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Best of Italy 2304

Monday, October 23, 2023 | Julia Marie Joy Hamm / Julian Käckermann | Europe / Italy

Rome - the eternal city

The Best of Italy! Here we come. And where else could our tour start than in the beautiful city of Rome? Most of us join the Guided City Tour with Domenico, who tells us everything about this historical place, the architectue and myths. We are having a great time! There´s so much to see, you could probably spend a week in Rome and didn´t see it all.

When we arrive back at the hotel in the afternoon Julia and Julian have prepared our bikes in the garage already and we meet in the skybar for the Welcome Briefing. They tell us everything about the tour, the culture, group riding rules, switchbacks, crazy Italian riders... The weatherforecast looks very promising and we can´t wait to start the engines! 

To all our friends and families out there, WELCOME to our blog! Also if you think about riding a Best of Italy Tour yourself feel free to follow our stories. We are happy to share this adventure and our best moments with you!

What are we waiting for? Let´s go ride! Italy, here we come!

Julia and Julian


The briefing room is well prepared...
The motorcycles are ready to be handed over and our group is on their way back from the guided city tour just in time
Ready steady go! Welcome briefing time!

Riding day 1: Rome to Assisi

Der erste Fahrtag bringt uns in die schönen und vielseitigen Regionen Latium sowie Umbrien, wo uns erste Bergige Straßen abseits des Trubels erwarteten. In Narni einem kleinen Ort auf dem Hügel gelegen gibts den ersten Kaffeestop inklusive Eis. In Montefalco brechen wir zum Lunch auf nach Art Dolce Vita. Die letzten kurvenreichen Straßen führen uns durch Aleen von Zypressen und schlussendlich ins herrlich gelegene Asissi.

Riding day 2: Assisi to San Marino

Good morning Assisi. We start our day with a lovely cappuccino out on the hotel terrace where you have the most wonderful view down to the valley. An exciting day is waiting for us!

We head north-west, pass Perugia and ride along the beautiful Lago Trasimeno. Lago is the Italian word for lake. Then we turn right into the hills with theirs wonderful winding roads. 

One of our highlights today is the unique city Cortona. You may recognize the charming little streets from the movie „Under the tuscan sun“.

The weather is wonderful and after our little walk through Cortona we get back on the bikes.  A lot more great motorcycle roads are waiting for us. Some might be a little bumpy. 

Have you recognized the majestic city walls of Urbino! What a picture. 

We enjoy some Italian delights, take great pictures and head off to our today’s destination: San Marino!

We don´t want to arrive too late, the walk alone the three famous city towers is waiting for us. And a sunset that’ll take your breath away! 


We were focused, the camera wasn't
The beautiful Lago Trasimeno.
Hey buddy! You were supposed to take a look at our bikes...
I could eat these for breakfast, lunch and dinner
In the background you can see the majestic city walls of Urbino.
Photo bomb
No words left to say.
The dessert tonight was a dream! Someone, I don't know whom but someone loved it so much, she ate two

Riding Day 3: San Marino to Florenz

Today we left San Marino & get back to the EU, especially to the beautiful Tuscany. We had a great picnic and explore the monestary La Verna. The last path of the daytrip took us to the pass "Passo del Consuma".

Restday: Florence

What would you do if you had a full day in Florence? See Michelangelo´s famous David in the Galleria dell´Accademica, get lost and go shopping in the wonderful stores of the oldtown, enjoy coffee in one of the authentic bars, go on an exciting motocycle ride in the surrounded area or see the Pisa tower? 

We did it all!

Ok, we might split up to make all this possible And yes, we rode to Pisa, the Pisa tower is not located in Florence.

Our rest day ride led us to the famous Mugello race track! From there we continued our journey up on Passo Giogo, enjoyed a coffee on the top and made our way to Marradi. Those roads were just fantastic! Or in Bryan´s words: "I said this before,but this road was so good!" And he said that at every stop What a great day! 


First stop of our restday ride: the famous Mugello racetrack!
Bryan is wondering how he's getting down there the easiest
We continue our ride up on Passo del Giogio.
Fun, fun, fun!
Meanwhile... our Pisa Tower Crew is getting ready to head off.
What about a romantic dinner on the wonderful terrace of our hotel tonight?
It's hard to catch in a picture, you'll have to see it yourself
One beautiful sunset chases the other
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Somebody, we don't know whom but somebody skipped dinner and sang along all evening.
Is there a better way to end a fantastic day in Florence?

Riding Day 4: Florenz-Volterra

Today we were in San Gimigano, the Manhatten of the Tuscany. Here you find so many small stores, a toture museum and of course the big towers you can also walk up to 54m . Curvy roads leads us to our destination for tonight- Volterra!

Time to say goodbye to this wonderful garden!
The sky is on fire!

Riding day 5: Volterra Siena

After an authentic italien breakfast in one of the little cafes on the street we leave the magical town Volterra behind. But we don´t have much time to be sad as more wondeful places await us! And a lot of Tuscanys well paved winding roads! After a proper morning ride we enjoy a coffee in the little town Castellina with it´s pretty castle. From there we continue our ride to Greve in Chianti. Yes, we are riding through the Chianti region today and pass bye one wineyard after the other. Did anyone count all those black roosters we saw on the way? The symbol of Chianti Wine.

In Greve we visit the Macelleria Falorni, which goes back to 1806! They still know how to make delicious food! Don´t miss to look up on the seeling As it´s saturday today we also get to see the weekly market in Greve. What a wonderful experience!

The second part of the day ain´t any less curvy then the first. It seems like the roads in Tuscany were made for motocyclists. We enjoy the ride, arrive at our hotel in the afternoon, take a quick shower and off we go to the city center of Siena. The place known for it´s world famous horserace: Palio di Siena. It´s impressive to stay at  "Piazza del Campo" where the race takes place. It goes back to the middle ages. Did you know it was originally used as land, wherre the rainwater could drain away? But Siena has even more to offer: of course we have a look at the beautiful Duomo with the unique mosaics inside, stroll around the little streets with all those cute shops and enjoy an italian gelato. Don´t you ever just call it "ice cream"

No morning without...
Thanks for the helping hand Hauger!
Watch out for the black rooster today, you'll see it everywhere around!
Our first coffee stop in Castellina in Chianti. Can I get a wine wall like that for my living room
Did you choose your cookie for its matching color?
As we arrive in Greve a special surprise awaits us:
Have you been to an Italien market before?
It's an adventure on its own. Especially for your taste buds

Riding Day 6: Siena to Pienza

So true...
Give me coffee to change the things that I can, and wine to accept those that I can't
Make sure to get a "Baci" with your coffee.
What does yours say?
Strolling through the little village ...
This is how it all started... just a normal sunset in Tuscany?
It's getting better and better.
Believe it or not, but this was not the end...
Unbelievable! THIS was spectacular!

Riding Day 7: Pienza-Rom

Our last riding day was fantastic- lakes,small mountains interessting visits in a city of caves. The group was in a good mood so we did about 250km of pure riding through Bella italia .

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