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4CI2305 - Last loop around the Canarys in 2023

Saturday, December 9, 2023 | Peter Kuhn | Europe

The first sunset on the tour

Day01-La Gomera

On Day01 we take the morning ferry to the second smalllest Island of the Canarys to La Gomera. It is full of green forest and deep rough canyons and great twisty roads so have a look at the map and pictures and welcome to motocyclists paradies

out of the garage and ready to go
here is our play ground for the day
and there we are in fresh greens...
amazing rock formations and cosy villages in between
father and son happy with Tenerife in the back
a cosy terazze for coffe
crosing the Island through the heart we arrive in Valle Gran Rey
and at the beach for lunch
a nice after noon ride in the south completes the day
and we arrive in San Sebastian for the night
and a great dinner with local food

Day02-La Gomera and Tenerife north side

Day02 will lead on La Gomeras north side in the morning and than we take the lunch time ferry back to Tenerife. We climb ab 2300 meters from The sea level to El Teide Spains highest mountain and an active vulcano, than we cross the Teno mountains to the north side of the Island.

waiting together for the great jungle road
our play hround for the morning
fun for every one
Roque Agando a magma coulum and heritage of the Island
every one is awake now
great view at
the second break fast
and a ferry and an hour of fun riding later we reach El Teide
crousing down the lava fields
and there we are at Tenerife north

Day03-Gran Canaria north east

Day 03 We follow the north side of Tenerife and take the next ferry to Gran Canaria to ride the green north east of the Island and we could admire the mirical why it is so green. No rain but many clouds we rode through

what a great morning atmospher to start the day
and what a sunny welcome on the next Island
Gran Canarias north coast
coffe with a great view to the clouds and the city of Terror
on Pico the Bandama we got a great withe out group picture
and arraival in the clouds on the top of the Island
our first class Hotel in an old monestary
and in the evening the clouds opend up a little and we could admire the view

Day04-Gran Canaria a loop through all climate zones

On Day03 on this great tour we do a loop around the peaks of Gran Canaria to ride the best roads of the Island, see the many differen climate zones the Island is Famous for and the most impressing mointains.

our first Stop is at the highest peak Pico des Las Nieves and it offers a great view to the south coast
the group on top
and in the north we can see El Teide on Tenerife
a little later we stop in Santa Lucia for coffe and local pastery
from the next peak we see already the pleaserous road down and the fantastic canyons of the southern part of the Island
in Las Canadas we enjoy a delicious lunch
and than we vclimb the steep Barranco Aldea
on top we got an amazing view to the mountain range
Lowrence is more than happy
coffe stop at the town sqare of Artenara were Shan tryed the cristmas beatle
cave houses next to the coffe place
and a sun set boot beer at the Cruz of Tejeda

Day05-Teneriffa south the gran finale

Unfortunately it is Day05 of the Tour, don't get me wrong its a great one but the last after a faboulos week on the Canarys and noone want's to leef So don't be sad and enjoy the last day on Tenerife south side

how want't to leef after such a view at breakfast
and there we are back on Tenerife in El Escabonal
a great view at Viejo to the southern terazzed farms
Coffe and some snacks under a Palmtree in Granadilla
and the last picture stop on the eastern side if Tenerife has come
with a spectacular view to the other Islands
Nature gives us a unbelievable sun set for the last Dinner Thanks to all if the group for an fantastic week with you
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