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Welcome ...
... to your lifetime adventure!
Welcome ...
... to your lifetime adventure!
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World Tour // South-East Asia: Bangkok - Bali 1BB

Indonesia   |  Malaysia   |  Thailand

Once arrived in Bangkok we will have a few days’ brake to get used to a new time zone and the tropical temperatures of Thailand. But soon it’s time to say goodbye to the bustle of the city as we head south towards Krabi. As we pass by the many tourist resorts we will be riding on roads that most other people will only have seen from the air.

On our way, we will pass by giant limestone formations rising out of the green jungle, visit deep caves and relax on heavenly beaches. All of which will leave lasting impressions that will sustain us as we ride through the endless palm oil and rubber plantations of southern Thailand. This is truly a section of many contrasts.

Malaysia is a contrast all on its own, with its relaxed small villages and modern, sometimes futuristic cityscapes: the Petronas Towers, multi-lane highways and glitzy shopping malls compete with small boutique hotels and green, quiet courtyards. As we wait for our motorcycles to cross the Malakka Straight we will have two days to explore Kuala Lumpur, before jumping on a plane to Sumatra to re-join our bikes.

Leaving the airport in Medan is like stepping into a new world: the chaotic traffic, the nev-er-ending cacophony of horns and shouts, the smell of petrol fumes. All these combine into a mix of overwhelming impressions that can seem almost scary. Our bikes are the perfect antidote as we set off into the green heart of Sumatra. Our first stop along our route is Lake Toba, located inside of one of the world’s largest volcanic craters. Who can resist a swim in a volcano before we continue our ride across the island? A major highlight is just around the corner. Shortly before reaching Bukkittinggi we will ride across the equator, a highlight for any serious biker! Riding along the relaxed western coast of Sumatra we head south and onto the ferry for Java.

To avoid Jakarta and its immense traffic jams we head onto the twisty mountain and coastal roads of Java’s southern coast and make our way to Yogyakarta, the cultural heart of Java. Small, hidden roads offer us some real adventure as we make our way through the dense jungle up to the moon-like landscape of the Mount Bromo crater.

Our last ferry ride takes us to Bali, where we will experience the fascinating culture and traditions of the only Hindu island in Indonesia. Nasi Goreng, Bami Goreng, Mahi Mahi and the rhythmic Kecak chants will be our companions on our discovery of this enchanting island. Impressive temples and picturesque rice paddies, the stark beauty of the many volcanoes, all combined with a fascinating culture make for a truly unique experience. Loaded with new experiences and amazed by the vast spread of South-East Asian cultures we finally make our way towards Denpasar, our final destination of this section.


In Thailand, import and visa regulations may change on short notice and/or significantly.

Special Challenges

  • Chaotic traffic as well as noise and dirt in the cities. Relax in the peace and calm of the fascinating nature.
  • High temperatures and humidity.
  • Unpredictable and erratic traffic, even on the smallest roads. Watch out for cars, trucks, busses, scooters, animals and pedestrians!)
  • Be prepared for exotic cultures and food.
  • Left hand traffic

Your expedition vehicle

To participate in the Edelweiss World Tour sections you will need to bring your own bike. If you prefer to join with a rental motorcycle we can send you an offer on request!

Karin and Gerhard from the World Tour Management will be available for you for any questions or concerns at expedition@edelweissbike.com!

Start/Finish: Bangkok / Denpasar
Nearest airport: Bangkok / Denpasar
Duration: 46 Días de vacaciones 44 Días de conducción
Route: Distancia total: 7150-7210 km, 4443-4480 miles
Distancias diarias: 10-510 km, 6-317 miles
Accommodations: The quality, facilities and service of hotels will vary considerably depending on regional and national differences. Our goal is to book all stays in comfortable 3-5 star hotels. However, this is not always possible. Certain facilities might not be available, especially in regions with poorly developed infrastructure.
Rest day: Bangkok
Ao Nang
Kuala Lumpur
Tuk Tuk
Bandar Lampung
Borobudur Temple
Lovina Beach
Highlights: Bangkok City, Karstlandas in the south of Thailand, Phang Nga Bay, Rain forest in Zentral-Malaysia, Tea plantations, Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Lawang, Melaka , La Toba, Borobudur Temple, Yogyakarta, Mount Bromo, Mount Ijen, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, Mount Batur, Uluwatu
Número mínimo de participantes.: 8
Tenga en cuenta el párrafo 4.2. a) de nuestros términos y condiciones de viaje para obtener más información sobre la cancelación del recorrido a través de Edelweiss Bike Travel cuando no se alcanza el número mínimo de participantes - Términos y condiciones

Precios del tour y motocicletas 2020

Servicios incluidos

Price for rider in double room
Own Bike
$ 18.440,-
Honda CRF 1000 L Africa Twin
$ 23.720,-
BMW R 1250 GS
$ 25.110,-
Price for passenger in double room$ 11.210,-
Single room supplement$ 3.260,-

Precios del tour y motocicletas 2021

Servicios incluidos

Price for rider in double room
Own Bike
$ 18.990,-
Price for passenger in double room$ 11.540,-
Single room supplement$ 3.380,-

Los precios comienzan en $ 18.440,-

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25.10. - 09.12.2020
24.10. - 08.12.2021



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