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RTS Rom to Sicily

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 | Axel Gert Schneider / Thomas Fellechner | Europe / Italy

The Theme Of The Day - Rain Man 2.0 - We did it
Isola Bella in front of our hotel
Taormina View from The Rooms
Diamante the art is all around
It is Picknick day at the Rom to Sicily Tour
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Peastum from a different perspective
Today it is Rest day but we will go out for sure - let’s have look at Pompeii and the Amalfi coast
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Positone - Restday means not it it have to be a boring day
Our group from Rome to Sicily

GCT guidet city tour Rome

Forum Romanum with Forum Traiani. Kind of accient mall
procession of templars
the colloseum from the inside
impressive when you consider that this structure is almost 2000 years old
the museum inside the colloseum
the pantheon a shame that it was so crowded
Castel Sant'Angelo
Thomas, Wolfgang and Wolfgang are on the guided city Tour with...ähm...Thomas
the last steps after exploring 3000years of ancient history

Welcome To The Rom To Sicily Tour with Thomas and Axel

Welcome To The Rome To Sicily Tour in 2022 With Thomas and Axel

Welcome to the heart of Rome


Today it's finally time for our group to travel and today we have the first information about the fantastic places we will explore in the next few days. But even more important - which dream roads of southern Italy we will drive.


Thomas and I (Axel) are already looking forward to getting to know everyone at our welcome briefing in order to show them the beauty of Italy in the next few days and how else should it be - on a motorbike!!!!


One or the other of our group arrived yesterday because they would like to explore the city with us. That's why Thomas is already on the way of the Roman Empire and explores the city - you could also say 3000 years of history in one day - you think that's not possible!? then just come along on a guided city tour by Edelweiss


Now it's time to prepare the bikes for our handover so that everyone can set up their own motorcycle.


Thomas and I are looking forward to our new Edelweiss Rome to Sicily family.


Well then, I'll continue to prepare and I'm curious how our customers' day in Rome went.


Your Tourguides on The Tour to Sicily Thomas Fellechner
Your Tourguides on The Tour to Sicily Axel Schneider
The Place to be for the next day´s
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The Bikes are ready for our Custumers

Riding Day 1: Rom to Pompei

The Gang of Rome to Sicily

Welcome to the show on day one


Our journey today takes us from Rome to Pompei, where we will be at home for the next 2 days. But before we feel at home in pompei we still have 316 km to drive today. The day starts with a typical morning traffic jam around Rome. But once off the Highway, the motorcyclist's heart beats faster and faster, because the first curves are already waiting for us. A quick look at the former summer residence of the Pope and a photo as a reminder and the journey continued. From now on it was just pure enjoyment for our group, one curve joined the other until our coffee stop in Rocca Massima. We were rewarded with a fantastic view and a good espresso. After recharging our batteries, the journey continued to Sperlonga. But the way there was one of the nicest of the day - wide curves, tight curves, switchbacks - simply a dream for every motorcyclist. Arrived at the coast in Sperlonga everyone in the group had a smile on their face which makes every tour guide happy. Now it was time to get some food: so said so done - some treated themselves to pasta others just wanted a small snack - there was something for everyone. Well, because we are not sleeping here today and Thomas was already waiting for us in Pompei with the room keys, our journey continued along narrow, winding streets, which again just put a smile on our faces. At the end of the day we took the highway to avoid the slow traffic on the country roads around Naples. Finally here we come Pompeii. We parked the motorcycles and then we went to the hotel where a nice 4-course menu was waiting for us.


Despite a bit of rain on the way to the hotel, this was a fantastic start to our Rome to Sicily tour.


It was a pleasure to ride with you on the first day and I'm already looking forward to the next ones.

So tomorrow, it's restday but we will make ride to the Amalfi coast.

See you tomorrow then



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Welcome To Day One
Here we go that's the masterplan for today
Rocca Massima
First Coffee Break
Sperlonga what a nice place to be for lunch
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The Roads what we Love

Day 2 / Restday at Pompei or maybe not

What A View

What a day !!!!!!


It's a rest day but part of the group has decided that the weather is perfect to explore the Amalfi Coast. Therefore 120 km of pure pleasure along the coastline of Amalfi. The smell of the sea in your nose and fantastic roads that meander up and down the mountains along the coast - what more could you want on a rest day!!!


The rest of the group went to see Pompei today and followed in the footsteps of the past. Just impressive what was built here back then.


Tonight, we go to the city center of Pompei, which starts right around the corner from our fantastic hotel - and who knows, one or the other will certainly treat themselves to a cannoli - Sicilian cream rolls - tonight - but why wait until Sicily when there are already some here - my tip right on the corner at the Santuario della Beata church is a great way to end up in the evening for sweets or one or the other drink


This was our 2nd day on our trip to Sicily and tomorrow we continue to Maratea.


See you tomorrow here on our block


Riders of the Almalfi Coast
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Let’s have a look for some souvenirs
Positano Beach where we had lunch
Positano Beach
Pompei and almost home again - a 120 km ride will be done in a view kilometers
Pompei at Night - the Flair of Pompei us one of a kind

Riding Day 3 Pompei to Maratea and as well a Surprise Day

It is Picknick Day let's do it

Welcome to day 3


Pompei to Maratea and on top a surprise for our groupe


After a good breakfast it was luggage to the van and then the usual daily briefing which Thomas did today because he was the tour guide of the day.


For whatever reason, Axel disappeared immediately after he had the luggage, but I know, maybe he was just in a hurry.


But after a few kilometers in the saddle and a coffee stop, he appeared completely unexpectedly out of nowhere. Right next to the historical site of Paestrum - and on top there was a famous Edelweiss Pick Nick overlooking the Greek temples built 600 BC.


Now it was only once bon appetite Axel said it must be eaten.


After refreshment, one or the other went directly to the temple complex and others surprised us with a drone and enjoyed the temple from a bird's perspective.


Not bad I would say for a morning with Thomas and Axel


Well, now it was time to continue the journey to Maratea, where we will stay overnight on the way south.


With the sun on my face, curves over curves lined up and at the end of the day there was a dream road towards Maratea - curves over curves


Another day that so many will never forget.


IT is Picknick Time for Our Group
Welcome to The healthy side of Edelweiss Bike Travel
Picknick the History of Paestum - just around The Corner
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Lethes fly away on a perfect day
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Paestum - there are many ways to discover this historical place
Grisha and Anna
nice road along the coastline
Alex the Tiger tamer

Riding Day 4 Maratea to Tropea

Here we go again - Day 4 – The Way to Tropea

This morning we went to breakfast as usual and then eagerly awaited Axel's little presentation.


First we climbed high up for southern Italian conditions to the San Biagio with 623 meters to take a look at the Christ of Maratea. On top of that there was live music because today was the famous day of Patron San Biagio. After the excursion we went through tight curves down to the coast to continue following it.

The weather wasn't that great at the start today, but it got better and better as the day progressed.


As a small highlight on the way we stopped in Diamante, a picturesque town in the truest sense of the word. Which was embellished by artists in the 80s. Well, a coffee later, we continued towards Tropea and of course a little refreshment.

Finally we arrived early in Tropea and everyone has the chance to enjoy the pool and the beautiful sea view and on Top Thomas welcomes us with a cold boot beer and for the wine lovers he also organised some Red wine

From here we will continue tomorrow and we come to a more winding area – it is known as: Siciliy - that means we will take the ferry to Sicily and set up our camp in Taormina for 2 days.


Well then - next time we'll hear from Sicily - Thomas and I are looking forward to showing our group this wonderful island from the motorbike - be curious what our group will see from tomorrow on




view from the Mountains down to Maratea
Grisha our 3D picture and Drone master on tour. thank`s for sharing all these great impressions with us
Jesus of Maratea
Wolfgang and Wolfgang
Music chapel on to of san Biagio
The artist made a really nice job- personally like it here quite a bit

Riding Day 5: Tropea to Taormina and it is Ferry Day finally we go to Sicily

Nice riding this mornig

Riding Day 5 - Tropea to Taormina


Today we are going to Sicily - the time has come



The business as always in the morning - a good breakfast a good briefing and let's get on the motorcycles.


At first we drove to Scilla a small town on the coastline of the boot of Italy. So once again we caught up with the history and explored the city on side we enjoyed a good Italian coffee and made lunch right away so that our little Edelweiss family went strengthened towards the ferry. Today, I have to admit that there was quite an interesting swell, which was quite a challenge for one or the other - but we can proudly report that everyone mastered it!!!


Afterwards the journey went through Messina to Taormina where we will stay for the next 2 days. The view from the rooms is a delight, not only because each room has a balcony but also because the bay is right in front of our feet. To top it off, the small island - Isola Bella is directly in sight.


Tonight we'll all go to bed with the sound of the sea and we're already looking forward to the next day - you can read about what's happening there tomorrow in our block.


Well then now it means taking a hot shower and then we will go to a restaurant over the cliffs here. And no, we won't reveal what we enjoyed - you have to come to the tour for that


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The view from The Hotel for the next 2 day´s
first Coffee Stop of today
Our lunchplace in Scilla
the sun comes out in Scilla
Knock on wood for good weather on sicily
Waiting for our ferry to sicily
Welcome to Taormina
Jim is going for having fish this evening

Day 6/ Restday - Taormina at his best

The View from our rooms

Day 6 - Taormina at its best


Waking up with the sun in your face and a brilliant view from the breakfast terrace - what more could you want!


According to Wetter forcast, it was raining and Mount Etna was covered in clouds and even snow was mentioned in the forecast for Mount Etna. So we switched over to Plan T - Taormina.


After a long breakfast we met to take the cable car up to Taormina with our friends, what we allready become after several kilometers on this tour. At the top, Thomas and I started our spontaneous guided city tour of Taormina. The first stop was the amphitheater of Taormina, which is also known as the Greek theater but dates back to Roman times because they converted the theater into a colloseum. After exploring this really well preserved historical site. We continued through narrow streets along many small delicatessen shops, suvenier shops and coffee´s where we had a coffee stop and enjoyed the flair of taormina. A short time later we continued in the direction of the cathedral and the baroque fountain. Taormina itself is a wonderful little town and our tour is here at just the right time, the season only starts in a few weeks, so we were able to discover all the little highlights and small streets to the right and left of the path without getting lost from the flow of tourists witch move trough the city. Afterwards we went back down towards the coast with the cable car.


It is difficult to describe the day briefly when you see the pictures, you understand it best - Taormina is simply a dream, just like every room where you can sit on the balcony and listen to the rushing waves and with a view that is second to none.


Tonight we sleep here again and tomorrow we continue to the picturesque town of Cefalu.


We are looking forward to the next few days, even if it means that we are getting closer and closer to our goal of Catania and that is also the end of our journey.


As a tour guide, Thomas and I enjoy all the days with the group and the conversations are a pleasure - whether jokes or serious topics - the group and we just fit together - and if my feelings don't push me then the journey could just go on and on.


See you tomorrow


It´s a pleasure to discover with all of you the beauty of Italy - Thomas and Axel
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Taormina Colloseum
What a view
Along the way trough Taormina - some Mosaiks are breathtaking
Sometimes it feels like 100 Water - the art what mostly known from Barcelona
If you look carefully around there is always some nice paintings around the town
Thats also an idea how to use a map - some other tourist are real inventors
It's time for a coffee
Lokals enjoying the live as mutch as they can
If your are in Italy there is no way around - you have to top your days with ice cream
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Filesize: 28 MB
The Isola Bella
Isola Bella

Riding Day 7 Taormina to Cefalu

The Weather has changed but our passion to ride is still unstoppable

Good Morning Good Morning from Taormina


Well now we arrived at Cefalu and we did already our ride


Yes, today it was said: the journey to Cefalu continues and so we did! Again a small dreamy old town waiting for us. On the way there were some highlights today, on the one hand we hoped to be lucky and to see Mount Etna and on the other we went to Sperlinga where a cave castle was waiting for us. But not only does the castle consist of 50% caves, but also normal apartments have been hewn into the rock over the years - imagine you describe your friends where you live now and you would tell them the 3rd cave from above - crazy Afterwards there was a small snack directly opposite and then we continued towards Castelbuono. Unfortunately, the streets themselves were a bit damp today because it had rained during the night and the weather wasn't the best today, but taff as we are we moved on . Today's goal was not far afterwards!!! Cefalu we are coming was the motto from here and so we arrived in Cefalu with nice weather, where we will stay for the night.

 By the way - The road towards Cefalu through the mountains is dream road

So now it is almost: Bon appetit time because the kitchen is already waiting for us.


See you tomorrow here



waiting for the meeting in the morning what is coming up today the way to Cefalu
Randall is relaxed after a good breakfast and Kim well I guess she is checking on the weather from today - Kim it will be fin there is nothing we can change on it
Thomas the Tourguides of today is picking deep in history of today
And Thomas is waiting for the moment that somebody says the sun will be coming out - but that took a while today
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Filesize: 47 MB
Alex is exploring the lavafields close to the Etna
Anna and Chrisha
Kim and Randal
Terry and Joseph
The Wolf.....gang
Lavafield at the bottomline of Etna
first coffee of the day
nice Riding today
corners, corners, corners
from time to time it was dry. Grisha i hope you`ve enjoyed the ride
Thomas Tourguide at work
Fortress in Sperlinga
Randal is also glimbing all the way up to the fortress of Sperlinga
Thomas on ther verry top of the fortress
Randal is enjoing live
Grisha is thinking of...... who knows

Riding Day 8: Cefalu to Agrigento

rain rain rain and rain

Theme of The day – some thinks you cant change


Well what can I say about the day. First the positive, the highlights of today would have been: Caccamo with his old castle but in the rain we agreed that it would also fit in - the drive past. After that we went for a coffee and then to Corleone the famous place of the Mafia. The weather today showered us with rain for the remainder of the year making our stay in Corleone more nutritious than a trip down memory lane. Well, some things even Thomas and I can't change. After a little refreshment we decided it was time to get to the hotel. So the journey went on and you have to say if it hadn't rained then the roads to agrigento would have been just a dream!!! So it was time to concentrate and look ahead and hope that there will be a break in the rain.

It was a strenuous day and it's good that we arrived at the hotel early - so everyone can relax a bit and go to dinner where we have a nice little restaurant and will certainly enjoy the evening. In terms of pictures, the weather isn't great today so there have been not that much, but tomorrow is another day - unfortunately our last one on this tour, because tomorrow we'll arrive in Catania.

Well then, we'll freshen up and enjoy the evening with delicious food and who knows, maybe Petrus will be better disposed towards us tomorrow.


Until tomorrow have a nice one




Cefalu in the morning so far it was not to bad but it changed soon
Coffee Stopp at Corleone
Lethes make the best out of it - training all day long but some funny moments is a must have on Tour with Thomas and Axel
Play video Download
Filesize: 15 MB
Never stopp laughing even if the Rain takes over the day
The Wolf-Gang´s are on Tour in Corleone
Memories have been build up
Lunch in Corleone with a touch of the movies - The Pate
Some used the chance to have a nice conversation
Play video Download
Filesize: 34 MB
This Weather just don't like us
Even the Apple Watch was thinking we are swimming

Riding Day 9: Agrigento to Catania and Petrus is our Team today

Last Day Of The Tour

Good morning on riding day 9 on our tour


Theme of the day - it is sunny and we will enjoy it as much as we can


What was on our to do list today?


It started with breakfast and after our last morning briefing, we jumped on the bikes and shortly afterwards we drove along the Valle dei Templi for a last look at the history of Agrigento. Well, since it was surprisingly dry and sunny today, nothing stood in the way of enjoying the small, narrow streets towards our goal – Catania. So things went quickly and the Villa Romana del Casale was on the order of the day. However, a call later from Axel there has been good news: Etna can be seen and with snow on top. Now there was a vote between Etna - which we couldn't see on the rest day in Taormina - and the Mosaki of the Villa… - 3 times you can guess - of course we went to Etna and it was worth it - we had already missed this highlight on the tour and hoped that we will be lucky when we arrive in Catania . Now Thomas let his hands fly over the navigation device and the route was complete. Etna here we come !!!!


After a dream day on the bike towards Catania with fantastic weather, we finally went up to Etna - lava fields and a dream view were the reward.


All in one this final riding day mad the Tour complete:

Sun + Nice Sweepers + Etna = perfect Day

But it's also our last day today, after arriving at the hotel it was time to give back the keys and review the tour at our fair well dinner.


The smiles on the faces of our group were a pleasure and at the same time you could feel the feeling of farewell getting stronger.

At the end of the evening there were the first hugs.


It's always a strange feeling to say goodbye because on a tour like this you grow together like a small family and that's a fantastic feeling not only for the guests but also for us as tour guides, because that's what this job is for us - to share unforgettable time and roads with friends on a bike.


I can only say thank you for such a great group, it was really a lot of fun.

I'm already hoping that it won't be that long before we're on tour again.


Well only thing what is left over to write is:

I wish you all a safe flight home and see you soon




the weather was better today, lots of curves waiting for us
first coffeestop, the Wolfpack and Thomas
again Randal is enjoying live
Jim is going for some extra Snacks
sometimes you have to relax
little d-tour to the Etna today. beautifull view from up there
Play video Download
Filesize: 13 MB
Who likes to play withe the go pro - Thomas does
it cant be more beautifull down here. On the way back from the Etna
Play video Download
Filesize: 16 MB
The bikes will go back to Austria
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Helmut Wonisch
Saturday, May 7, 2022 at 05:56

Axel and Thomas and complete group..
Fantastic pictures so far. Enjoy the ride in italys south.
Best regards Helmut
Axel Schneider
Saturday, May 7, 2022 at 17:11

Thanks see you at lates at the Greece tour
Grisha Alroi
Wednesday, May 4, 2022 at 07:37

Two wonderful days have passed and we are ready for the third. Yesterday we went to Sorento, Positano and Amalfi, just gorgeous. Axel is a hell if a guide, always helpful, easy going and funny. And quite knowledgeable. Chapeau!
Johannes Geiger
Tuesday, May 3, 2022 at 23:57

The two most beautiful TG‘s from Edelweiss together on tour - would like to join in
Axel Schneider
Wednesday, May 4, 2022 at 00:13

We both decided to give a job as a sweeper


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