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6CI - Riding Acadamy Canary Islands

Saturday, February 5, 2022 | Peter Kuhn | Europe

Tag 0 - Willkommensdinner

Day 0 - Welcome Dinner

What a great tropical atmosphere to start our riding academy in the Canary Islands.

Tag 1 - Theorie- und Praxisbereich

Day 1 - Theory and practice area

On our first day there was a detailed meeting in the morning about driving physics, visual guidance, choice of line and everything else that is important to steer a motorcycle safely around the bend. Afterwards we went to the practice area to try out the theory.

Tag 2 - Üben auf der Straße

Day 2 - Practice on the road

We ride the first narrow mountain roads through the barrancos of the south side of Tenerife
Here comes Marcus
Sabine admires the exotic landscape
Our couple trains together, at the training ground and on the street
Everyone is happy about the first beautiful curves with newly learned driving practice...
... finally being able to ride my motorbike again in pleasant temperatures and to end the day with a coffee on the beach.

Tag 3 - Wir befahren Spaniens höchsten Berg

Day 3 - We ride Spain's highest mountain

Tenerife sweetens the start of the day with the beautiful plants that are celebrating spring here
We enjoy the good Spanish coffee right next to our practice track
Then we drive to the Teide to marvel at its landscape and weather changes...
...but after all the training of the last few days, the road is no longer a problem for us, despite the unpredictable weather, it's pure joy
Urs and Carol are very happy about the skills they have learned
On the other side of the island we drive down the Teide again and enjoy the pleasant temperatures in the sunshine.
Another coffee at the last pass and...
then it goes back home via the south side between almond trees

Tag 4 - Unser Ausflug nach La Gomera

Day 4 - Our excursion to La Gomera

Auf unserem Ausflug nach La Gomera wollen wir erproben was wir die letzten Tage trainiert haben, denn auf dieser Insel gibt es fast keine Geraden sondern unendlich viele Kurven in allen Variationen


On our trip to La Gomera we want to test what we have been training for the last few days, because on this island there are almost no straights but an infinite number of curves in all variations

We successfully mastered the first half of the island and were even able to improve. Here we have reached the Valle Gran Rey and...
...curve down the road to lunch...
...on the beach with fantastic Gomerian cuisine.
The afternoon brought us a fantastic drive through La Gomera's south and to celebrate the day there is still a cold beer in the hotel parking lot.

Tag 5 - Ein letzter schöner Tag auf La Gomera und El Teide

Day 5 - One last beautiful day on La Gomera and El Teide

On our last day we visit the hidden mountain roads of La Gomera and the dreamy villages in the west of the island.
Carol and Urs love the atmosphere
Marcus wanted to know where the road ends and is returning from his expedition to the ocean
One last time we cross the jungle of La Gomera...
...collect a few last snapshots...
...from Jungle Street
enjoy the view of the exotic landscape...
...and the pleasantly warm Canarian sun
We return to Tenerife by ferry and once again climb Spain's highest mountain, El Teide, from the south.
It was a wonderful week on the Canary Islands which, as always, unfortunately goes by far too quickly. But the next winter will definitely come and then the Riding Academy Tenerife is waiting for you to start the season safely in the Alps
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