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HAT1904 High Alpine Tour

Wednesday, August 7, 2019 | Angela / Axel Allgaier / Julian Fischer | Europe

Day 2 - Lienz to Bolzano

We awoke in Lienz to a beautiful sunny morning. Crossing the border into Italy we reached the Dolomites and smapled the first pass roads of the day. Coffee at the lake and a cableacar ride up Lagazuoi for lunch with a view. Getting drenched on the way is probably a necessary part of a motorcycle tour through the Alps. 

Close to cloudbase in the Dolomites
Can you make out the bikes parked down there?
Make sure to have the bike parked in gear that close to the edge of the water. (no, there is no guardrail...)
Well deserved coffee at the lake: Angela, Grant, Stven and Andrew
Every now and then you need to stop to enjoy the view...

Day 1 - Erding to Lienz

It's on again. The High Alpine tour started in Erding on a perfect Monday morning. The alpine panorama opened up as we reached the Chiemsee for coffee and a little sprinkle of rain after a gorgeous ride over Großglockner did not dampen the spirits

Perfect weather at Edelweissspitze
Braving the cobblestones on the way to the top.
Happy faces at the top!
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