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Secrets of Japan, springtime in the Land of the Rising Sun - (CJA 1902)

Sunday, April 21, 2019 | Ted Goslinga / Angela | Asia

Day 9 - riding day Himeji to Echizen

What an absolute fantastic riding day we had!. Riding out of Himeji under a bright blue sky was already great but the rest of the day the weather was absolute great and that made the visits to the several viewing points outstanding! a Beautiful coastal ride with as the highlight the Rainbow line toll road took us to the top of the pass, where we got a short chairlift ride to one of the best viewing points of Japan. 360 degrees stunning views coudlnt be better than this

A last scenic ride along the Japanese sea made this day unforgettable!

Day 8 - riding day Kyoto to Himeji

Today for most of the group is a short riding day planned since we are visiting one of the most famous astles/fortresses of Japan: the Himeji castle. This world famous UNESCO heritage site is really one of the big highlights on our tour and so we need some time to visit it. After a fairly short ride we arrived around 1 pm in our hotel in Himeji where we quickly changed clothes and walkex towards the castle premises. A quick bite in a smal fancy bakery/burger joint on the way and the rest of the afternoon everybody was spread out at the castle area to enjoy this beautiful building and its gardens. 

charlene doing some farming
great collection of fancy automotive gadgets and stuff at our coffeestop
Nice to see Dutch tulips in Japan!
...and the cherry blossoms are still flowering!
The incredible Himeji castle

Day 7 - Rest day in Kyoto

Today will be all about the great culture in Japan and especially in Kyoto. On this Secrets of Japan motorcycle tour, we will try to unveil some of the secrets of the culture of this very special country. After a very nice dinner last evening in our top hotel, everybody took more or less a little sleep in. 

With a big part of the group we went out with the tram up to the bamboo forest wheere we had a very nice walk and a nice green tea at the teahouse in the bonsai garden

Another tram ride took us up to the kinkakuji temple or the 'Golden temple" .. A nice stroll and time to buy an icecream and some souvenirs

The weather was again very cooperative today, so really a relaxed day. The rest of the 'rest day" the group spent on their own and payed visits to several sites and geisha shows or just visited some area s of interest

All together a very pleasant and relaxed rest day!


only available in Japan: ice cream with gold leaf!
bamboo forest visit
Kinkaku-ji temple (golden temple)
fun on the tram ride

Day 6 - riding day - Nachi Katsura to Kyoto

What a great riding day we had today! Rain was predicted in the afternoon but only a couple of raindrops we had, but that didin't spoil this day. Fantastic roads, almost no traffic, unbeatable views. We are in motorcyclists paradise!. On our way to Kyoto we first rode through the beautiful Ryujin -Koay skyline with an aboslute hihgligt Koyasan. This smal Buddhist community hidden in the mountains of Koya, is for a lot of people the 'real' Japan: impressive temple sites, clean air, silence. Some buildings were here already since the 9th century. After this we hopped on the expressway for the last part through Osaka towards Kyoto to avoid stop and go traffic. A very smooth ride thanks to the great riding skills of our group. Well done. Tomorrow our first rest day in the cultural capitol of Japan: Kyoto

"old fashioned " coffee brewing!
Sky tower at top of a pass in Koya mountains
Gorgeous temple sites in Koyasan
great scenery and unbelievable nice roads!
how many tofu variations you like?
beautiful temple sites in Koyasan village
And another birthday to celebrate: Neil from down under!

Day 5 - riding day Cape Irago to Nacho Katsura

An early rise this morning , because we had to take a ferry across the bay from cape Irago. Again a very sunny day, so everybody in a good mood and ready to roll! Arrivd at the Shima peninsula, we splittted in two groups and stared the ride on this beautiful peninsula. Riding the Ise shima skyline, followed by a very scenic ride along the PLearl road with their pearl and oyster fishermen villages was a blast!

After the lunch we continued south through the Yoshino Kumano national park and arrived safe again in an idyllic hotel at a small bay in Nachi Katsura

Great day again with this fine group of riders!

at the ferry from cape Irago
girl power!
a short stop at the ocean side. time for a short power nap

Day 4 - riding day Fujiyoshida to Cap Irago

Absolute the hammer today! What a perfect conditions: great roads, great weather, great people.

A long riding day , but worth every penny. Leaving the mount Fuji area to leave for the twisty and super nice roads in the mountains . A very nice lunch outside, a lot of picture opportunities, good company and in the end a nice dinner 

What else can you wish for on this Secrest of Japan tour?

Let the photo's speak for themselves!

great last view on the sacred mountain!
very relaxed lunch stop with still blooming cherry blossoms
yukata style!
Martine's birthday!

Day 3 - ride from Kawatsu to Mt. Fuji

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Our first riding attraction of the morning
Circumnavigating Mt. Fuji, we get to see the volcano from all sides and it also presents itself in a different costume every day
At the Nishi -Izu skyline
Surfers already busy at 7 am !
A cherry tree with Edelweiss blossoms
I've seen all kinds of plastic food on display in front of Japanese restaurants by now... ... but this glass of plastic beer is a first-timer to me
Thank god we got to our hotel a little earlier today.... the dinner list promisses a "busy" but also exciting time

Day 2 - First riding day - Tokyo - Kawatsu

And how nice it is to wake up with a splendid view over Tokyo Bay from the 19th floor of our hotel and finding out that there is a clear blue sky and will be that throughout the whole day? That is fantatsic. And so it was, our first riding day! Leaving the big metropole of Tokyo we headed in southern direction and enjoyed the great architecture of Tokyo and surroundings. After a busy coastal road ride we had our first coffee stop at the island of Enoshima. A great atmosphere down here! Soon after this we left the busy traffic and got on the beautiful road, called the Mazda Turnpike. On this road are, beside the super curves and views, always groups of special cars or special brands showing off. Today it was a clug of amazing Lamborghini who came down the road while we were riding upward under the numerous blooming cherry blossom trees. After a lunch with a super view on mount Fuji we went down on the Izu skyline road towards the last highlight of the day: Mount Omuro. This extinct crater is also a very nice viewpoint and very worthwhile to go up with the chairlift. In the typical Japanese style hotel we had a absolute nice dinner where the group all showed up in the traditional Yukata dress. Great day on this Edelweiss Secrets of Japan tour with a great finish

when angels travel.........
Amazing cherry blossom roads
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time for the first Mount Fuji pictures!
While waiting in line for the chair lift up Mt. Omuro you can watch the cookies being produced... and of course you can also buy one to eat while waiting
A birds-eye view on Mt. Omuro, which resembles a rice bowl turned upside-down
down with chairlift from Mount Omuro
traditional Japanese dinner
delightful for the eye!

Day 1 - Welcome to Japan

And so all the group members arrived today at the starthotel in Tokyo! Today we prepared ourselves for the tourstart tomorrow. After our welcome briefing and handover of the motorcycles we had our first real Japanese dinner experience. A nice and relax evening where everyone could start to get to know eachother a bit more while in the meanwhile enjoying the tasteful Japanese food. Tomorrow we will leave Tokyo towards the south

Our best impression of a Japanese snow monkey

It is cherry-blossom-springtime again in Japan, which means that the Edelweiss Bike Travel - Secrets of Japan tour is about to take off . Today is a preparation day for tourguides Ted and Angela, but to warm everybody up, are here already some nice pictures from the Odaiba rea in Tokyo, where the tourstart will take place! Stay tuned for an supernice travel blog for the next two weeks!

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Gerti VanderSchuur
Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 16:04

This is a fabulous trip so far with great guides, scenic, narrow back roads, adventure around every corner! Being able to see the Cherry Blossoms and Mt Fuji on a clear day were a highlight of this trip so far. Looking forward to the days ahead.
Gerti VanderSchuur
Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 16:19

Thanks Gertie, it is a great pleasure riding with you and enjoying all this beautiful spots with you !!
Ted Goslinga
Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 23:39

Thanks Gerti! t's a pleasure to have you and Paul on this tour!
Claudia - Nicole Wenhart
Monday, April 15, 2019 at 23:33

Hey Angela and Ted,
super nice pictures, and the roller coaster video is cool!
Say hello to Hassane and Diala !
Have a great ride
Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 16:24

Hi Claudia,
Yes, the roller coaster road is great fun to ride on
Other than that it is hard to keep up with all the impressions that we westeners are not so used to. We definitely enjoy every minute here.
Ted Goslinga
Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 23:43

Thanks Claudia, Japan is a blast!
Michaela Achatzi
Saturday, April 13, 2019 at 13:59

Hi Angela and Ted,

have a nice trip and enjoy your motorcycle riding

Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 16:25

Thanks Michaela! See you soon
Ted Goslinga
Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 23:38

Thanks Michaela, we're having a great time here!


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