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Kings and Castles - Burgen und Schlösser (CKC2202)

Monday, September 5, 2022 | Uwe Hausleitner | Europe

The Arrival / Die Ankunft - Vienna, beautiful, big, interesting...

Arrived and ready to be taken
Look at these nice bikes. They are screaming for riding.
Everything is good, happy people are going to take over all the nice bikes.
Look at these faces. Knowing, that some beautiful and interesting days are ahead.

First riding day from Vienna to Budweis (České Budějovice)

We started by crossing Vienna from our Hotel to the north. Going by the Stepansdom and following the Danube to Dürnstein. The famous castle, where Richard Lionheart was captured and held hostage. After our lunch at Maria Taferl and a beautiful view over the Danube and the Wachau, we turned north and entered the Waldviertel. Very famous for the number of trees there. A lot of forest. Which led us to the Czech Republic and to our final destination in Budweis.

After some raindrops in the morning, we finally had some nice weather in the afternoon and you can tell, a coffee outside is just nicer than inside.
Motivated for the ride into the Czech Republic on dry roads.
Arrival in Budweis after our first day, with some very nice roads through the forest and some sunshine at the end.

Our second day riding - Budweis to Prague - Exploring the Czeck Republic

We started in Budweis with a short ride to Cesky Krumlov. This is a stunning medieval little town, which we entered through a stunning building, that is part of the castle. This building spans literally from one hill to the next one and you walk right underneath. As you can see, the happy people where have some fun exploring this town and we did a nice little stroll. The next chapter was a ride through the Bohemian forrest, which is one of the biggest in middle Europe. The day went by and we arrived all safe in Prague for our dinner. Which was, where the real danger waited... 

First stop in Cesky Krumlov. You can see the river flowing around the city center.
And here you can guess, who understands and follows orders the best.
As mentioned above, the real danger was the dinner. Maybe you can spot some red traces on someones shirt. Thankfully this was only wine.
This was a whole lot of fun.

Day 3 - Our first Rest day

Also on our rest day, we could not resist to hop on our bikes and do a little tour. First we went shopping for bike accessories and then we went to the south to the Castle Karlstejn. Nice little roady and nearly no trafficf. We had a nice little lunch there and a whole lot of fun.

This is Castle Karstejn. When there is no rain.
Nevertheless, we had some great lunch and Pierre got some bread basket and found some goulash inside.
This is, how you look after a day of riding around Prague.
An impression of our dinner cruise in Prague.
After sunset Prague lighted up.
The starting and end point of our cruise.
And a nice little after-dinner walk through the old town.

Day 4 - Riding from Prague to Dresden

As we are riding towards the German border, we first visited the bonehouse in Melnik and found some very nice icecream along the road. As a little surprise Ana was preparing a picknick in Jetrichovice. After this short stop, we continued our travel to Dresden via the Bastei. The evening brought another surprise for Gabi, as she was our Birthday girl today.

After leaving Prague and our short ride to Melnik, the time for another nice group picture has come.
After assembling everyone for the picture (and taking it) and as I am a good tourguide, I figured immediatlely out, that someone was missing. Pierre was a little late to the picture, but the boat in the background was still there.
Gabi in the tree.
Our steel horses waiting for us to finish our great Czech icecream in the middle of nowhere.
Look at these people. Having an Edelweiss picknick in the Czech Republic.
Already in Germany, we used the great view at the Bastei for another group picture. A serious one.
But we couldn´t help, we are having so much fun...
Our Birthday girl Gabi. Of course the cake was to have candles. We have been sent outside by the hotel, so the fire alarm does not go off. All safe in Dresden.

Day 5 - Restday in Dresden to explore the Ore mountains (Erzgebirge)

This day started with perfect conditions, dry, sunny but not too hot. And it stayed this way. We hit the road and after a visit to Schloss Weesenstein and the Glashütte Museum, we found some very nice Burgers for lunch. But not any burger, it was a venison burger. Delicous. The afternoon was full riding. 

Our first stop at Schloss Weesenstein.
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Glashütte museum
Everybody enjoyed the museum.
100 km after lunch. Look at these faces.
Enjoying a nice cold one.
And some dinner. Only a small one...
This needed an after-dinner walk. And there are some weird cars...

Day 6 - Riding from Dresden to Lazne Belohrad

After leaving Dresden to the East, we explored the possibilities of the German Autobahn. A nice ride into the sunshine, but quite some traffic. We had a little coffee stop in Görlitz and moved on to the Giants Mountains (Riesengebirge). Doing so, we tipped into Poland 2 times, but found our way back to the Czech Republic, where we arrived just 5 minutes before the sky opened up and it started raining cats and dogs. Another adventure awaited us at the dinner...

Morning briefing, with all the details for the day. Some are important...
Our first coffee stop in Görlitz. Nice bakery, great icecream.
Reserved parking in the middle of the old town. Advantages of a motorbike.
Entering the Czech Republic again.
Group riding rules also apply, when the group is standing still. Works perfect with this group.
Lost group in Czech Republic. Look where they got lost... Nice place by any means.
Gabi on a stone.
Our dinner adventure. A lightning strike took out the energy. Cosy and dark, turned into a candle light dinner. Some started to the buffet again, to use the darkness.

Day 7 - Riding from Lazne Belohrad to Stary Jicin

After the heavy rain in the night, we started with somehow wet roads, but the longer we rode, the more it dried up. Great riding to our first coffee stop in Nove Mesto and great riding along the Polish border afterwards. We had any kind of road you could imagine. Small, big, forrest, mountain, plains, lakes, nice, bumpy...

Perfect for riding.

Great group, always fun.
Nice little towns with a lot of history.
Our first coffee stop of the day. Nice little town, friendly people everywhere.
A little lunch. Nice burgers in Czech Republic.
This was common understanding. Great food here.
After lunch, get ready again. More curves are waiting.
Gabi did some improvements on the Harley.
Not sure, if everybody feels the same way about the art.
The girls at the fuel station.
Look at our dinner location. Unfortunately the round table was not big enough for us.
But we found another option.

Day 8 - Stari Jicin to Krakow

We are leaving the Czech Republic and entering Poland. This time to stay a little longer. Our way takes us to Oswiecim, better known as Ausschwitz. After getting a short impression on the surroundings we rode directly to Krakow. A nice and busy city.

Poland at its best.
On tour, with a lot of historical buildings around.
Nice people on nice bikes.

Day 9 - Rest day in Krakow

This was a real rest day, as everyone wanted to explore the city and the possibilities. Some went to Ausschwitz for a longer tour to get to know the place and the history their better. Others explored the old town and took a tour in Krakow itself. All had a very relaxed and nice day, with a dinner outside at one of the main spares.

Day 10 - Riding day from Krakow (Poland) to Rajecke Teplice (Slovakia)

Another great day to ride. Sunny weather, but not too hot. Leaving Poland, we are entering the Tatra Mountains and had a blast of good roads. Nearly no traffice and beautiful nature along the route. These were the best roads to find around here.

Coffee and cake. Having a little fun.
Leaving Poland.
Entering Slovakia.
Look at the smiles in their faces. And also the background. Tired and happy after a long day of riding.

Riding day 11 - From Rajecke Teplice (Slovakia) to Budapest ( Hungary)

Today we were riding from Slovakia to Hungary. Starting with beautiful roads and a nice cool breeze in the morning. 12 °C woke us up pretty fast and we enjoyed neverending swinging roads with nearly no traffic at all. Ana presented us a great Edelweiss Picknick, we visited a Castle and rode over the Danube on a Ferry. Entering Budapest, we were hit with the full traffic. Nevertheless, what a day. Sunny from start to end. 

Sunrise in Rajecke Teplice
Preparing the briefing.
Cicmany - a village with houses painted with all kind of symbols for protection and because it looks pretty.
Our Ana prepares great picknicks. Everybody liked the food and the spot.
Carlos found Hungary!
He told everyone, so we took another picture together.
Putting our steel horses via the river a different way. This time on a ferry boat.
Carlos is our Selfie-King

Day 12 - Rest day in Budapest

We took our day in Budapest off and enjoyed the city. Beautiful buildings and a lot to see. There is a very interesting combination of the past and the future in this city. You can easily spend time here, without getting bored.

A nice view over Budapest.
Look a the achitecture.
And the great food.
Happy people at a great dinner location.
And some interesting old tram cars.

Riding day 13 - From Budapest (Hungary) to Vienna (Austria)

On our last day, we went to see Esztergom basilica. The place where the hungarian nation was born and the first hungarian king was crowned in the year 1000. A nice little road took us their through the hills next to Budapest. After our visit at this monumental building we contiued our journey back to Slovakia and again back to Hungary. Following the danube we had some nice and some bumpy roads. For lunch Ana was preparing a great picknick again at the historical picknick place of the Pan European Picknick at the border between Hungary and Austria. After arriving at the hotel, we had our farewell dinner and quite some stories to tell. This was a great tour, with a wonderful group of very experienced riders. It was an honor and pleasure to ride with them.

Esztergom basilica. To call it tall would be an understatement.
Also from the inside.
Sharing memories and a impressions from two interesting and challenging weeks in Europe. Thank you all, for the great tour.

Mary´s view

Mary and Darwin were so nice to share their pictures with us, so we can show you, how they experienced the tour.

Waiting for the green light.
Checking the "gang"
Still checking.
Hendrik and Gabi going strong on their Harley.
Parking for a coffee break.
Saw the nice building in the back? The whole town looks like this.
Waiting for coffee.
It ended up to be coffee, sweets and icecream.
Where did the asphalt go?
Must have been a detour.
Still searching the asphalt.
Found it!
And some more.
Coasting through the trees.
And some small towns.
With good roads and others, as you can tell from the picture.
Small forest roads with nearly no traffic.
Curvy mountain roads through different forests.
And even more forest.
Can you imagine, how much fun these roads are?
A turn from time to time.
Just look, what you get to ride in.
Small lunch break in the middle of nowhere.
Nice restaurant with a little confused people. Maybe it was the language barrier, but we finally understood each other.
And more roads...
And roads...
All of them beautiful
With these surroundings.

Carlos View - Video

Carlos was our private journalist on this tour and he did a great job with all his pictures and this video, you can find below. Thank you Carlos!

Impressions from the motobike, the stops and more.
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