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Ultimate Alps - CUA1502

Sunday, July 12, 2015 | Ursula Peter / Angela | Europe

The tour is over - time was flying. Thank you all for a great trip. I hope we met your expectations. Have a safe flight back home, take all your impressions and new experiences with you. Hope seeing you again.  Stay in touch - Ursula and Angela

8. Riding Day - Klobenstein - Mieming

Last not least - today 3 more passes are awaiting us - Penser Joch, Jaufen Pass, Timmelsjoch.

We left our little paradise "Bemelmans Post" in Klobenstein and enjoyed a relaxed ride on tiny little roads to Sarntal and up the Penser Joch

down Penser Joch and up Jaufen Pass. 

Coffe stop at "Edelweiß Hütte" - yes and we saw the Edelweiss as well

Down in Passeier Tal we had lunch at "Sandwirt"  before we climbed the last pass of the trip - Timmelsjoch

what a perfect day, what great views, no traffic and a relaxed group atmosphere

the Ladies....

7. Riding Day - Restday Dolomites

On our rest day's we took a ride from Klobenstein over the Passo delle Erbe and the Grödner valley back to the hotel. Compared to the past days of very warm weather today's ride was nice and cool in the Dolomite mountains.
We were lucky, all the cars were parked on top of the mountain. The ride up the Passo delle Erbe was as good as no traffic
Dan and Raza enjoying a cappucchino on top of the Grödner Joch. Unbelievable views from here
José is always in a good mood
Kathleen found the perfect souvenir
After the ride we went to Marli's place where we had a healthy picknick lunch. These are here famous home made "Schlutzer", just delicious yummy, yummy

Picnic at Mali - high above Bozen

6. Riding Day - Restday in Klobenstein

The boys decided instead of resting going to the Ducati Museum in Bologna.

They started very early, had some issues and arrived back in Klobenstein at 10.30 h p.m., maybe some tickets will show up


the rest of the group took the train and the cable car down to Bozen, visited the "Ice man", shopping, relaxing. Jose invited the Ladies for lunch...

Tris gnocchi - 3 dumplings with delicious stuffing

Kathleen enjoyed "Schlutzkrapfen" a typical Southern Tyrolian dish

Jose had risotto

and we all tried "Hugo" - special drink

Time to leave Klobenstein again for the ride back to Mieming. It is still nice and cool in the morning.

5. Riding Day: Lugano (Switzerland) - Klobenstein (Italy

another long riding day took us from the upper Italian lakes - Lago Maggiore, Lago di Lugano and Lago di Como - across our whole map east to Southern Tyrol. Passo Aprica, Passo Tonnale and Passo Mendola were on the list today. The weather? Sunny and hot as every single day!!

a light lunch at Passo Tonnale

WW I memorial at the very top of the pass

We missed the awesome view and a good coffee at Penegal were you can overlook the Etsch Valley.

Why??? Because of our fuel to noise converters

the view from our hotel in Klobenstein, high above Bozen, is like a painting

the boys went to bed early - they are planning to visit the Ducati Museum Bologna tomorrow.

the girls are going shopping in Bolzano and Jose - the most relaxed Chileno ever - invited us for lunch downtown Bolzano tomorrow - this restday is gonna be a god one.

4. Riding Day Zermatt - Lugano

the Matterhorn at sunrise
From Zermatt we continued over Simplon pass, crossed the border into Italy. Most enjoyable Italian backroads with lots of shade lead us into Lugano

3. Riding Day  Brunnen - Zermatt

Luggage is loaded, ready to go
But wait... before we left, we took the group picture. And look - this is the award the Gentlemen photographer gets
We took the ferry over the Vierwaldstätter See in order to get to ride all the famous passes around Andermatt
Ina is looing forward to the ferry ride
Dan, Raza, Rod, Tim and Kathy and Kathleen are enjoying the breeze
After the picnic we continued over Furka pass direction Zermatt. A stop at the Rhone glacier and the walk inside the glacier nicely cooled us down.
The Ducati team
We were visiting a local cheese producer. Of course, we bought some cheese for our picnic here

these picnics are hard work

the group is arriving - huuungry

Zermatt celebrates the 150th birthday of the ascent of Whymper on July 14th, 1865. The Matterhorn is about 12.000 feet high.

It was quite a story in these days. At night we saw the lightshow. They illuminated the original track Whymper took from the bottom to the top - quite impressing.

typical houses in the Wallis

this was a storage in the old days - mice couldn`t get on

2. Riding Day: Pontresina - Brunnen (Vierwaldstätter See)

Los Chilenos... Ina and Jose

We started in Pontresina with perfect weather. 6 Passes are on the list today...

First after St. Moritz is Maloja, Splügen, San Bernhardino, Lukmanier, Oberalp, Gotthard.

Ladies and Gentleman - let`s go, a lot of things to do...

Dan and Raz - the fuel to noise converters

Coffee stop at top of Splügen

My new Touratech Boreal suit - looks good ehh?

these are the well-known Splügen curves

down and up the next pass - it is like a dance - San Bernhardino. And down there is a gorgeous place at a waterfall where we had delicous pizza

on top of Oberalp Pass

Our hotel "Waldstätter Hof" is located directly on the lakeside. We had dinner next to the water.

Ina and Jose

We are finding answers of life important questions

and we are just at subject no 1...

It is July - the weather is just perfect for a ride in the most beautiful high alpine regions for Germany, Schwitzerland and Itlay.

A nice group from nearly all over the world showed up for exploring the alps.

Come follow us....

before we started Timothy had "birthday" - let`s say "birthmonth"

But still the motorcycle on the cake was like a picture - it was art...

Our start hotel was "Kaysers" in Mieming, where Edelweiss Bike Travel is based. Who ever stays in this hotel should use the toilet

1. Riding Day: Mieming - Pontresina (Switzerland)

José, this is a really skilful way to stay dry on the motorcycle
But the rain stopped pretty soon anyways so no "rain gear" necessary anymore.

We started after a heavy thunderstorm which cooled everything a little bit down.

the first day is a quite challenging one and everybody was excited - Stelvio - the mother of all the passes was on the list

48 switchback and on top the best sausage ever, served by Bruno!!!

the artifical lake of Lake Reschen buried a whole village. The only thing which can be seen is the church tower

a quick coffe stop in Glurns - the smallest Italian town, completely walled, medieval origin - and off we went direction Stelvio

Bruno is on top of Stelvio from middle of May until late September - then the pass is closed because of snow. He is an icon of the Stelvio pass

we continued down on the other side direction Bormio and Livigno and up the next pass - Bernina.

We had to cross the border into Switzerland. A short rain shower offered us this....

Top of Bernina Pass

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Raza Uddin
Tuesday, August 4, 2015 at 18:25

Greetings from San Francisco!

I only just got home to SF last night since I picked up work right after coming back to the States and have been on the East Coast. Just wanted to say it was an absolute pleasure to ride with all of you and I'm grateful to have also met all of you. My withdrawal from hanging out with the crew everyday started almost immediately, so I'm looking forward to the next one. How about dual-sports across Africa? You all work hard and deserve it...

I'll get my pictures and videos uploaded soon and share with you all.

Ursula Peter
Sunday, August 9, 2015 at 09:01

How was the East Coast??
Ina & Jose
Saturday, July 25, 2015 at 19:09

Hola !! Our dear bike partners !! Its hard to be back to reality !!
Looking at the blog and the pictures seems that all the words , to Angela and Ursula ,of how great and wonderful the trip was , were not enough !!!
It was a great journey , perfectly organized , driving through beautiful scenery , feeling our tour guides new perfectly well there way around !! Great coffee stops , lunchs, and dinners......of course with a good chilean wine !!!
Hope to be back soooon , keep in touch you alllllll!! Missing u ! Xoxo
Thursday, July 23, 2015 at 01:50

Hey fellow Ultimate Alps Tourers! I have posted the best of my pics with comments here:


We hope to hear from you soon!

Tim & Kathy

Tim & Kathy
Sunday, July 19, 2015 at 17:19

Hey everybody! We had a great time the last day in Munich. We walked all over the old city, saw all the classic stuff and had a blast. Finally we are home today and it all seems like a dream. I cannot get The Tour out of my mind which is good. I'm even riding the Alps in my dreams. Thanks again to Angela & Ursula for putting on a fantastic tour! We are missing all of you already as the reality of "normal" settles in. I have a pile of pics to sort and will post the link here. We hope you all are home safely.

Your friends
Tim & Kathy


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