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Posted by Johannes Geiger

TOURING CENTER ALPS - motorcycling at its finest

August 12, 2022

TOURING CENTER ALPS Motorcycling at it's finest

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Greece to Croatia - Exploring the Balkan!

May 28, 2022

Tour guide bike in front of our beautiful tour start hotel in Athens. KTM 1290 Super Adventure S - what a beast!

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Tour guide training 2021 (NEWBIE - Edition)

June 4, 2021

Like in school - just a lot more exciting. Everyone sits at his seat and soaks up all the information he gets, because they will need it for sure later ... Modul tour incoming

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October 14, 2019

A motorcycle tour that combines 3,000 years of history with lots of spectacular riding fun!

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September 15, 2019

GRAND ALPS Group 2019

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STP19050 Moto GP Tour 2019

August 16, 2019

Moto GP Tour Group 2019 (alias Schnitzelsoup group)

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Kings and Castles CKC 1901

June 22, 2019

Esztergom Basilica

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6TG1901 Modultour 2019

April 15, 2019

Day 6: Bozen to Mieming

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