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RTS 2304 Rome to Sicily the last ride this year

Sunday, October 29, 2023 | Christian Holan / Daniel Miereis | Europe / Italy

Here we go again same room different tour we are ready to go to Sicily

Day 1: Rome to Pompeji

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Lights out and off they go
We did it out of the crazy traffic in Rom to our first photo stop Castel Gandolfo

rest day 1: Pompeji

The guys do not want to get the evil eye
Soaking wet in Pompeii
They forgot to fill up the pool for us

Day 2: Pompeji to Acquafredda

Amalfi …. what a beautiful ride down there
a huge thanks to Christian for this delicious Picknick
probably to delicious
riding into the sunset

Day 3: Acquafredda to Parghelia

Coffee with a view
It was to hot Dave needed a jumper into the pool

Day 4: Parghelia to Taormina

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For all people who miss the ocean
With the ferry to Sicily

rest day 2: Taormina

Isola Bella
Isola Bella
Isola Bella
Those who wanted to ride got also wet
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Some impressions on the way up to etna

Day 5: Taormina to Cefalú

What an Start to the day
Sicily as its best … today was an amazing riding day … curves , curves , curves
Lunch in the old town of Gangi

Day 6: Cefalú to Agrigento

Lunch stop
Dinner with a view after a fabulous riding day
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The Vandriver had a lunch with music

Day 7: Agrigento to Catania

Last Action shot from the last morning briefing
Valle di Templi
Coffebreak with the real Sicilians
Probably the best Antipasti
And the visit at Villa Romana del Casale
Last Coffee Break for this Tour …. But the Last day of riding was a perfect mix between sightseeing and again nice roads
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Arrival at the hotel

Good bye Catania

Good bye Sicily
Off to Italy
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