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CEE 1803 - Eastern Europe Delights

Saturday, August 25, 2018 | Pablo Piferrer / James Ashton / Dieter Arnoth | Europe


Thomas ans Thomas enjoying a view of the beautiful St. Steven's Cathedral
Thomas has some great knowledge of the city, and very interesting anecdotes
The inside is a masterpiece that you can't miss if you're evere in Vienna
Pummerin bell, at only 21 tonnes!!
Time for a coffee!!
Look at those cakes!!
Now we're talking, beautiful tea house in the heart of Vienna
You can see where they make those cakes, look at those pastry chefs, hard at work!
Feeling artsy
The local wildlife, fortunate this fountain helps momma duck and her ducklings to keep cool!
Talk about a town hall!
Everywhere you look there's art.

Welcome Briefing

Bikes are waiting

Day 1 - Vienna to Brno

A great frist day of riding took us from Vienna, Austria's capital, to Brno, the former capital of Moravia. We enjoyed riding through the Wachau, where we crossed the Danube and then some great winding country roads in the 'forest quarter' as we made our way to the Czech Rebulic. One day, two countries; day 1 done!

Day starts with a full briefing, including safety and curve riding.
So far everyone is listening
Our route for the day. Of course, a coffe comes in handy to get some energy.
Alex, ready for a well deserved first stop
Moises and Richard enjoying the very first coffee break on tour
Gustavo and Alex relaxing in Traismauer
Julian and Chris soaking up the Austrian atmospheres
Even the bike gets a break...
First group ready to leave
Amongst the vineyards in front of the historic castle of Dürnstein, where Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned for over a year!
Fernando and Gustavo cross the river Danube
Clive enjoys a well earned break
Julian, Geoff and Chris
Pete takes it all in
Moises, always with a smile
Thomas and Pablo take a break in the shade
What a sight from the shade!
Our fantastic lunch restaurant in Gars am Kamp
What great looking cakes they had too!
And after several hours of walking we reach the point of the former Iron Curtain, on the Austrian-Czech border
Lined up on the border line!
The castle of Vranov, our first stop in the Czech republic
The grand church of Brno

Day 2 - Brno to Krakow

Some appetising sweets in Holesov
Our Brazilian friends take a break and enjoy the cafe
So many small nic-naks make for a quaint atmosphere
Julian and Chris enjoy some time on the couch
Always check behind you
And we make it to Slovakia!
The Oravska lake; Slovakia's biggest
Alex was so hungry he ordered not one but two dishes for lunch!
Welcome to Poland!
Inside the incredible wooden church of Orawka
This photo describes exactly how we felt after a huge day of riding

Day 3 - Rest Day in Krakow

Our days starts with a walking tour of Krakow's old town
Krakow's town square is the biggest in Europe
Alex in front of one of the many churches in Krakow
After so much walking, Gustavo enjoys an ice cream!
The entrance to Wawel castle in Krakow
Gustavo and Fernando in front of the Wawel Cathedral
For the second half of the day, we visit Auschwitz. No words can describe capture the emotion of being in this place
The remains of one of the gas chambers
Toilets from one of the building at Birkenau

Day 04 - Krakow to Kosice

Boot beer!
Dieter looks thirsty
Alex couldn't wait to open his can!
Geoff quences his thirst too

Day 05 - Kosice to Satu Mare

On the Slovakian-Hungarian border
Richard flies past Füzer castle
Such beautiful countryside
Fernando getting to know the locals in Hungary
The famous sweet wine of Tokaj
An incredible wine cellar - over 1kms of underground tunnels!
Moises waits patiently for the ferry
A thumbs up from Richard
Walid gives his approval too
Alex cruises across the Theiss river
Selfie time!
More beautiful scenery
Thomas enjoys the picnic prepared by Dieter
Picnic party!
We're an attractive bunch of people don't you think?
The border crossing into Romania - a real border for the first time on the tour
We made it - Romania!
Gustavo successfully makes it across
Alex rolls into Romania

Day 06 - Satu Mare to Sibiu

Dieter and Thomas inside the wooden church of Maramures
Two of the most handsome members of our group
Geoff enjoys the view of the Romanian countryside
Lunch time
Our wonderful waitress was really excited for a photo with the bikes
So we let her jump on!

Day 08 - Rest Day Ride Sibiu

Romania is famous for tales of vampires, and magnificent winding roads and today we had both! A super long loop took us over the Transfagarasan and then onto Bran; where we saw the castle that inspired Bram Stoker's tales of Dracula

Walid motivates himself for the Transfagarasan
We couldn't get that smile off Clive's face!
Beautiful scenery from the top of the Transfagarasan
Some great local produce is available at the summit
Richard; king of the mountain!
Dieter enjoys some of Romania's mountain roads
A Pablo is right behind him!
What happen when you take a Ducati Scrambler on a long mountain road? You run out of fuel of course!
Everyone's excited about the Edelweiss motorbikes
Pete enjoys some pizza in Campulung
The famous castle of Bran

Day 10 - Timisoara to Pecs

After 4 days in Romania, today we ventured west and entered Hungary! We had a fantastic lunch after taking a ferry across the Danube, and then continued to the Memorial of Mohacs, where Hungary lost their independence 450 years ago

Crossing the Romanian-Hungarian border
It's a real border crossing, so we had to line up
Our first stop in Hungary was in Szeged where we had some great coffee!
Geoff enjoys the view whilst crossing the Danube
I'll shoot you if you shoot me!
Pablo leads the second group onto the ferry
First we cross...
...then we ride
And we had a great lunch overlooking the Danube on the other side
The memorial to the Battle of Mohacs
Geoff and Moises sit to take it all in
Back on the bikes; Moises with more gadgets than he has room on his handle bars!
Just take a look!
The old town of Pecs
Alex; too cool for school!

Day 11 - Pecs to Maribor

Another day and another 3 countries! Today we rode through Hungary, Croatia and finally finished in Slovenia.

Lined up on the Hungarian Croatian border
Croatia - a proud member of the EU. But not the Schengen
Alex: attack!
The lovely town square in Varazdin, Croatia
They like their meat in Croatia
The church bell tower in Ptuj; Slovenia's oldest town
Walid gives us tips on good apps for motorcycling

Day 12 - Maribor to Admont

Pablo and Dieter present the details of today's ride
Back in Austria
The Styrian Wine Area -what a blast
Coffee stop on Route 69
Stop at another famous styrian - Arnie´s birth house
Meeting the Californian Governor
.. and .....Terminator
... not bad ...
.. what a unique nice church ....

Day 13 - Admont to Vienna

Our last riding day But what a completely incredible day it was! There's just so much fantastic riding to be had in Austria and we had a full day of it. And it was made all the more memorable with thanks to Pablo and his picnic - magnificent!

The morning view over Admont's monastery
Looks like sunshine and blue skies today!
Pablo is cleaning the TG-bike for the last ride
...morning ride
Chris, James and Fernando wait for the Hauly tour
And Moises is never one to be left behind!
Hard hats on!
Just imagine changing this tyre!
We climb the stairs of the Hauly truck
A panoramic view of the Erzberg mine
Moises reflects and takes it all in
All aboard the Hauly truck!
The Hauly truck in all her glory. With just a little bit more horsepower than our motorbikes
Chris cruises through the Gesäuse National Park
Thomas hauling his Harley!
The Gesäuse - so beautiful!
What happens when an Australian meets a Mexican in Austria?!
James & Dieter - the two tour guides on the final riding day
Wow, Pablo! What a spread you've put on!
And such beautiful scenery
Alex: attack!
Moises and Pete. You POS!
So much good food makes you feel sleepy!
... the magnificent countryside ride
Walid tries on a new helmet on the way back to Vienna
Pete trying to negotiate a good deal
Moises amongst the helmets
Our final dinner - such a great tour where we've made great new friends
Alex has reasons to celebrate
Show me the love
Alex shares his thoughts on the last 2 weeks
Pete and Geoff are all ears
Pablo summarises the last 2 weeks for us
Another drink boys?!
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Julie Nagel
Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 02:12

Hi peeps! Pablo! James! Dieter! Moises! Hope you're having a great tour. We decided that Grand Alps was one of our favorites, but we are already thinking about next year (Japan? North Cape?)
James Ashton
Saturday, August 18, 2018 at 05:37

Great to hear from you Julie Our tou's going great so far

Pleased to hear that you enjoyed the Grant Alps - it's one of my favourites as well! Good luck decided on the next tour - hope to see you on it!

Say g'day to Marty for me


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