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Yamaha motorcycles on Edelweiss tours

Discovering new places, getting to know unknown cultures, enjoying culinary highlights and experiencing absolute freedom – our Yamaha motorcycle tours all over Europe guarantee a unique travel experience on two wheels with memories which you will never forget in your life! What are you waiting for! Leave everyday life behind and prepare yourself for the next adventure!

Edelweiss Bike Travel

In Edelweiss Bike Travel we have found our same dedication to quality and passion in offering Customers something unique. Together with them, we are sure to further increase the value of our own Destination Yamaha Motor program, thanks to which we are committed to grant people not only product excellence but true pleasure for riding. We are glad to begin this partnership
starting from European trips, and we are looking forward to providing our common customers with fulfilling and memorable all-round experiences.

Paolo Pavesio, Marketing Division Manager, Yamaha Motor Europe





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Adriatic Rollercoaster Extreme

Bosnia-Herzegovina   |  克罗地亚   |  奥地利   |  斯洛文尼亚, 8 Days

A motorcycle tour through spectacular motorcycle areas along the Mediterranean Sea.

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Adventure North Cape

Sweden   |  挪威   |  芬兰, 14 Days

This motorcycle tour brings you to Europe‘s northernmost point – the North Cape!

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Alps and Lakes

奥地利   |  德国, 7 Days

Through the Alpine wonderland of Austria and Southern Germany – the Alps and Lakes motorcycle tour!

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Alps Deluxe

奥地利   |  意大利   |  瑞士, 10 Days

Take the Italian landscape and combine it with history, wine, and amazing roads.

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Alps Extreme

奥地利   |  意大利, 8 Days

Motorcycle touring on small, hidden roads through the heart of the Alps!

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Andalusia Tour

直布罗陀   |  西班牙, 8 Days

A tour of Andalusia is about tapas, wine, and scenery – and about never-ending twisties!

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Atlantic Mountains Extreme

西班牙, 7 Days

Enjoy a week of fantastic island-hopping on the Canary Islands and feel eternal spring!

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Balkan Adventure

Albania   |  Bosnia-Herzegovina   |  Kosovo   |  Montenegro   |  North Macedonia   |  Serbia   |  克罗地亚, 14 Days

Through the wildest parts of Europe in two weeks – true adventure can be so close!

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Best of Europe

列支敦士登   |  奥地利   |  德国   |  法国   |  瑞士, 9 Days

This motorcycle tour gives an excellent insight into what riding in Europe is all about.

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Best of Greece

Greece, 14 Days

Come with me and let yourself be enchanted by Greece, the cradle of western culture!

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Best of Italy

San Marino   |  意大利, 10 Days

Loads of riding fun in the land of pizza, pasta and amore!

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Best of Southern France

意大利   |  法国, 11 Days

Motorcycling in the Provence and Côte d’Azur is absolutely seductive.

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Christopher Columbus Tour

Portugal   |  西班牙, 11 Days

Discover the home of Flamenco & Fado, Tapas & Port. Experience Spain & Portugal!

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Crete Mountains Extreme

Greece, 8 Days

One week of driving fun at its finest, garnished with history,
culinary delights and lots of sun!

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Eastern European Delights

克罗地亚   |  匈牙利   |  奥地利   |  捷克   |  斯洛伐克   |  斯洛文尼亚   |  罗马尼亚, 14 Days

Tracking down Dracula: Vienna to Romania by motorcycle!

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From Paris to Omaha

法国, 12 Days

From Paris, the city of love, to the rugged cliffs of Brittany and the beaches of Normandy.

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Grand Alps Tour

列支敦士登   |  奥地利   |  意大利   |  法国   |  瑞士, 15 Days

Riding the world’s most amazing roads in the highest and most spectacular part of the Alps.

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High Alpine Tour

列支敦士登   |  奥地利   |  德国   |  意大利   |  瑞士, 8 Days

Curvy mountain roads – that's what it is all about on this tour of the Alps. Don’t miss it!

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Iceland - Fire and Ice

冰岛, 11 Days

Experience largely unspoiled and pure nature on this tour through the Highlands of Iceland.

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Ireland and the wild Atlantic Way

Ireland   |  United Kingdom, 11 Days

Discover spectacular landscapes along the wild Atlantic coast and the typical Irish hospitality.

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Kings and Castles Tour

Poland   |  匈牙利   |  奥地利   |  德国   |  捷克   |  斯洛伐克, 15 Days

In terms of culture, history and sightseeing, this motorcycle tour is our number one!

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Mediterranean Alps Extreme

意大利   |  法国, 9 Days

The charming French Riviera, Cinque Terre and the Mediterranean Alps are waiting for you!

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Motorcycle Dream Portugal

Portugal   |  西班牙, 12 Days

Portugal, the underestimated gem, is a paradise for motorcyclists

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Pearls of the Adriatic Sea

Bosnia-Herzegovina   |  Montenegro   |  克罗地亚, 10 Days

See the hotspots of the Adriatic: Ride the awesome coastal roads and enjoy the breath-taking scenery.

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Rome to Sicily

意大利, 11 Days

An unforgettable motorcycle trip on the streets of South Italy and Sicily.

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Sardegna Extreme

意大利, 7 Days

Discover the "small continent" in the Mediterranean from its original side.

Tour picture

Scottish Highlands & Isle of Man

United Kingdom, 12 Days

The Isle of Man and northern Great Britain: a magical wonderland and any rider’s dream!

Tour picture

Southern Spain Extreme

西班牙, 9 Days

Spectacular roads, an endless blue sky and eternal sunshine: It just can't get any better!

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Sweepers Heaven Eifel Mountains

Belgium   |  Luxembourg   |  德国   |  法国, 10 Days

Looking for something unusual? This tour is about history, scenery, winery – and ridery!

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Tenerife Riding Academy

西班牙, 7 Days

Let us tune your riding skills!

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The Ultimate Alps Tour

奥地利   |  意大利   |  瑞士, 11 Days

Enjoy the highest mountains, the most beautiful lakes and the many passes of the Alps.

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The Viking Experience

挪威, 10 Days

Highlights of this motorcycle tour: Fjords and lakes, islands, mountains, and glaciers - in southern Norway, nature pulls out all the stops!

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Tour of the Pyrenees

Andorra   |  法国   |  西班牙, 8 Days

100% riding fun, little traffic and stunning landscapes – these are the Pyrenees!

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Touring Center Alps

奥地利   |  德国   |  意大利   |  瑞士, 7 Days

Our Austrian Alps Touring Center is a hassle-free motorcycle tour. Bring your family!

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Touring Center Austria

奥地利   |  意大利   |  斯洛文尼亚, 7 Days

Southern Austria – an irresistible mix of riding fun, spectacular scenery, and awesome food!

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Touring Center Dolomites

意大利, 7 Days

A week of riding a motorcycle on the awesome roads of the Dolomites will make you yearn for more!

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Touring Center Norway

挪威, 7 Days

Along, across and around the world’s most famous fjords: This is motorcycling in Norway!

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