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ANC170A - Macao 澳門 / 澳门 goes North Cape

Friday, July 21, 2017 | Uwe Hausleitner / Angela | Europe

Day 12 - Enontekiö to Tromsö - Gate to the Arctic

Today is our last riding day and we will leave Finland behind. These long endless Forrests, where around every corner a Reindeer might appear.

On our way back to the Norwegian Coast, we will do a short step-over to Sweden and than go on towards the mountains. Always towards the mountains.

As soon as we reach them, we are in Norway again, the roads are getting curves again and we do also some elevation up and of course also down to the Fjords again.

For lunch we had some great pasta and lasagne. After going along the last Fjord of this tour we entered Tromsö, had a great look at the Ishavskatedralen - The Arctic Cathedral and also over to the very City-Center of Tromsö. Some Cruise Ships, also from the Hurtigruten, included.

We finished this last riding day of this great tour by passing our last bridge over to the old-town of Tromsö and were able to celebrate our safe arrival with a very nice farewell-dinner.

Where are we? Finland? Sweden? Norway?
So, a lot of distances, but I am quite sure, that the directions are not all accurate.
Ok, so it´s 100 m to Finland this direction. Which means, we are out of Finland. But where is the border control?
Still searching for the border control...
Ok, now we are quite sure, we are in Sweden.
Tried to ask some locals, but did not get no useful information.
Life is also fun in Sweden.
As you can see, Finland doesn´t like curves so much. The most streets are rather straight.
So, we are back to Norway again. The mountains have us back and so do the curves. Look at this happy faces. From left: Michael, Chi Veng, Wai On, Mak, Seng, Simon and Chi Veng
Ready for lunch between the mountains.
Some closer look at the last Fjord of the tour we are riding.
Last pictures of the snow-covered mountains. Remember, we are at sea level and it is 20. July 2017 - Summer!
Arrived at the Cathedral and enjoying the view over the bridge to Tromsö City Center.
Ishavskatedralen - The Arctic Cathedral in Tromsö

Day 11 - Lakselv to Enontekiö

Finland, here we come.

Day 10 - Alta to Lakselv

Today is the day, we are going to conquer the Nordkapp (North Cape).

Starting in Alta, we are going up a mountain plateau for riding over a tundra-like region, where reindeers are living in summer.

As soon, as we reach the next Fjord, we turn straight to north and will follow the spectacular coast line for 120 km before we reach our big goal. The most northern point of Europe, that can be reached by Motorbike. The North Cape - End of Europe to the north.

After arrival, we had some great lunch right there and went also to see the big globe of course.

Leaving the North Cape means riding the same great road back to the south for 120 km. Why, because it is the only road up there.

Another short coffee stop and we went on to our next hotel in Lakselv.

Long and nice roads. No traffic, thats the North.
Did I say no traffic? That´s not the whole truth. Some locals are around. Meet the Reindeer.
Jumping across the street.
And some more locals.
Relaxing at the Fjord after 100 km of beautiful winding roads along the coastline.
And the goal of the day - North Cape. This is as far, as the bikes could go.
Barbecue for Lunch at the North Cape. That´s no every day event.
After the great barbecue, we made it even further north by walking to the world famous globe, that stands right at the North Cape. This is the first motorcycling group from Macao at the North Cape. And we are proud to be with them.

Day 9 - Gildetun to Alta

A short riding day ahead, with a museums visit.

Ready to go on a nice summer morning in northern Norway?
Here we go.
Off to a good start.
Into another great day.
Great roads along the coastline are waiting.
But also some good curves along the mountains.
Some reindeer maybe also.
Very nice temperatures around 20° Celsius for today.
So beware of getting to hot.
As it never gets dark, you could party all night.
And have some great salmon right out of the river.

Day 8 - Harstad to Gildetun

A great day, with also good weather awaits us. Starting in Harstad, we follow the coastline and Fjord to our first destination, which is the Polar Park.

We saw big brown Bears, Elk, Lynx and also Wolves. Due to the big char coal grill, the decision was easy to stay there also for lunch.

After leaving the Polar Park, we took a short coffee break at a big waterfall called Malsev Fossen.

Than the road through the Lyngen Alps waited for us. We were lucky and only had a short shower for only a few minutes and dropped at the Lyngskroa for some apple cake and hot chocolate.

The stunning views of the Lyngen Alps with their glaciers on top made the ride to the hotel really exciting. Sometimes, you just don´t know where you should look first in Norway. Everything is so beautiful.

Meeting some locals.
And getting to know them better. Much better...
First break of the day.
Checking life signs.
Some stretching with a great view.
Someone wants to go for a swim?
The first big stop of the day. Polar Park
Enjoying the homemade apple pie at the Lyngskroa. Surrounded by mountains.
Some more locals to meet.
Happy people at the Lyngen alps.
Playing and relaxing at the beach of one of the Fjords. Look at this mountains with the glaciers on them.
The last animal of the day after arrival in Gildetun.

Day 7 - Svolvaer to Harstad

The next great day in the north with Museum and beautiful landscapes.

Ready to go...
Snow and waterfalls along our way. And some clouds...
Great Bridges ahead...

Day 6 - Bodö to Svolvaer

This day starts easy. 5 Minutes ride and we reach the ferry, that takes us over to the Lofoten. The 3 hour ferry ride gives us some additional rest and also some nice lunch on sea.

On the Lofoten, we started our tour to Å. We strolled to the town center and had some famous cinnamon rolls.

Than we saw some stunning beaches and found the real reason, why the Lofoten are called the Caribean of the North.

A nice an windy road took us along the coastline to our hotel in Svolvaer.

Some ferry pictures...
Yes, we are in Norway.
Enjoying the Norwegian Summer on the ferry.
And finally we are approaching the Lofoten.
Torrefisk Museum in A
Very tasty and world famous. The cinnamon rolls from the small bakery in A.
Some impressions from a Norwegian fishermen village. Å i Lofoten

Day 5 - Sandnesjoen to Bodö

Today we crossed the arctic circle at 66°33´N

At the arctic circle we had our first real reindeer and enjoyed the snow around us.

From now on, we are entering the real north.

Day 4 - Overhalla to Sandnesjoen


A very nice day in the rain.

Norway at its best...

Day 3 - Trondheim to Overhalla


Today the first ferry came into our way. The first, but certainly not the last one.

For lunch there was great salmon and for the driving great roads. Another day in the beautiful country of Norway. The Adventure to the most northern point of Europe, that can be reached by Bike continues...

As Strawberry season is going on at the moment, we had to try some. They were delicious.
Asian technology in Norway...
The master cockpit!
Osen - Macau was here...
Catching some salmon for Lunch.

Day 2 - Sunndalsøra to Trondheim

Good morning guys - have a fantastic second riding day - the weather looks like it!
On the road again - Norway makes people happy
Happy, but also tired.
Maybe I should take the bus?
No, just resting a little...
Everything where it should be?
The Fjord, the sun, everything perfect!
And even an Edelweiss-Tourguide!
In the evening we had a little walk in Trondheim to the Nidaros Cathedral and the old town.
Shopping in Trondheim, one of the oldest cities. Founded in 997 a.d.


Day 1 - Ålesund to Sunndalsøra


After the bikes travelling from Austria and our group travelling from Macau arrived succesfully in Alesund the welcome briefing and the handover of the bikes took place.

The very next day, the last missing piece of luggage also arrived and we were good to go.

The first day took us to Trollstigen, Trollveggen and right into the picturesque Landscape of Norway. It waited with a lot of Fjords, mountains with snow on top and beautiful, nearly empty roads.

The weather welcomed us with a mix of sunshine, a little wind and some clouds. A perfect day for motorcycling.

After a lot of switchbacks at the Trollstigen and some nice little roads right next to the sea, we had a very nice chinese dinner in Sunndalsøra.

The whole group is eager for the days to come and finally to reach the big goal - The North Cape!



A group, ready to go...
Start of a great Adventure.
No waiting no more...
The engines are on...
Bikes coming from everywhere...
The last action rider...
The first stop was at the Rose Church
From the outside you would never guess....
.... that the interior is so beautifully painted.
Our next stop was for the culinary senses
There is no way around the Jordbaerstova...
...and the out-of-this-world strawberry cake!!!
The biggest natural highlight of our first riding day was the Trollstiegen. Norway's probably most famous switchbacks
Heading for a great riding day ending below the mountains of Sunndalsöra.
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Uwe Hausleitner
Wednesday, July 26, 2017 at 22:18

The group was great, Norway was great and the roads were great. I really enjoyed our time together. Thank you all. - Uwe
Choi Sio Man
Sunday, July 23, 2017 at 16:38

I am so enjoy in this trip!
Uwe Hausleitner
Wednesday, July 26, 2017 at 22:19

Thank you Simon. I enjoyed our tour also very much. Hope to see you again. - Uwe
Bob mihalics
Saturday, July 22, 2017 at 14:54

Hi Angela,
The roads do look too straight!
If you have room for the little Knome with the Helmet, and
Sword I could use him to guard the Castle in Pennsylvania.

Ride safe
Laurens Corijn
Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 18:51

Wow, who is that brave rider on the Vespa, joining the big guys on BMWs?
Pierre Baumgärtner
Friday, July 14, 2017 at 11:45

It is the Tourguide bike from Uwe ???


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