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Motorcycling fun in Asia, the continent of smiles!

Asia, the biggest continent on our planet, is home to half of the total world population and is probably the most multi-faceted land mass on earth. From the polar region in the North to the tropical rain forests in the South-East, from the deserts of Arabia to the Eight-thousanders in the Himalayas – this part of the world just offers everything: You will not only be impressed by the landscape, but also by the potpourri of cultures on our tour through Asia.

Come with us and visit the monasteries and pagodas in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, where also Angkor Wat awaits you. Enjoy Halong Bay in Vietnam, which was named UNESCO world heritage and experience its breath-taking nature. Even Myanmar, which was closed to tourism for a very long time, opened its gates and you can travel it with a motorcycle as one of the very few.

Discover the two worlds of Japan, from the modern mega metropolis to the up to 1000-year-old villages and its traditions. Pass the wide countryside of Kazakhstan before you cross stunning passes in the high mountains of Central Asia. To fully experience Asia, one life is actually not enough, however, we give you the possibility to discover special treasures and much more with the motorcycle!

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Adventure Laos & Vietnam

Laos   |  Thailand   |  Vietnam, 16 Days

A motorcycle tour of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam – created especially for adventurous souls!

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Adventure Myanmar

Myanmar   |  Thailand, 14 Days

Only few have entered Myanmar on a motorcycle so far. Come with us and marvel!

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Adventure Southeast Asia

Cambodia   |  Laos   |  Thailand, 17 Days

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime motorcycle tour in South-East Asia.

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Mysterious Asia

Thailand, 11 Days

Thailand – the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name is probably the incredibly beautiful beaches. But for us motorcyclists there is so much more to discover.

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Thailand Extreme

Thailand, 10 Days

This Tour in Northern Thailand guarantees riding fun in exotic surrounding.

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The nine dragons

Vietnam, 11 Days

Vietnam – let’s discover this magical country! Our tour will take you to the famous Mekong Delta, also known as the “Nine Dragon Rivers”. The name already gives you a little hint of what you are about to explore.

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The Secrets of Japan

Japan, 16 Days

Discover the land of the rising sun!

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Vietnam Tour

Vietnam, 14 Days

Northern Vietnam is a hidden treasure begging to be explored on a HARLEY®. Don’t wait any longer!

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World Tour // Section Middle East & Asia: Istanbul – Bangkok

China   |  Iran   |  Kyrgyzstan   |  Laos   |  Tajikistan   |  Thailand   |  Turkey   |  Turkmenistan   |  Uzbekistan, 80 Days

Let get enchanted by this historic and exciting tour.

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World Tour // Section North-East Asia: Tallinn - Bangkok

China   |  Estonia   |  Kazakhstan   |  Kyrgyzstan   |  Laos   |  Russia   |  Thailand, 73 Days

A rarely travelled region with lots of hidden treasures.

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World Tour // Section South-East Asia: Bangkok - Bali

Indonesia   |  Malaysia   |  Thailand, 45 Days

The smells, the nature, the colonial architecture – a tour for all senses.

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