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4CI1905 - Canary Islands extrem

Saturday, December 7, 2019 | Peter Kuhn | Europe

The grand final die TF-28

Day 5 - The last day has it all

Because of the challenging weather conditions on Gran Canaria we crossed the island in the morning on the fastest way
to wait in the warm sun for our ferry
the girls could choose fresh cakes
and Raymond went for some souvenirs
Tenerife surprised us with blue sky and sunshine
and we can enjoy the incredibly curvy TF-28
which leads us through the villages and landscapes of the south side
a last coffee stop in the Spanish street bar El Moral
a last look into the landscape
And then the week is unfortunately over again. But a joint final evening in our beautiful hotel makes it only half as hard.

Day 4 - Water and Canyons

Today we stay on Gran Canaria to take a closer look at the island, especially the bejindrukenden gorges in the southwest of the island because here also the sun shines
What a spectacular sight the eruption has created here
and what a spectacular road through this landscape
In a local restaurant there is a good local food from the grill
and a nice view of the countryside
There is also a museum on agriculture on the island
and how old farms have been looking like
after Lunch we climb Barranco de Aldea
with his great road and fantastic rock formations
the Guide is happy because the group is happy
Barranco de Aldea
the lakes of the Barranco
after the barranco we reach the cave houses around Artenara
with beautiful art galeries
and a spectacular view back to the canyons we have climbed

Day 3 - The green jungles of Tenerife and Gran Canaria

In the morning we ride on hidden roads through the terraced fields in the north of Tenerife ...
La Orotava we come
...until we reach the fault line to Orotaver valley where Lesa likes to stand out like a bird and look at the beauty from above
perfect timing the sun comes over the ridge and dissolves the clouds up for our ride
the couple renew their promise in the small chapel
and than we ride through the collerful towns and on perfekt roads...
until we reach the top of Tenerife
for a delicious coffee in the warm Canarian sun
above the clouds
the winding road leads us past volcanic ash mountains and the ESA observatory
with a great view back to Teide and
down to La Orotava now we can see the beauty like a bird
Lesa and Raymond on the road through the Corona Forestal Naturalpark
and in the next Moment we ride tight curves over the Atlantic
Michael in in perfect oblique position
Kay, Gregory, Lesa and Raymond enjoy the view to the port were we take the ferry to the new island Gran Canaria
and here we are with the first view to the coast
a bit further up on the island, Michael enjoys the view
and the others the road up
taking pictures on the top of our last highlight
the Caldera of Bandama

Day 2 - Back to Tenerife

Today it's back to Tenerife but not until lunchtime. The boys use the time for a morning loop on the island while the girls in San Sebastian use the time for a shopping spree.
Although the weather turned from its humid side, everyone was happy to admire the microclimates and the great roads
A second coffee in the mountain restaurant and then back to San Sebastian to pick the girls and get on the ferry
From the ferry, it's curvy in the vineyards of Vilaflor and we stop in a bodega to take a good drop for the evening...
...and a funny photo
we in the lava fields of Teneriffe with the gigantic Teide in the background
the clouds and the mountains provide us with an impressive spectacle
the gang is looking forward to a spectacular descent
Michael exercises in the roundabout for the Tenoroad
Lesa and Ramond too
and it pays off
tthe view back to Masca
having fun in the Teno mountains
and then on to the endlessly verdant and green north of Tenerife
through colorful villages until
until we ride up the last mountain and reach our cozy hotel in the terraced fields

Day 1 - Wonderful La Gomera

With the first ferry we leave Tenerife and set off for the small neighboring island of La Gomera.
Briefing and map drawing in the Salon of the ferry
and then it goes up and down over dreamlike roads...
...through picturesque valleys... the top of Abrante...
...where the spectacular glass balcony awaits us...
...with its breathtaking views
Kay and Gregory on hidden roads on their way through the heart of the island
Raymond and Lesa swing through the laurel forest
the typical laugh at the first view of the beautiful Valle Gran Rey
It looks like the island is very well liked
a bit of stretching and then it's curvy for lunch on the beach
and here we are already at the monument of Hautacuperche...
...enjoy the warm sun, with a great view of the play of the waves...
...and looking forward to the fantastic-looking lunch...
Valle Gran Rey
a short walk on the beach...
and than we ride the beautiful southside of the island through smal villages
...and unbelievable landscapes till we reach our Hotel in San Sebastian
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Michaela Achatzi
Wednesday, December 18, 2019 at 20:48

Hi Patti
Hi Greg

I only see you now, I hope you had a mega nice tour and wish you all the best

Ray Roske
Sunday, December 8, 2019 at 01:19

It’s likely that if you are an American, you’d be hard pressed to open a world map and point to the Canary Islands, let alone describe the landscape. You’d also be hard pressed to find a more diverse place to ride; geologically, culturally and climate-wise. The roads are perfect. I would never have guessed such tarmac would be found -hundreds of miles and thousands of turns - it was like a weeklong track day experience through seven different countries. Coastline, desert, canyons, mountains, jungle, rain forest. Wine country, twisty little villages, steep single track roads. You name it. This was my wife’s first trip and she fell in love with extended two-up motorcycling trips. We had a few opportunities to ride solo while our wives shopped and took in the sights. Bikes were perfect, Peter our guide was perfect. Knowledgeable about history, geography, culture, landscape, routes, food, language, everything!

It was the very best of everything- the best guided tour I’ve ever experienced. Period.

Thank you Edelweiss.

Ray Roske

Author- A Life In Motorcycles
Greg Garcia
Friday, December 6, 2019 at 12:46


- This is not a tour for novice riders. Don’t waste your time or money if you don’t have a good bit of experience riding on many different roads and weather conditions.

- If you love curves and challenging roads, this tour can’t be beat! It’s got it all, from the first 30 km on Day 1.

- As an American, the Canary Islands have never been on my radar. I thought they were like Grand Cayman or Aruba in the Atlantic. Boy, was I wrong! These are true mountains and cliffs with roads designed and constructed by motorcyclists. The road surface is perfect and sticky even in the rain.

- Gran Canary has its own version of the Grand Canyon, but with a beautiful race track cut into the walls all around!

- The most amazing thing about these islands to me as a motorcyclist is how many we’ll designed and constructed roads there are on the 3 islands we visited.

- Unlike the other Extreme tours I’ve done, this one also includes extreme weather changes. In one day you go from heat to cold, from dry to driving rain, from still air to 50mph gusts that almost knock you down, from clear to fog so thick you can barely see.

- WELL WORTH THE TIME AND MONEY! What a treat!! Thank you, Edelweiss! And thank you, Peter Kuhn!! Can’t wait to do another extreme tour!
Greg Garcia
Thursday, December 5, 2019 at 15:13

This is Day 4 and it feels like we’ve been on this tour for over a week already. I never expected such amazing scenery, roads, mountains, beaches, climate changes!

This tour is like a compressed Alps Extreme tour! From the very first day we were on challenging mountain roads. This is my 4th Extreme tour. So glad I signed up for it.

Peter Kuhn is a fantastic guide! He’s enthusiastic, smart, highly skilled, super nice and a great leader!

This tour is an absolute bargain! The length of the tour is a perfect short getaway.


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