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Motorcycling through impressive landscapes and unique wilderness!

A motorcycle journey to Africa will take you back to the origins of nature! Enjoy the picturesque views on Table Mountain, get enchanted by the Cape of the Good Hope or relax in the beautiful scenery of the Kalahari Desert. From God’s window, the legendary window to heaven, to Blyde River Canyon, the fascinating coastal idylls, majestic mountain roads of the Drakensberg and the lonely deserts – Africa’s beauty lies in the variety of its landscapes!

The natural paradise of Garden Route lives up to its name and when riding the untamed coasts of South Africa at Wild Coast at the East Cape, you can also marvel at the amazing wildlife on a safari at Kruger National Park. On the journey from Cape Town to the impressive Victoria falls in Zimbabwe, you will be fascinated by the seemingly endless widths, huge desert landscapes and stormy coasts.

And If you want to get to know real oriental flair, great roads and a completely new culture, then our tour through Morocco, the country of 1001 nights with its markets and colourful chaos, its lonely deserts and breath-taking mountains will make your heart leap for joy. Whatever you decide for – the magic of Africa will surely enchant you!

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Adventure Big Five

Botswana   |  Namibia   |  Zimbabwe   |  南非, 17 Days

From wildflowers to the deserts, from the wildlife paradise to the mighty Victoria falls!

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Adventure Namibia

Namibia, 12 Days

A motorcycle adventure for explorers and nature lovers

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Morocco Tour

摩洛哥   |  直布罗陀   |  西班牙, 15 Days

This motorcycle tour takes you to deserts, oases, and across breathtaking mountain ranges.

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South Africa Tour

南非   |  斯威士兰, 16 Days

Curvy mountain roads, stunning coastlines, and African wildlife!

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World Tour // Africa: Cape Town - Mombasa

Kenya   |  Malawi   |  Namibia   |  Tanzania   |  Zambia   |  Zimbabwe   |  南非, 38 Days

An adventure through breath-taking wilderness in the cradle of mankind!

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