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Tour categories

When Edelweiss Bike Travel started in 1980 with the first scouting tours, a whole new concept in motorcycle touring was born. Since then a lot has changed, and today you can experience the Edelweiss-style art of touring on more than 70 different tour destinations on our planet. It doesn‘t matter if you want to travel in Europe, South America, North America, Asia, Africa or Pacific – we guarantee an unforgettable experience!

As we have been leading our international clientele around the world for 36 years now, we know about the necessity of having a safe ride. In addition, one of the most important things is to listen the individual needs and requirements of our customers and to tailor our tours accordingly. So today we offer you 12 different tour categories, from the basic Ride4Fun tours to the luxurious Royal vacations, from our Classic tours to the fancy Scooter tours, or from the adventurous expeditions to the brand-named motorcycle tours. We can offer the right tour for everybody.

So if you like travelling to far-flung countries, meeting people from different cultures, navigating new and unfamiliar routes, or if you simply want to meet new people – with Edelweiss Bike Travel, you are on the right road!

Classic Tours

Logo Classic Tours

Imagine arriving in an unfamiliar country in a far-away land, only to be greeted by a smiling Edelweiss tour guide who will manage your luggage for the trip’s duration. Imagine test riding the latest, greatest, and newest bikes from some of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers. Imagine a full day’s ride on one of these steeds along roads and through scenery you’ve only seen in pictures – and without bulky luggage on the bike to slow you down. You get the choice of joining our experienced ride leaders or independently seeking out your own loop before meeting up with the entire tour group at the next hotel. Imagine luxuriating in specially selected hotels, where all you have to do after a tremendously rich day of riding is eat, drink, laugh with new friends and get some sleep before doing it all over again the next day. Imagine how relaxed you will be on such a journey. Now, think of how fortunate you are to have such an active imagination, and that ours are just as good. Welcome to edelweiss CLASSIC tours.

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Logo Adventure

Do you love adventures? Do you want to experience foreign cultures, unusual landscapes and unique physical challenges? edelweiss ADVENTURE tours will bring out the world-traveler in you. And you don’t have to be an experienced off-road pilot to enjoy the pleasures of these adventures. Due to our vast experience with guiding motorcycle tours on every continent, we offer the most fascinating regions on paved and easily navigated secondary roads. Our specially trained adventure tour guides are there for you every mile of the way. They can teach you new riding skills en route as well as introduce you to each region’s local mysteries. As the world’s leading motorcycle touring company, we offer the highest standards of service and accommodations on our adventure tours. This means one experienced tour guide, a support van for your luggage and routes that are well organized and scouted ahead of time. Join us on our edelweiss ADVENTURE tours and enjoy the motorcycle experience of a lifetime.

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Touring Center

Logo Touring Center

If you’ve long dreamed of taking a vacation in the world’s best motorcycle regions, then you must visit at least one of the edelweiss TOURING CENTER tours. They’re located in the heart of the best motorcycle touring regions. On these convenient tours, guests do daytrips from the same attractive, centrally located hotel. This breeds great regional familiarity and relief from having to pack and unpack every day. You’ll have total freedom to decide your daily destinations. Plan your own route, ride with our professionally trained tour guide, or kick back for a day at the spa with a special someone. Need to unwind after a hectic day’s ride in paradise? No problem. Each of our edelweiss TOURING CENTER tours offers outstanding service and delicious regional cuisine. An edelweiss TOURING CENTER is the ideal motorcycle holiday to bring non-riding family members along; while you are discovering the best route, they can enjoy the hotel and local attractions.

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Royal Tours

Logo Royal Tours

Setting the bar at the highest level, these top-end tours consist of small groups enjoying upscale accommodations and more rest days to soak it all in. You want to feel like royalty on your well-deserved vacation? If so, edelweiss ROYAL tours are for you. When planning those travels, we single out our best, longest running, wildly popular or most unique motorcycling vacations in the world’s most beautiful regions and kick them up a notch. edelweiss ROYAL tours hotel standards are higher, their meals exquisite, our guides even better, and the overall quality of service is taken to new heights not previously experienced by motorcycle tourists. No longer mere motorcycle tourists in strange lands, these tourists stay in upscale hotels and ride our best bikes free of awkward luggage. After a fascinating day zooming around twisting tarmac, you will dine in a fine restaurant with the most delicious dinner and look forward to the next day while sipping fine wine. We also include more rest days in the edelweiss ROYAL tours schedules. They can be used for two-wheel exploring, sightseeing, shopping, a day at the spa, or playing golf on epic courses.

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Ride4Fun Tours

Logo Ride4Fun Tours

When taking a motorcycle tour away from home, it’s always fun and excitement that we are after. This is the focus of edelweiss RIDE4FUN tours. Tours that show you exciting scenery, are fun to ride, and acquaint you with the way people think and live in the places we are touring. Our hotels have local flavor and are not over the top in price or amenities. You ride in a group, with one tour guide on the bike in front, or in your own little group finding your own secret path; it’s up to you! Important to you and to us is your choice of the best bike for the trip. You must feel good on your steed! There is a lot to see during the riding day, but the evening is there to be enjoyed as well – our tours offer local flavor in people, food and more. The groups are international, so you learn more about motorcycling in other parts of the world as you mingle and make new friends overseas! Your one-week supply of shirts, socks and your toothbrush go on your bike; it’s easy with the luggage cases provided. It’s a real motorcycle tour! Your tour guides are ready to ride and have fun with you!

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Self-Guided Tours

Logo Self-Guided Tours

No matter if you want to go out and explore on your own or if you want to go with friends and family. You tell us the dates and we do the rest! With hotels you can rely on our experience or choose for yourself. You can either ride your own or spoil yourself with one of our rentals.

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Discovery Tours

Logo Discovery Tours

Do you dream about experiencing a true journey of a lifetime? Do you want to ride as far as you can go and as far as you can see? Join us on an Edelweiss DISCOVERY tour! They are the next challenging step up from the ADVENTURE touring program. These tours are longer, tougher, occasionally even provide the flair of an expedition. You will need endurance, stamina, physical fitness and many miles of riding experience to fully enjoy these trips. Along the way it means getting out of your comfort zone. You may even share an occasional tear of exhaustion or happiness, experiencing personal growth, feeling pride and gratitude. When participating in a DISCOVERY tour you will get to know yourself, your travel companions and the areas you are riding in. The DISCOVERY tours lead you to remote places, you will literally conquer far-away lands. At the end, you will take home incredible memories to share and tales to tell.

Around the World expedition

To all world tourers and those of you who want to become one some day: In 2014 I have been part of the worldtour segment rides from Munich to Moscow and Moscow to Bangkok. My recommendation to all those who are considering such a journey is ... quit hesitating and take the opportunity and ride! It was a memorable experience for us as a group, and as individuals, too. Our group consisted of riders from various countries and, along the way, we managed to help each other out of the dust when needed. The excellent tour guides assisted us with knowledge and help each and every day; and Edelweiss Bike Travel did an absolutely fabulous job of organizing this grand adventure. My next trip is planned already and I am looking forward to doing another worldtour section soon ... in South America.

Alois Clemens, Austria

Around the World expedition

I have traveled a lot and seen many places on this planet. However, circumnavigating the earth on a motorcycle is a one-of-a-kind trip and can‘t be compared with anything I did before. It has been interesting, boring, beautiful, gross, adventurous, ordinary and much more. Where but on a ride around the world can one gain such a wide range of impressions and experiences? Where else does one learn how much our planet has to offer and that people are as similar as they are different? And finally, it is a great opportunity to see where else on earth one might want to live. This expedition gave me a lot of knowledge, increased self-awareness and great satisfaction. I can highly recommend taking this challenge to anyone considering participating in this ride!

Alfred Hoschek, Germany

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Logo Trainings

Since 1980 we have been touring this globe with customers from all corners of the world, with different skill levels and a huge variety in what they are looking for on their upcoming motorcycle experience. They all are driven by the common idea to experience the region they want to ride in on dream roads. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult for them to appraise whether the tour they are looking for fits their needs, motorcycle experience and offers the motorcycle adventure they are looking for without overstraining themselves. For this reason Edelweiss decided to set up a number of edelweiss TRAINING opportunities to assist motorcyclists at any skill level make their next motorcycle tour a relaxed one while taking the edge off the challenge.

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The edelweiss HARLEY-DAVIDSON® tours are not just any motorcycle tours – they are celebrations of a lifestyle! Join fellow riders who share your passion for Harley-Davidsons and experience the beauty of foreign countries, with the luxury of riding the latest models and sleeping in comfortable hotels. And most importantly: Travel with the most experienced tour guides who will show you the hidden treasures along the route. Speaking of the route, we have applied all of our considerable experience to selecting routes that take you to the most beautiful places in the area, on roads that are a pleasure for all riding skills. In the evening, perhaps in the hotel bar or in one of the little local restaurants, you will have plenty of time to share your experiences with your new friends. All these ingredients make an edelweiss HARLEY-DAVIDSON® tours tour so special! So join us on these great tours, in some of the best motorcycle regions on the planet. There is so much to see out there that you better start now! Order now a free copy of the edelweiss HARLEY-DAVIDSON® tours program at: www.edelweissbike.com

Edelweiss Bike Travel

We are extremely proud to have Edelweiss Bike Travel be part of the Harley-Davidson Authorized Tours Programme, their experience, adventurous flair, professionalism and expertise have added an all-new dimension to our range of H-D Authorized Tours, allowing customers to ride some of the best roads in Europe and Africa on a Harley-Davidson.

With over 36 years’ experience of providing tours around the globe you can be sure that their range of H-D tours are packed with iconic rides, epic landscapes and amazing roads.
The team at Edelweiss share the same passion and enthusiasm as our customers and fans which means the Harley tours on offer are all truly experiences of a lifetime.

Trevor Barton, Harley-Davidson Authorized Tours Global Manager

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Scooter Tours

Logo Scooter Tours

They’re here, they’re there, they’re everywhere. They’re refreshing, they’re different and they’re agile and great fun to ride around on. Our Edelweiss SCOOTER tours provide vacations with a uniquely light-hearted lifestyle of enjoyment and pleasure! One can explore the tiniest paths at a leisurely pace – these tours are not about accumulating miles and mountain peaks. A true Scootisty just winds through any city traffic and heads for the next piazza. Our SCOOTER tours are about enjoying life to its fullest. Organized as touring center with star-rides each day or as roundtrip with support van. You don’t have to worry about packing your whole luggage under your seat; just take what you need for a leisurely day out. There may even still be room for a little local shopping. Life can be so beautiful!

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Helden Tours

Logo Helden Tours
  • Tour character:
    Fun, Escape the daily grind, Relax and Calm down, no strict schedule.
  • Hotel character:
    Back to the roots and local guest houses, mostly family owned.
  • Tour guide:
    Tour guide on the motorcycle or in the support van on days the group changes location (luggage transport).
  • Motorcycles:
    You can either join these tours on your own bike or rent a motorcycle at Edelweiss (maximum 6 bikes).
  • Food:
    For dinner and lunch in local restaurants. The tour guide will prepare a basic picnic at awesome locations on the days he drives the van.
  • Arrival:
    You arrive individually on all tours. Edelweiss can arrange a transfer for you on the arrival and departure days from the local airport, train or ferry station.

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Guided City Tours

Logo Guided City Tours

Arrive a day early and enjoy a relaxing and fascinating guided city tour of your tour start location!

  • You are booked on an Edelweiss tour that starts in one of those beautiful European cities, and you don’t really know how to make the best of your time there?
  • You arrive a day or two before the tour starts, but you feel overwhelmed by all the sights and attractions?
  • You would love to try the famous white sausages of Munich, but you have no clue how to eat them properly?
  • In Florence you yearn for a real pizza, crispy and juicy at the same time, but all you see are tourist traps?
  • Vienna is so big it’s intimidating? In Barcelona, is it really safe to walk around all alone?

If these are your concerns, we have the solution: Join your Edelweiss tour guide for an interesting tour through your tour start city. See some major attractions, discover hidden jewels, eat and drink with the locals and find the best places for shopping without shopping around. The itineraries were put together by Edelweiss tour guides, they are custom-made for our groups and guaranteed to entertain you. Make the most of your limited time!


Logo Guided City Tours
  • Additional hotel night before tour start, including dinner
  • A tour guide to show you around the chosen location
  • All-day ticket for public transportation
  • Lunch and coffee stops according to city tour program
  • Entrance fees to all museums and attractions included in the itinerary

Here is an example of how it works: Guided City Tour Munich

Logo Guided City ToursLogo Guided City Tours

First of all you arrive a day early. The next morning, while other tour members are still in the air, your tour guide meets you at the hotel and takes you downtown by public transportation. After leaving the subway you will head straight to a traditional Bavarian beer hall for some REAL breakfast: Münchner Weißwürste, or Munich white sausages (it’s a registered trademark!), with sweet mustard, a fresh pretzel and a pint of wheat beer.

After breakfast your guide takes you sightseeing. Of course, your guide knows where to go, what to see, where to eat lunch, what to eat for lunch and where to have a coffee. You will see the church where the devil left his footprint, and learn the difference between a garden restaurant and a beer garden. Taking public transportation (buses, trams, U- and S-Bahn trains) will not be a problem – you simply follow your tour guide! Furthermore, your guide will ensure that you make it back to the hotel in time for the welcome briefing.

So sign up for the Guided City Tour, arrive the day before your motorcycle tour’s arrival date, and you will have a great time for sure!

Minimum number of participants: 1












Guided City Tour

I have been on a tour starting in Malaga before and when I noticed that I am going to visit this place the second time I wanted to learn more about the city. Lucky me Edelweiss offers a guided city tour at this place and I had the pleasure to be taken around by the best guide ever - Angela. I was amazed to see so much of the town and very surprised to learn that Picasso has lived there. It is very recommendable to book a guided city tour before your trip and to discover Malaga that way.

Hana & Michael Ben-Yair, Israel

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