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North and South America

From Alaska to Fireland: Motorcycling in America makes dreams come true!

Not for nothing is America called the land of opportunity, because there is no limit to your fantasy – this also holds true for riding motorcycles! No matter if North or South America, from Alaska to the end of the world, Ushuaia, Fireland: We looked for and found the most beautiful routes for you to make your dreams of a motorcycle adventure in America come true!

Experience the wilderness, the endless widths and untouched nature of Alaska and Yukon, ride through breath-taking landscapes of Canada’s West with its raging rivers, endless forests and lonely highways, marvel at Grand Canyon and Yosemite national park in the Southwest and West of America and ride the legendary route 66 once in your life.

Discover the sea of lights of Las Vegas on the horizon, find out about the heritage of the Incas in Chile and Peru and the Maya kingdom and treat yourself to the probably most history-charged island of the Caribbean, Cuba. Make your personal American dream reality on our tours, Edelweiss makes it possible!

40th Anniversary Celebration USA

California   |  United States, 4 Days

Edelweiss heads oversea to celebrate this milestone with you!

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Adventure Atacama Desert

Argentina   |  Bolivia   |  Chile, 10 Days

A fantastic motorcycle tour to discover the natural wonders of South America!

Tour picture

Adventure Machu Picchu

Peru, 11 Days

Andes, Incas and desert – a real Machu Picchu motorcycle adventure!

Tour picture

Adventure Patagonia

Argentina   |  Chile, 21 Days

¡Conducir con Edelweiss hasta el fin del mundo en Ushuaia!

Tour picture

Alaska-Yukon Adventure

Canadá   |  United States, 13 Days

¡Experimenta el gran desierto de Alaska y el Yukón Canadiense!

Tour picture

American Dream

California   |  Oregon   |  Washington, 9 Days

Monte St. Helens – es uno de estos nombres que todo el mundo (que ha vivido en los años 70 y 80) conoce y recuerda: Las fotos del volcán en erupción estaban en todos los televisores del mundo. Ahora usted tiene la oportunidad de verlo de verdad y conducir a lo largo de la hermosa base del gigante dormido.

Tour picture

Authentic Cuba

Cuba, 8 Days

This motorcycle tour through Cuba is loaded with culture, great scenery and good roads.

Tour picture

Best of America

Arizona   |  California   |  Nevada   |  Utah, 11 Days

Discover the most beautiful and famous roads, landscapes and national parks in the Southwest of the USA!

Tour picture

California Extreme

California, 8 Days

Long riding days and fun roads, this is what you will have lots of on this tour.

Tour picture

Canada West Tour

Canadá, 11 Days

¡Montañas gigantescas, ríos rugientes, bosques interminables y carreteras remotos!

Tour picture

Captivating Cuba

Cuba, 12 Days

Cuba es la joya del Caribe. Descubra esta isla polifacética.

Tour picture

Classic Cuba

Cuba, 11 Days

Este recorrido en motocicleta por Cuba está cargado de cultura, grandes paisajes y buenas carreteras.

Death Valley Self-Arrival

California   |  United States, 3 Days

Meet us in Death Valley and join in the celebrations!

Seeking curves in Death Valley

California   |  United States, 9 Days

It's going to be dry, dusty, hot and epic!

Tour picture

Wild West Unpaved

Arizona   |  California   |  Nevada, 9 Days

Exploring some backcountry and enjoying the scenery.

Tour picture

World Tour // North & Central America: Los Angeles - Panama City

Costa Rica   |  Guatemala   |  Honduras   |  México   |  Nicaragua   |  Panama   |  United States, 43 Days
Tour picture

World Tour // South America: Cartagena - Punta Arenas

Argentina   |  Bolivia   |  Chile   |  Colombia   |  Ecuador   |  Peru, 70 Days

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