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6CI2303 - Riding Academy on the Canary Islands

Saturday, March 11, 2023 | Peter Kuhn / Michael Göbel | Europe

Sunset at our hotel

Day01 - Class room and practice area

Our first riding day started with some classroom training to be prepared for the exercises on the bike at the training course. 

The group was doing really well at the course and everybody had fun. The afternoon ride was spectacular and we could practice what we learned. We deserved a bootbeer at the hotel. Great first day!

Michael trained the viewing
In the Slalom we exercise the viewing and the cornering
Braking and going around obstacles
After a hard exercise we enjoy a beer on the sun terace

Day02 - Training on Teneriffa northern roads

What a beautiful riding day! We explored the northern part of Tenerife on some really twisty and challenging roads. Perfect weather, great scenery and a great group. What else could you ask for? Lunch at the remote mountain village of Teno Alto was the highlight. The roud leading up there was fantastic. 

The first stop of the day with a nice view over the Ocean to the peak of La Gomera
The Almond bust is out
crossing one of the big Barrancos
Coffee in Santiago del Teide with great sunshine
our lunch place in the small village of Teno Alto
The Los Gigantes cliffs
Cool coffee stop

Day03 - Training on the road southern loop around Teide

Today we were heading South on the TF28, one of the most twisty roads in Teneriffa. An outstanding ride! But the moonlike landscape at the Teide volcano was also spectacular and the afternoon ride to the hotel was a blast.


After enjoying the TF-28 we went up the Guimar Vally and could enjoy a nice view to the coast

Day04 - We go on Tour to La Gomera

La Gomera is so beautiful,  a dream for bikers. The scenery is breathtaking, the roads are superb and our hotel is excellent. All riders in the group did really well and it is hard to find anything they do wrong. A perfect day in motorcycle paradise!

a short stop after the first ride through the Lorelforest of La Gomera
and on the other side of the Island we have a perfect view back to Tenerife were we started our day
the cosy teracce at coffee gifes us a great rest after tausend of turns
after crossing the Island back to the West end we have a great view down to our lunch place in Valle Gran Rey
Axel is amased after having seen this place the last time 40 years ago
we wnjoy Lunch at a smal place at the beach
a last stop to admire the view to the landscape and the peaks of La Palma in the back
and for a great group picture

Day05 - Final ride around Gomera and one more time to the Top of Tenerife

It was hard to leave paradise today. But we had a wonderful morning ride over La Gomera with one outstanding road leading to the coast. What a ride!

The afternoon on Teneriffe was also nice, visiting El Teide again. We had a great Gala dinner and it was time to say good bye to a fantastic group. Well done Ladies and Gentleman! See you on an other Edelweiss trip!

good morning in the mountains of La Gomera
from the top there is a great view to the group riding up the road
and there they are
at one of the best views to La Gomeras central Mountains
after a ride through the Lorelforest we visit the Valle Taguluche
with a fantastic Coffestop
than we could admire how the wet air comes in from the Ocean so we change the Island and go back to Tenerife
were El Teide awaits us with blue skys and an impesive view over the lava fields
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