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BMW motorcycles on Edelweiss tours

Enjoy a wide number of exciting motorcycle tours worldwide on your favourite BMW motorcycle.

It doesn't matter if you are looking for an adventure tour or if you prefer a classic travel through some of the most interesting destinations on earth. On our edelweiss BMW tours you will have the time of your life.

Edelweiss Bike Travel

Since 1980, when Werner Wachter started Edelweiss Bike Travel, BMW Motorrad has been part of this unique and ever-growing touring program that inspires motorcycle riders from all over the world to travel. Within this most comprehensive international and worldwide touring program, our BMW motorcycles keep proving their excellent qualities. Furthermore, this company‘s certified tour guides are in keeping with the high quality standards of BMW Motorrad. Discover our planet on the BMW motorcycle of your choice and let your dreams become reality.

Svenia Ohlsen, Brand Experience, BMW Motorrad


 North and South America  



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Adriatic Rollercoaster

Austria   |  Croatia   |  Slovenia, 8 Days

A motorcycle tour through the most spectacular motorcycle areas along the Mediterranean Sea.

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Adventure Altiplano

Argentina   |  Bolivia   |  Chile, 17 Days

This motorcycle tour through Bolivia, Chile and Argentina is combined with an incredible Altiplano adventure!

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Adventure Big Five

Botswana   |  Namibia   |  South Africa   |  Zimbabwe, 17 Days

From wild flowers to the deserts, from the wildlife paradise to one of the world‘s mightiest waterfalls in Zimbabwe - this motorcycle tour offers an incredible variety.

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Adventure Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Costa Rica   |  Nicaragua, 15 Days

Enjoy fascinating wildlife, exotic landscape and wonderful routes on this motorcycle tour in Costa Rica and Nicaragua!

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Adventure Kilimanjaro

Kenya   |  Tanzania, 16 Days

Come with us on this motorcycle tour and discover the treasures of East Africa.

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Adventure Machu Picchu

Chile   |  Peru, 15 Days

Desert, Andes, mountains and great riding: This is a real Machu Picchu motorcycle adventure!

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Adventure North Cape

Finland   |  Norway, 14 Days

Cross the Artic Circle and enjoy a motorcycle tour to Europe‘s most northern point, the North Cape.

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Adventure Patagonia

Argentina   |  Chile, 21 Days

Ride with Edelweiss Bike Travel to the end of the world on the motorcycle tour Adventure Patagonia.

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Alps and Lakes

Austria   |  Germany, 7 Days

Through the Alpine wonderland of Austria and Southern Germany - the Alps and Lakes motorcycle tour!

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Alps Extreme

Austria   |  Italy, 8 Days

Motorcycle touring on small hidden roads through the heart of the Alps!

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Alps Riding Academy

Italy, 7 Days

Let us tune your riding skills!

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Alps Riding Training


Our Alpine Motorcycle Training Course prepares you for the winding roads in the Alps!

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Andalusia Tour

Gibraltar   |  Spain, 8 Days

A delightful motorcycle tour through Andalusia with deserted twisties and new motorcycles waiting to be broken in.

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Around the World - Buenos Aires to Bogota

Argentina   |  Argentina   |  Bolivia   |  Brazil   |  Chile   |  Colombia   |  Ecuador   |  Peru   |  Uruguay, 78 Days

New Year´s Eve in Buenos Aires, what an experience - Latin nightlife… no comments. Another day to relax, before we start in South America.

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Around the World - Cape Town to Nairobi

Botswana   |  Kenya   |  Malawi   |  Namibia   |  South Africa   |  Tanzania   |  Zambia, 48 Days

This feeling is hard to describe… What do we have to await?

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Around the World - Los Angeles to New York

Alabama   |  Arizona   |  California   |  Colorado   |  Delaware   |  Georgia   |  Louisiana   |  Mississippi   |  Nevada   |  New Jersey   |  New Mexico   |  New York   |  North Carolina   |  Pennsylvania   |  Tennessee   |  Texas   |  Utah   |  Virginia   |  Washington   |  West Virginia, 29 Days

Start of this section is glamorous LA, where you can take a stroll through Hollywood and more importantly, collect your bikes!

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Around the World - Moscow to Bangkok

China   |  Kazakhstan   |  Kyrgyzstan   |  Lao   |  Russia   |  Thailand, 63 Days

Ride East – Russia, Kazakhstan and China, not a lot of people have been there on a motorcycle.

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Around the World - Munich to Moscow

Austria   |  Czech Republic   |  Estonia   |  Germany   |  Latvia   |  Lithuania   |  Poland   |  Russia, 31 Days

Munich – Moscow, via St. Petersburg – the new Europe is waiting for us!

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Around the World - Panama City to Los Angeles

Colombia   |  Costa Rica   |  Guatemala   |  Honduras   |  Mexico   |  Nicaragua   |  Panama   |  United States, 43 Days

Panama City – Los Angeles, what are we waiting for?

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Around the World - Perth to Sydney

New South Wales   |  Northern Territory   |  South Australia   |  Victoria   |  Western Australia, 39 Days

Australia is huge and that means we will have some longer riding days through this beautiful country.

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Around the World - Santiago de Chile to Buenos Aires

Argentina   |  Chile, 40 Days

South America – we were always dreaming about it, but now we are here – incredible!

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Best of America

Arizona   |  California   |  Nevada   |  Utah, 11 Days

Discover the most beautiful and famous roads, landscapes and National Parks of the Southwest of the United States of America.

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Best of Cuba

Cuba, 8 Days

This motorcycle tour through Cuba is loaded with culture, great scenery and good roads.

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Best of Europe

Austria   |  France   |  Germany   |  Liechtenstein   |  Switzerland, 9 Days

This motorcycle tour through the central part of Europe gives an excellent introduction to riding through five different countries.

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Breweries and Castles

Belgium   |  France   |  Germany   |  Luxembourg, 13 Days

Castles and fortresses, beer, wine & champagne: ride on spectacular motorcycle roads through the heart of Western Europe!

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California Extension

California   |  Nevada, 7 Days

Discover the most beautiful and famous roads, landscapes and National Parks of the Southwest of the United States of America.

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California Off-Road Training and Tour

California, 5 Days

With our California Off-Road Training you are well prepared!

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Canada West Tour

Alberta   |  British Columbia   |  Washington, 13 Days

Overwhelming mountain ranges, shimmering blue lakes and never-ending forests - the ultimate Canada West motorcycle tour.

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Christopher Columbus Tour

Portugal   |  Spain, 11 Days

You can‘t get enough from the Mediterranean motorcycle regions? Then this is your motorcycle tour!

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Classic Cuba

Cuba, 11 Days

This motorcycle tour through Cuba is loaded with culture, great scenery and good roads.

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Colorado Adventure

Colorado   |  Utah, 11 Days

Explore the hidden treasures of the Rocky Mountains on this USA motorcycle tour.

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Edelweiss Feschtl - Lake Tahoe

United States, 3 Days

Name it biker meeting, reunion ride or get together, it‘s all that and much more - it‘s our Edelweiss Feschtl!

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Edelweiss Feschtl - Seefeld

3 Days

Name it biker meeting, reunion ride or get together, it‘s all that and much more - it‘s our Edelweiss Feschtl!

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Grand Alps Tour

Austria   |  France   |  Italy   |  Liechtenstein   |  Switzerland, 15 Days

This motorcycle tour provides you a spectacular scenery of the highest mountains of the Alps.

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High Alpine Tour

Austria   |  Germany   |  Italy   |  Liechtenstein   |  Switzerland, 8 Days

Narrow twisties and hairpin turns are some features of this High Alpine motorcycle tour.

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Highway Number 1

California   |  Oregon   |  Washington, 13 Days

The Highway Number 1 motorcycle tour shows you the greatest routes along the Pacific coast.

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Kings and Castles Tour

Austria   |  Czech Republic   |  Germany   |  Hungary   |  Poland   |  Slovakia, 15 Days

On our way to some of the most beautiful areas in this world - the Kings and Castles motorcycle tour through Eastern Europe.

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Majestic Nova Scotia and Newfoundland

Canada   |  United States, 15 Days

From the winding forested roads of upstate New York and Vermont to the charm of Québec and the rugged majesty of Canada’s Atlantic coastline - this tour is truly a motorcyclist’s dream!

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Mediterranean Alps Extreme

France   |  Italy, 9 Days

The charming flair of the French Riviera, the picturesque villages of Cinque Terre and the impressive mountains of the Mediterranean Alps are waiting for you!

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Morocco Tour

Gibraltar   |  Morocco   |  Spain, 15 Days

Exotic sights, interesting sounds and smells and lots of oriental flair. Be part of this amazing motorcycle tour through Morocco.

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New Zealand Tour

New Zealand, 14 Days

Tire-gripping road surfaces with glaciers, volcanoes and palm trees - that’s what you can expect on this motorcycle tour through New Zealand!

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North Island Extension

New Zealand, 8 Days

Tire-gripping road surfaces with glaciers, volcanoes and palm trees - that’s what you can expect on this motorcycle tour through New Zealand!

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Oman Adventure

Oman   |  United Arab Emirates, 14 Days

Immerse yourself in the colorful life of the Omani people, the countless mountain wadis, and the quiet of the Omani desert.

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Pearl of the Adriatic Sea

Bosnia-Herzegovina   |  Croatia   |  Montenegro, 10 Days

This motorcycle tour combines the hot spots of the Adriatic coast with breath-taking landscapes and riding along the spectacular coastal road.

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Pyrenees Extreme

France   |  Spain, 9 Days

On this motorcycle tour we explore the Pyrenees on little known backcountry roads and experience motorcycle heaven.

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Rome to Sicily

Italy, 11 Days

This motorcycle trip goes through the beautiful scenery of Italy, with all its fantastic roads.

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Royal Edelweiss Dream

Austria   |  Italy   |  Switzerland, 13 Days

Experience your dream and travel in style and luxury through the Alps and northern Italy with Edelweiss Bike Travel.

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Royal Morocco Dream

Morocco, 13 Days

Let your Arabian dreams come true on this fascinating motorcycle tour in Morocco.

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South Africa Tour

South Africa   |  Swaziland, 16 Days

A fascinating tour through a land full of virtues just waiting to be explored on a motorcycle.

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The Heart of Italy

Italy, 7 Days

Experience the beauty of Tuscany, Umbria and Marche on a motorcycle tour through Italy!

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The Ultimate Alps Tour

Austria   |  Italy   |  Switzerland, 10 Days

Enjoy the highest mountains, the most beautiful lakes, and the many passes of the Alps.

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The Viking Experience

Norway   |  Sweden, 11 Days

Fjords and lakes, islands, mountains and glaciers combined with a fantastic motorcycle tour through Sweden and Norway!

Tour picture

Tour of the Pyrenees

Andorra   |  France   |  Spain, 8 Days

Enjoy a great motorcycle tour in the Pyrenees with beautiful surroundings and very little traffic!

Tour picture

Tour of Tuscany

Italy   |  San Marino, 9 Days

Experience the famous landscapes of Tuscany and Umbria on our Tuscany motorcycle tour.

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Touring Center Alps

Austria   |  Germany   |  Italy   |  Switzerland, 7 Days

Our Touring Center Alps is the right motorcycle tour for you and your family.

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Touring Center Dolomites

Austria   |  Italy, 7 Days

A motorcycle tour along the Dolomites with challenging roads, overwhelming mountain scenery and Italian cuisine at its finest.

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Touring Center Norway

Norway, 7 Days

Follow us along, across and around the world’s most famous fjords on our motorcycle tour through Norway.

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