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AMA Alps Challenge (Part II) SPT23017

Francia   |  Italia   |  Suiza

Discover the highest reaches of the Alps – and some of the most spectacular mountain passes on earth!

The AMA Alps Challenge trilogy entered it second stage in 2022 as we shift our focus towards the southwest. While Part I was all about Austria, Italy, and the Dolomites, Part II will show you around Switzerland and introduce you to the French Alps. You’re about to experience some of the world’s most spectacular geography and mountain passes, and some of the best motorcycle riding you can imagine!

The AMA Alps Challenge covers the 40 highest passes of the Alps, and Part II has nine of them in store for you. In addition, there are more than a dozen smaller and lesser-known passes lined up along our route, as well as picturesque little towns, imposing castles, and numerous sights and attractions. You’ll even get to ride with AMA Editorial Director Mitch Boehm and some of the AMA Brass, too.

The Challenge starts in Milan, Italy’s second-largest city. Its two major airports make it easy to reach, and its proximity to the Alps guarantees plenty of riding fun from the start. Still, Milan is worth an extra day or two, so try to arrive a little earlier and enjoy this fabulous city!

From Milan, we head straight into Switzerland (don’t take “straight” literally!) to find the first members of that illustrious “Club of 40”. Around the town of Andermatt, half a dozen major passes with more than 150 hairpin turns are waiting for you and your motorcycle, and in order to really savor each and every one of them we’re going to spend a rest day in picturesque Andermatt.

Then we head to France, to Chamonix, an old and famous resort town located at the foot of spectacular Mont Blanc. We’ll circle around the highest mountain of the Alps and along the way collect two more major passes and a handful of smaller ones, which are just as spectacular to ride.

After one night in Aosta, Italy, we return to Milan.

So come join us on this epic ride and find out why the AMA Alps Challenge Tours are so much fun, and why the Alps are considered to be the world’s number one motorcycle paradise.

From Mitch Boehm, AMA Editorial Director:
"I can’t tell you how much fun we had on the AMA Alps Challenge Tours! With a mix of AMA members from around the country and a handful of my friends (none of whom had ever ridden in the Alps), we had a total blast each and every day, riding the rollercoaster-esque roads, negotiating the many switchback-infested passes, enjoying the amazing geography and history of the region, and of course sampling each day the food and – at night – adult beverages. It was the best Alps trip of my life, and I’ve been on several. So come play with us, either on the AMA Alps Challenge I, the AMA Alps Challenge II, or the icing on the cake at the AMA Alps Challenge III! You know it´s gonna be epic!"

Start/Finish: Milano (Milan) / Varese
Nearest airport: Mailand (MXP)
Duration: 9 Días de vacaciones 7 Días de conducción
Route: Distancia total: 1324-1712 km, 823-1064 miles
Distancias diarias: 160-276 km, 99-171 miles
Accommodations: comfortable middle-class hotels
Rest day: Andermatt
Highlights: Milan, a spectacular city full of history, arts, and culture, St. Moritz, where the rich and the beautiful like to spend their holidays, Andermatt, the center of the unofficial “Swiss Motorcycle National Park”, Interlaken and Thun, two picture-perfect historic Swiss towns, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, a historic resort town where sport and fun are omnipresent, Mont Blanc, highest mountain of the Alps, Over 20 spectacular mountain passes
Número mínimo de participantes.: 6
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Los precios comienzan en $ 4.780,-

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Categoría de motos 1

9 Días de vacaciones
7 Ruta de conducción

Día 1: Arrival in Milano (Milan)
Día 2: Milano (Milan) - Pontresina
Día 3: Pontresina - Andermatt
Día 4: Andermatt
Día 5: Andermatt - Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
Día 6: Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
Día 7: Chamonix-Mont-Blanc - Aosta
Día 8: Aosta - Varese
Día 9: Departure from Varese

Los precios comienzan en $ 4.780,-

Por persona

Servicios incluidos

Categoría de motos 1

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