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After riding all over our planet and after completing the first around the world motorcycle tour this is one more attend to circumnavigate our earth on two wheels. Although we have ridden in many countries around the world, this is an ultimate motorcycle project to amalgamate riding on all six continents in one complete journey. This extraordinary ride is the adventure of a lifetime. 12 months, 50,000 riding miles and 6 continents. Just do it.

Around the World expedition

To all world tourers and those of you who want to become one some day: In 2014 I have been part of the worldtour segment rides from Munich to Moscow and Moscow to Bangkok. My recommendation to all those who are considering such a journey is ... quit hesitating and take the opportunity and ride! It was a memorable experience for us as a group, and as individuals, too. Our group consisted of riders from various countries and, along the way, we managed to help each other out of the dust when needed. The excellent tour guides assisted us with knowledge and help each and every day; and Edelweiss Bike Travel did an absolutely fabulous job of organizing this grand adventure. My next trip is planned already and I am looking forward to doing another worldtour section soon ... in South America.

Alois Clemens, Austria

Around the World expedition

I have traveled a lot and seen many places on this planet. However, circumnavigating the earth on a motorcycle is a one-of-a-kind trip and can‘t be compared with anything I did before. It has been interesting, boring, beautiful, gross, adventurous, ordinary and much more. Where but on a ride around the world can one gain such a wide range of impressions and experiences? Where else does one learn how much our planet has to offer and that people are as similar as they are different? And finally, it is a great opportunity to see where else on earth one might want to live. This expedition gave me a lot of knowledge, increased self-awareness and great satisfaction. I can highly recommend taking this challenge to anyone considering participating in this ride!

Alfred Hoschek, Germany


 North and South America  



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Around the World - Buenos Aires to Bogota

Argentina   |  Argentina   |  Bolivia   |  Brazil   |  Chile   |  Colombia   |  Ecuador   |  Peru   |  Uruguay, 78 Days

New Year´s Eve in Buenos Aires, what an experience - Latin nightlife… no comments. Another day to relax, before we start in South America.

Tour picture

Around the World - Cape Town to Nairobi

Botswana   |  Kenya   |  Malawi   |  Namibia   |  South Africa   |  Tanzania   |  Zambia, 48 Days

This feeling is hard to describe… What do we have to await?

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Around the World - Los Angeles to New York

Alabama   |  Arizona   |  California   |  Colorado   |  Delaware   |  Georgia   |  Louisiana   |  Mississippi   |  Nevada   |  New Jersey   |  New Mexico   |  New York   |  North Carolina   |  Pennsylvania   |  Tennessee   |  Texas   |  Utah   |  Virginia   |  Washington   |  West Virginia, 29 Days

Start of this section is glamorous LA, where you can take a stroll through Hollywood and more importantly, collect your bikes!

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Around the World - Moscow to Bangkok

China   |  Kazakhstan   |  Kyrgyzstan   |  Laos   |  Russia   |  Thailand, 63 Days

Ride East – Russia, Kazakhstan and China, not a lot of people have been there on a motorcycle.

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Around the World - Munich to Moscow

Austria   |  Czech Republic   |  Estonia   |  Germany   |  Latvia   |  Lithuania   |  Poland   |  Russia, 31 Days

Munich – Moscow, via St. Petersburg – the new Europe is waiting for us!

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Around the World - Panama City to Los Angeles

Colombia   |  Costa Rica   |  Guatemala   |  Honduras   |  Mexico   |  Nicaragua   |  Panama   |  United States, 43 Days

Panama City – Los Angeles, what are we waiting for?

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Around the World - Perth to Sydney

New South Wales   |  Northern Territory   |  South Australia   |  Victoria   |  Western Australia, 39 Days

Australia is huge and that means we will have some longer riding days through this beautiful country.

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Around the World - Santiago de Chile to Buenos Aires

Argentina   |  Chile, 40 Days

South America – we were always dreaming about it, but now we are here – incredible!

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