Motorradfahren in Tirol
27. 四月 2016
Why we are here.

Ride your bike in the Alps

For 36 years we have been exploring the world on our motorcycle but our home is in Mieming, Austria.

If you have ever tried to locate the Edelweiss Bike Travel headquarter, you may have asked yourself why Edelweiss Bike Travel is based in Mieming. And the answer is so obvious!
If you have been in our region before you know that we are surrounded by pristine nature – and lots of great motorcycle roads and destinations. In the North, you can easily reach Germany, with the famous castles built by Bavarian King Ludwig. In the East it the regional capital Innsbruck with centuries of history – and the gateway to Italy. In the South great mountain passes, including the Reschenpass and the Timmelsjoch, which both lead to Italy as well. And in the West more great alpine passes are calling like the rugged Hahntennjoch.
Besides these amazing roads Austria has a lot to offer: great food, like the famous Wiener Schnitzel or Apple Strudel. And excellent beer or even wine – just one more reason to settle here!

But if you haven’t been here before, why don’t you take the chance to discover yourself why Mieming is such a unique place to live and work and ride. We offer many Alpine tours for every taste and skill level, that will take you to explore the center of the Edelweiss universe. Like the Ultimate Alps tour, which even starts right here in Mieming. Or the Majestic Alps Ducati tour, which lets you combine two dreams of many bikers: riding a Ducati and riding in the Alps. Or, if you want to start easy, try the Alps and Lakes tour or our Alps Riding Training

Once you have done one of these tours or any of the many other Edelweiss tours in this region, you will know why we are here, and nowhere else on this beautiful world!

Alpen Pur Geführte Motorradtour

The Ultimate Alps Tour

Enjoy the highest mountains, the most beautiful lakes, and the many passes of the Alps.

06.06. - 15.06.2016
27.06. - 06.07.2016
05.08. - 14.08.2016
20.09. - 29.09.2016

Start/Finish: Mieming, Austria
Duration: 10 days, 8 riding days starting at US $4.060
Accommodation: Comfortable middle-class hotels with Alpine flair

Castle Herrenchiemsee
Lake District
Hoher Dachstein
Eagle's Nest
Schladming Tauern
German Alpine Road

Königliche Alpen

Majestic Alps

Ducati motorcycle riding at its best – every day is filled with the best roads of the Majestic Alps!

07.07. - 15.07.2016
30.07. - 07.08.2016

Start/Finish: Seefeld, Austria
Duration: 9 days, 7 riding days starting at US $4.340
Accommodation: Comfortable middle-class hotels, some with alpine flair

Swiss Alps
Mont Blanc
Passes of the Tour de France
Lake Maggiore
Passo dello Stelvio (Stelvio Pass)

Alpen und Seen

Alps and Lakes

Through the Alpine wonderland of Austria and Southern Germany – the Alps and Lakes motorcycle tour!

16.05. - 22.05.2016
05.06. - 11.06.2016
12.09. - 18.09.2016
10.10. - 16.10.2016

Start/Finish: Erding, Germany
Duration: 7 days, 5 riding days starting at US $3.090
Accommodation: Gute Mittelklassehotels mit alpinem Charme

Schloss Herrenchiemsee
Abenteuer Alpenpässe

Grand Alps Tour

This motorcycle tour provides you a spectacular scenery of the highest mountains of the Alps.

19.06. - 03.07.2016
19.08. - 02.09.2016

Start/Finish: Seefeld, Austria
Duration: 15 days, 13 riding days starting at US $6.000
Unterkunft: Gute Mittelklassehotels mit alpinem Charme

Schweizer Alpen
Mont Blanc
Passo dello Stelvio (Stilfser Joch)
Pässe der Tour de France
Hochalpen Tour

High Alpine Tour

Narrow twisties and hairpin turns are some features of this High Alpine motorcycle tour.

26.05. - 02.06.2016
26.06. - 03.07.2016
17.07. - 24.07.2016
06.08. - 13.08.2016
03.09. - 10.09.2016
21.09. - 28.09.2016

Start/Finish: Erding, Germany
Duration: 8 days, 6 riding days starting at US $3.410
Accommodation: Comfortable middle-class hotels with Alpine flair.

King Ludwig’s Castle
Passo dello Stelvio (Stelvio Pass)
Optional day trip to Venice on the rest day
Perfektes Alpenland

Perfect Alps

The Alps are truly a motorcyclist’s paradise - even for Harley-Davidson riders. Nowhere else will you find so many attractive motorcycle roads concentrated in the midst of breathtaking scenery.

26.06. - 03.07.2016
28.07. - 04.08.2016

Start/Finish: Seefeld, Austria
Duration: 8 days, 6 riding days starting at US $4.100
Accommodation: Comfortable middle-class hotels.

Krimml Waterfalls
Trento (Trient)
Passo dello Stelvio (Stelvio Pass)
Lago di Garda (Lake Garda)

Alps Riding Training

Alps Riding Training

Get ready for the winding roads in the Alps in just one day.

Available on
  • Touring Center Alps

  • The Ultimate Alps Tour

  • Alps Extreme

  • Majestic Alps

  • Grand Alps Tour

  • You have to arrive one day prior to the tour schedule to participate in the Alps Riding Training.

    Duration: 1 day starting at US $510
    Alps Riding Academy

    Alps Riding Academy

    During a week of using some of the most stunning parts of the Alps as a practice area, our instructor will emphasize teaching the most favorable riding techniques for safely and confidently conquering even the remotest corners of our mountains.

    26.06. - 02.07.2016
    17.07. - 23.07.2016
    24.07. - 30.07.2016
    31.07. - 06.08.2016
    21.08. - 27.08.2016
    28.08. - 03.09.2016
    18.09. - 24.09.2016

    Start/Finish: Collalbo (Klobenstein), Italy
    Duration: 7 days, 5 riding days starting at US $1,650
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