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The Ducati museum & factory plus the Moto Grand Prix Race are just the beginning of what you can expect on this Ducati motorcycle tour in Italy.

Ever wonder why Italian motorcycle racers win almost twice as many world championship titles as any other nation? Well, there are probably many reasons, but looking at an Italian map you will see one particular reason: Italian roads.

Except for one flat area along the Po River, the peninsula is a patchwork of mountains and mountain chains. Now, if somebody produced a motorcycle there, you would expect it to suit its environment, wouldn’t you? That’s exactly what Ducati does. With the factory located between the Alps and Apennine mountains, the Multistrada 1200 was bred for that topography. This tour begins in the birthplace of the most infamous of motorcycles - the Ducati - and that is the bike which we will ride. Once underway, we will be busy each day, all day, to make it to places which are, on average, 60 miles apart as the crow flies.


Why does it take so long? Our Ducati transforms mobility into art, rendering time and distance irrelevant, that’s why. On this journey through the heart of Italy you see places like Assisi, Siena and Florence. Devoting a week of our lives to create a team masterpiece of motorised motion, we consider ourselves artists and do not expect anything short of Ducati VIP treatment at the race.

Tour Prices 2015

Price per person Double Room, Duo Double Room, Solo Single Room, Solo
Monster 821
Monster 1200
Multistrada 1200
*   twin, duo = sharing room, riding 2 up
**  twin, solo = sharing room , riding solo
*** single, solo = single room, riding solo





Ying Ta Chu

Traveling through Tuscany on two wheels is just an amazing experience. All the beautiful medieval towns, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the twisty country roads, Italian pizza, pasta and espresso, and not to forget the Duomo in Florence - these guarantee a full week of excitement, and memories that last a lifetime. Our group of friends has done several tours with Edelweiss Bike Travel already and we have sometimes even asked them to put together a private tour just for us. We will keep riding around the world with Edelweiss - for sure!

Ying Ta Chu, Taiwan