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SPT23088 BMW 1300GS first Ride with Motos America and RawHyde

Saturday, December 9, 2023 | Thomas Fellechner / Arno Lachmann / Noël Gys | Europe

a new chapter


On November 4, 2023, a new chapter was opened in the history of what is probably the most successful motorcycle in the Western hemisphere. The new BMW R1300GS was officially presented to the world. And it breaks with many traditions, some of them decades old. It feels like the scene is talking about nothing else. But better than talking about the bike is definitely riding it.

And while winter is setting in in large parts of the northern hemisphere, we are retreating to the sun-drenched south of Spain. To Andalusia to be precise.

On this exclusive tour, the men and women of "Motos America" and "RawHyde" explore one of the most interesting motorcycle regions in Europe. And probably the hottest new motorcycle release of 2023.

Have fun

stay tuned

Arno, Noel and Thomas

Day 1: Arrival and briefing

Welcome to Andalucia


Today is officially the first day of our tour. There really isn't much to report yet.

Curious, we sneaked around the brand new 1300GS in the parking lot. And of course, a bit of theory and shop talk is a must. It's finally time to ride the thing.

In the afternoon we meet our guides and get all the details about the upcoming tour in a briefing. And finally our keys.... It's time to press some buttons!

our Hotel in Malaga
The bikes are lined up
the route for our Andalusian Tour
there she is!
@ our welcome briefing Arno is telling us more about the tour and how to get along
Thomas explains
Arno explains
wow... brand new bikes
Main course and dessert on our welcome evening

Day 2: Malaga to Antequera

testride in rain...done


The time has finally come. The first riding day of the tour and of course the first time we can put the new GS through its paces. At this point, we have no idea how intensive this test will be. Malaga greets us with a beautiful sunrise, but unfortunately also with a little drizzle. But hey... we're not made of sugar. After the morning briefing, we set off straight away. We fight our way through Malaga's rush-hour traffic until we finally reach the mountains. There's nothing going on up here and we have the road almost to ourselves. Unfortunately, the roads are a bit damp and slippery, so we have to be careful. The bike cuts a pretty good figure in these conditions. And the riders too, of course.

We enjoy one last view over Malaga before we finally plunge into the cornering paradise. Unfortunately, the weather doesn't really mean well with us and the rain picks up even more after the coffee break. Nevertheless, the varied landscape of Andalusia is a delight... and hey, anyone can enjoy the sun.

Countless damp bends later, we reach our lunch stop where we enjoy typical Spanish specialties and recharge our batteries.

Freshly fortified, we continue through seemingly endless olive groves towards our destination. We take a little shortcut so as not to be too late at the hotel. Because this place is something very special.

Good morning everybody
Daily briefing ... great expectations for this first day
start at the hotel in Malaga
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video of the start in Malaga
First stop a view over Malaga
time to share the impressions of the bike
Charmin Andalusian landscape
Yes it's wet... but everybody is in good mood
ride, talk, eat... life's good
the Hotel Convento la Magdalena in Antequera
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short video presentation of our fantastic hotel in Antequera

Day 3: Antequera to Arcos

performance test....check


Riding day number 2 begins and today the weather seems to be in our favor. Not a bad time as we have some very interesting kilometers ahead of us today. So we take a last look back at our monastery and saddle the horses.

Our first stop takes us up to a viewpoint. The area is called "El Torcal" and was once the bottom of an ancient ocean. There are bizarre rock formations to marvel at to the left and right of the road. Not to mention the view.

We continue along almost empty roads through hundreds of bends, up and down, to a reservoir, the "Embalse del Guadalhorce", where we first have a leisurely coffee and enjoy the view.

From now on, one highlight follows the next. We climb the "Tajo Encatanda" viewpoint and the road gives us the opportunity to test the performance qualities of our BMW. Back in the valley, "Garganta el Chorro" is waiting for us. A deep and remarkably narrow gorge. And one of the must-see places in Andalusia.

We continue to Setenil, a small village famous for its houses built into the rocks. We take a stroll through the town and enjoy another typical spanish lunch in an unforgettable atmosphere.

After a short stop in Zahara, perhaps the second most beautiful "pueblo blanco" in Andalusia. We immerse ourselves once again in the mountain world. The road up to the "Puerto de las Palomas" is a dream. Countless bends later we finally reach the officially most beautiful "pueblo Blanco" .... Arcos de la Frontera

Arno is telling us more about the upcoming day
Almost ready
the ride up to the viewpoint of "El Torcal"
what will they think, looking @ us
Enjoying the view
view over "El Torcal"
The bikes parked at El Torcal
The landscape, the weather, the Bike.... what a day
Interesting way to store pumpkins
Tiberio in chill out mode
Colin and Tiberio @ Tajo Encatanda viewpoint
Viewpoint stop
Coffee stop
garganta del chorro
Everybody lined up and ready to go
A little walk through Setenil
The Rocks are part of almost every building downtown
Once again a superb lunch
Good mood at lunch
Erin in Zahara
View down to the lower part of Zahara
Puerto de las Palomas
Perfect road to Arcos
Sweeping turns downhill

Day 4: Arcos to Ronda

GS on the rocks


As the sun rises over Arcos, we are already on our feet as day number 4 of our adventure begins. After breakfast, we all meet on the hotel terrace and discuss the day. One last look down into the valley and then we're off.

Our highlight today will be Gibraltar... a place that everyone knows. And I'm sure everyone has an idea of what it's like there. So we set off to turn our imagination into a memory.

We first head south on winding side roads. But before we hit the highway, we have our obligatory morning coffee in a small town called Jamon.

Once we arrive in Gibraltar, we first have to find a way to avoid the traffic jam at the border. Which we actually manage to do very elegantly
Unfortunately, the weather is not so great. But the lunch makes up for the effort.

Afterwards we board some vans which take us up to the famous rock. Our drivers entertain us with cool stories during the ride.
Despite the fog, there is plenty to see up here. On the one hand, there are the famous and incredibly trusting monkeys and on the other, highlights such as the light show in the stalactite cave "St. Michaels Cave". We realize that this place is worth a visit in any weather.

Back at sea level, we make our way along the coast of Gibraltar towards Ronda. Crossing the border back into Spain is a little difficult, so we have to make some changes to our plans. A good opportunity to test the headlights of the new GS

When we arrive in Ronda, the streets are full of people and there is a hint of Christmas spirit in the palm-lined streets.

Good morning Arcos
Sophie is always busy....thank you for all the great pictures
Looking for fighting bulls in the countryside
first coffeestop of the day
Somebody is hungry
another delicious lunch
Fresh Gambas in boiling oil with plenty of garlic. Best combination to clear the foggy windshield
Again plenty of food choices for lunch
Erin and James @ one of the viewpoint on "the Rock"
The Angel of St Michael's cave
This ligtshow is amazing
.... and again Monkeys
Monkey....ähm... Bob and Erin
Blind passenger
Rainer @ the " Europa point" where Europe is close to the African continent like nowhere else

Day 5: restday Ronda

corners and culture


Ronda is still completely shrouded in fog when we look out of the window this morning. Today is a rest day, but of course that doesn't mean we have to lie in bed all day. A colorful bouquet of activities awaits us.

In the morning, two groups set off on two different tours. One shorter and one longer. Just as we leave the garage, the sun has already broken through the fog. That's a good start. Both tours take us on wonderfully winding roads through the beautiful mountains around Ronda. Of course, one or two stops in a "pueblo bianco" are a must.

Both groups are back in time to explore the city extensively. After a guided tour of the famous bullring, Noel has a tour of the city in store for us. And all this in glorious weather.

We round off the evening with a few tapas and a great dinner. What a day.

Perfect conditions to ride
Tony and David
Team short ride taking a break
And shortly after taking a coffee break
typical Andalusian backroad
Out here, all is still right with the world
Tapas luch
Through the alleys of Grazalema, still thinking about the delicious Queso Payoyo
Shortly before the end of the ride, happy riders with Ronda in the background
Ronda from above
Dangerous bulls?
grouppicture in the Arena
the Old bridge down in Ronda
dinner at Pedro Romero
Merry Christmas

Day 6: Ronda to Malaga

a perfect end


So here it is, our last day of riding. And when we take a look out of the window in the morning, we still have no idea how great it will be.

Just in time for the end of our last morning briefing, it stops raining. And the first rays of sunshine make their way through the clouds. That looks pretty good, we think to ourselves. We head south, our first destination is the coast... but not to stay there, but to get a running start. Our route takes us along mostly empty and breathtakingly winding mountain roads. We take a short break in a small mountain village called Jubrique. Not least to give the sun time to dry the roads. And it works, with every kilometer and every hour that passes, the roads become drier and the lean angles of our GS increase.

Once we reach the coast, we take the highway for a few kilometers before starting the ascent to Ronda again a little later. This time in sunshine and without rain or fog. What a ride.

Back in Ronda, we have lunch and finally set off in the direction of our actual destination. We turn off in the direction of "Puerto del Viento" The landscape is barren but still spectacularly beautiful. And the road?.... OMG... A paradise for motorcyclists.

Countless, sometimes spectacular, combinations of bends later we reach Mijas. A small town nestled against the cliffs northwest of Malaga. Some of us are looking for the atmosphere while driving through the narrow streets. Others stay a little longer and enjoy the Christmas market in a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Our destination today is Malaga. The place where our adventure began 6 days ago. Unbelievable that this trip is already coming to an end. We could go on like this for a long time.
Behind us lies a journey full of memories and impressions. And we were able to put the new GS through its paces.

The bike is great, as you would expect....but even more important than that is the fact that we are all richer for the memory of an adventure.

The spanish way of parking
finally we can have our coffee outside
enjoy your coffee David
Tim ready to ride
view down to the coast
Carlo, Art and Andrew
Tim enjoying the view
Arno turns in with his group
the one we came for
another typical spanish lunch
perfect conditions to ride
The town of Mijas
The view from Mijas
Andrew and Tim negotiating the burro taxi price
Rainer digesting his icecream
Bike return
Rainer at the farewell dinner
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Fabulous adventure! Thank you Edelweiss crew! Arno, Noel, Thomas, and Sofie! My first time on a moto tour and WOW! Beautiful country, awesome group of riders, and top notch Edelweiss Team! I highly recommend an adventure with Edelweiss!
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