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Peaks and Passes - 5AL2302

Saturday, August 26, 2023 | Uwe Hausleitner | Europe / Italy

The highest mountain road in Austria.

Our first riding day - From Seefeld to Hopfgarten in Defreggen (East Tyrol)

The first day in the Alps. Our tour starts in Seefeld and leads us via Germany to the highest mountain pass in Austria - the Grossglockner Hochalpenstraße. You have to experience it yourself. Ask anyone, who has been here...

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Starting the tour.
Our group in front of the Alps. Happy people on Harleys.
Brand new Harley.
Sylvensteinsee in Germany.
Lined up at our coffee break.
The view from the Edelweissspitze.
The road to the Edelweissspitze.
Also our bikes like the view.
Amazing weather.
Great combination.
One of our tour member checking out his new best friend?
The van already waiting for us in front of our next hotel.

Riding day 2 - From Hopfgarten in Defreggen to Bozen (Bolzano)

Today we are entering Italy the only right way you should. On a motorcycle, via a pass on a one lane, one direction road. Feels like riding on a bicycle path. Into the Dolomites - motorcycle heaven. Riding one pass after the other, seven (7) passes in total. Remember, this is only one riding day.

Our lunch stop in the middle of the Dolomites.
Sunshine all day long
Another great day.
Hiding behind some flowers.
Wonderful group and a great riding experience.
All bikes parked for the day. Dinner is coming.
All prepared and ready.
Having a really good time.
Happy people.
Sunset in Bozen (Bolzano)

Riding day 3 - Bozen (Bolzano) to Gardone Riviera - Lake Garda (Lago di Garda)

We are turning to the south, but not without taking another shot a some beautiful passes and the Lago di Carrezza, which is famous for its green colours. After a short visit to the Harley-Davidson dealership in Trento, we went on to our lunch in a typical italian Pizzeria. After lunch, we reach our destination in bright sunshine at Lake Garda. Coasting along the shore we are finishing another great day of riding.



The last views of the Dolomites as we are turning south.
Quite some castles around.
Lago di Carrezza, a very green lake.
Harleys at home.
Happy people in Trento.
This is, what awaits us at Lake Garda.
Another beautiful hotel.
And of course the lake itself.
You never get enough from these views.
Just enjoy the scenery.

Restday - Around Lake Garda

Also on our rest day, we could not resist to ride and explored the surroundings. We found quite some things. The beautiful view over the lake, a waterfall and more.

Look at this view.
To the north.
And to the south.
These are the roads, we took to get there.
A romantic waterfall.
Pre-historic settlements, several thousand years old (rebuilt)
Even our stop for Ice-Coffee was another beautiful lake.

Riding day 5 - From Lake Garda to Livigno

The route takes us away from Lake Garda into the mountains of northern Italy again. This day will be marked by 2 main passes and a few smaller ones. Passo Gavia and Passo Stelvio are world famous and very well known by Bikers from around the world.

Here is the proof. We have been there.
This is, how Italians build roads.
Never ending roads.
Getting ready for a foto opportunity.
Yes, back there, this is a glacier.
Happy people and their Harleys.

Riding day 6 - From Livigno back to Mieming

Our last riding day takes us from Livigno in Italy via Switzerland back to Italy to finally end up in Austria. 6 more passes today. That means it is an easy and relaxing day to end the tour. Nevertheless with excellent riding and great highlights.

Our steel horses on another pass.
The mountains are pretty high.
Which also means, you can look far down to the valley.
Did you also recognise the perfect weather we had on this tour? 100 % sunshine.
Having fun together with a great group.
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