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Alps Deluxe

Monday, September 27, 2021 | Claudia Wenhart / Stefan Sykora | Europe

Thank you for traveling with us, we had a great tour, best weather and a lot of fun. Have a safe travel home and see you soon again.

Welcome to Seefeld

Alps Deluxe was advertised as a Mystery Tour some years ago and designed and scouted by our CEO Rainer. Today it started again with our welcome briefing and the bike handover. A great group with six riders will start tomorrow.

... unloading bikes
... on which tour we are? E- or Bike Tour ?
... first Dinner with a special designed Milky Way dessert

First riding day to Eppan

What a great riding day. We enjoyed every minute. Perfect weather, sunshine and a good mood.

Our route took us in the morning over Timmeljoch, one of the famous passes in the eastern Austrian alps. 

Pierre having fun
Three friends from Pittsburgh
Happy Birthday to Bill
Schloß Freudenstein our spot for tonight
Boot beer
Happy Birthday to Bill with a yummy dessert!

Schloss Freudenstein by night - a cosy atmosphere!

Our second riding day from Eppan to Cisano di Valmarino

Our day started with a perfect breakfast in the "Red Room" in our Castle. All the food was prepared and presented perfectly. After our morning briefing we started in direction south-east to our next spot Cisone di Valmarino in the Prosecco area.

Morning briefing - Stefan explains our route for today
… first coffee stop
Custom work - just some centimeters left
… cool cars from a Ralley in the garage of the hotel
… Stefan scared from the castel executioner

From Prosecco to Grappa

Today we went from Cisano di Valmarino to Bassano di Grappa. After some morning adventures we made it to Monte Grappa. Monte Grappa was quiet in the fog, but when we took off, sun came out and we could see the Military Monument.

After a curvy nice ride down to Feltre, we climbed up another nice pass with 28 switchbacks to Enego. A quick coffee stop on top and than back to our next destination Bassano. Before we went to dinner we visited the "Old Bridge" - Ponte Vecchio and had a typical italian aperitif on the bridge.

Delicious dinner
Coffee stop in Enego
Prosecco hills next to Valdobbiadene
Osteria senza Oste
Bill in the Prosseco hills
Great morning ….
… our group on Ponte Vecchio in Bassano di Grappa
… special Aperitif on the bridge
… Stefan the mechanic

From Bassano di Grappa to Verona

Verona is our next destination, where we gonna stay for two nights in a Agriturismo. Our route for today comes through Asiago - where the typical Asiago Cheese comes from - Passo del Sommo, Passo della Borcola, Passo Xomo and Passo Xon. A lot of curves for today. The "Road of 52 Tunnels" was a military mule road in World War I.

Morning briefing
…. Claudia explaining the daily route
... everybody has fun
Keith, Ben and Eric enjoying their boot beer !!!
Jeff and Keith
... a beautiful spot our Agriturismo with a great view to Verona

Restday in Verona

Today was our restday in Verona. Every ode enjoyed bis day different, some of us were riding, some just hanging around. In the Late afternoon we went to Verona to explore the town. 

Jeff, Eric, Ben and Keith on Pietra Bridge
Stefan, Keith and Pierre in front of Castellvecchio
Arena di Verona in the back
The famous Shakespeare balcony of Romeo and Julia
… that brings luck ???

Our trip today from Verona to Gardena Riviera at Lake Garda

Today we are heading north in direction to Monte Baldo. Passo Fizzante is on our way today. 

… first stop - the Ducati store in Verona!!!
Leaving Torri del Benaco with the ferry we just get in time to go to the other side of Lago di Garda, Gardone Riviera were we stay for the night.
Don`t pay the ferry what they say....
Keith, Ben and the two tour guides enjoying the roof top terrace for a short aperitif
... another yummy dinner in a small Trattoria

We left the Lago and went to Bormio

Today was our penultimate riding day through a beautiful landscape. We left lake Garda in direction southwest. Our first stop was Lago di Idro, we stopped for a quick foto before we climbed up our first pass for today "Passo Croce Domini". The weather was perfect and on top we had a good coffee and met some other motorcyclist. In Edolo a yummy lunch with typical homemade Gnocchi waited for us. Afterwards to enter into Bormio we took two different routes, one over Passo Aprica and the other over Gavia Pass.

…. Good bye Lago di Garda
Lago di Idro
Keith with yummy Gnocchi
… welcome to Bormio

Our last riding day from Bormio to Seefeld

Already our last riding day to today - time always goes by so fast. Weather is perfect and we will start directly with the backside of Umbrail Pass. After this - the pass of all passes STELVIO is on our list. 43 switchbacks are waiting for us to be climbed down. Our lunch spot will be in Glurns - italians smallest city with about 800 inhabitants. Its located on the old salt trade route. On our way back to Austria we will go to Lago di Resia (Lake Reschen) - famous for its listed church steeple of Graun peeking out of the lake.

Coffee on Top of Stelvio
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Darlene J. DelliGatti
Sunday, September 26, 2021 at 16:18

Beautiful photos, what an amazing adventure! Be safe and enjoy!-
Claudia - Nicole Wenhart
Monday, September 27, 2021 at 10:23

Dear Darlene,
thank you for your comment. Yes, we had a lot of fun and best weather on our tour.
Have a good time
Von Waldburg Gabriele
Sunday, September 19, 2021 at 18:15

Liebe Claudia
Ich habe nur schöne traumhafte Erinnerungen an diese Tour und ich hoffe Du geniesst jedenAugenblick in der Erinnerung zum 2.x
Ich werde es verfolgen und mit Wehmut geniessen!
Glg gaby
Claudia - Nicole Wenhart
Tuesday, September 21, 2021 at 00:45

Liebe Gaby, ja die Tour ist wirklich schön und heute war auch das Wetter wieder gut. Alles gute für Dich und bis bald mal wieder.
Charlie Green
Saturday, September 18, 2021 at 15:15

Hey Claudia
Have a great tour wish I was there with you guys
Claudia - Nicole Wenhart
Saturday, September 18, 2021 at 23:36

Hey Charly, thank you for your message. Today was a great riding day with perfect weather. Hope to see you again soon!


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