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CBS2201 St. James Way: Tapas, Peaks and Turns

Friday, June 17, 2022 | Thomas Fellechner / Angela | Europe

Riding Day 2: Soria to Pamplona

Byebye Soria, a nice place to stay but another beautifull place ,Pamplona, ist waiting for us, inbetween thousends of curves, and turns. Our day starts with a nice Ride throuh the "Reserva Nacional de Cameros" a beautifull peace of Nature, into the famous wine farming area "Rijoa" where we had lunch. And of course we learned something about wine.

Reserva Nacional de Cameros
Trey what have you done to this sign
Look at this scenery...
...Beate an Robert
...Mark and Kathrine
Group picture in the midle of curvy nowhere
Keith and Joe enjoy Tapas lunch

Rest Day: Pamplona

we are in Pamplona now, a beautifull "little" city. World famous for the "Bullrun" event. 

But we are also interested in the roads you can also go for a ride, for example to San Sebastian. Like we did.

Keith can't get enouth pictures of the landscape
"pinchos" a very traditional snack in this part of Spain. yami
Church in San Sebastian
The way you have to escape in case you are chased by a Bull
Pamplona at night.

Riding Day 4: from Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Camasobres

Todays mission is to follow the river "Ebro" most time of our route is as curvy as the river itself. The landscape is changing a lot times this nice....and i'ts still even half of the Tour.

river Ebro....look at this landscape
our pak in front of the small waterfall in Obraneja del Castillo
Angela was prepairing a great Picnic for us.
our viking (Joe) riding his italien stallion
there are no words to discripe the beauty

Riding Day 6: from León to Villafranca del Bierzo


Our day starts in Leon, after a fiew km of straight roads we turn again into a paradise for motorcycle riders. Curves and turns as far you can see…….wait….okay you can`t see so far ahead because of fog in the valleys of a nationall Park. Doesn`t matter after a fiew km the fog was gone and we had a beautiful view.


Another beautifull Day finish again a little closer to our target…Santigao de Compostella


the beginning of a little adventure

after cleaning our visors we continued our ride. Safety first
after a fiew km it becomes better. Ride throuth a U-shape valley...beautifull
after our little adventure in the fog we climbed higher. the benefit was a wonderfull view up there
you can still see the fog we ride throuth
dry roads and sunshine, Beate and Robert enjoy
Monestery in Vega de Espinareda
Stork nest on top of the monestery in Vega de Espinareda
After we arrived, Angela was waiting for us with a Bootbeer and a selfmade "Tinto de Verano". And like Katherine says "I dont need boots for a bootbeer"
Beate and Robert enyoy their Bootbeer to
Angela and Thomas our Tourguides

Riding day 8: Santo Estevo to Santiago de Compostela

Our day starts a bit later because we would have enouth time to enjoy our Hotel in Santo Estevo. The first couple of kilometres are beutifull, the roads are a little bumpy but the view was spectecular. after a light lunch we continue our ride into Santiago de Compostela.... we did it

Thomas is doing our morning briefing
old traditional storage "house"
beautiful view down to river "Rio Mino"
Beate and Robert enjoy the view
Katherine and Mark our "world tourer"
Dinner in our 5star Parador
our Hotel in Santiago
Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

Rest Day 2: Santiago de Compostela

Of course, today is a rest day, but the real end of the Way of St. James is waiting for us. The Cabo Fisterra. For the Romans it was the end of the world. Of course, some of our friends do not want to miss this.

first coffee stop
Mark in front of the Waterfall
the weather has not exactly spoiled us, but the view is fantastic
the end of the World
Beate and Robert
Mark at the 0,000km mark.....
on our way back we had a great lunch right next to the atlantic ocean

Riding Day 10: from Verin to Salamanca

this morning there was a whiff of burning smell in the air. In the region where we are traveling there was a huge forest fire. During the first half of the route, the smoke was omnipresent. From Braganca cleared so slowly the haze. Salamanca we come

Katherine and Mark
nice riding in the morning
look at Keith
and of course nice coffee
The Pak in front of the Fortress de Braganca
Robert is exploring the fortress
Beate is.....chilling
Konzert in Salamanca late evening
Kathedral of Salamanca
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von Waldburg Gabriele
Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at 15:07

Liebe Angela
Gerne wäre ich dabei auf dieser wunderschönen Tour!! Schwelge in Erinnerungen
Alles Liebe und gute Fahrt
Angela de Haan
Saturday, June 11, 2022 at 21:17

Hallo Gaby,
ja ich denke oft an unsere Tour zurück. Es ist einfach eine wunderschöne Gegend !!! Und wir haben auch Glück mit dem Wetter.
Ganz liebe Grüße, Angela


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