeyer
Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 06:48

But did anyone go swimming in Lake Traunsee?!?

I'm loving watching the pictures of the tour. We had such an incredible time last year, wish we were there. Hopefully in 2 years we'll be back for another tour.
Michaela Achatzi
Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 19:14

hi Robin

Yes Paul, Jade and Ming goes swimming in the fresh lake.
we have fun.
Miss you on tour, cool lady
Robin Stuckemeyer
Thursday, September 1, 2022 at 02:37

That's so cool they went swimming in the lake too! There's no way to explain how incredible the mountain water felt, rejuvenating is the best description.

I miss you too cool lady, wish I could be there too. Looking forward to seeing you soon though!


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